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  1. Yeah, but aside from all that he’s pretty good right?
  2. I didn’t want Faalele, but now that he’s gone to BAL I feel like we missed out.
  3. Nobody. Pack it up. This draft now sucks. **** you, Cleveland
  4. We need to build the trenches… Starting with Perrion Winfrey.
  5. Plus, we play a lot of 2 LB sets with our base defense. Mosley, Williams, Nas, Sherwood, Phillips, and we just signed S/LB Marcell Harris. It’s a position group that has 6 players for two spots. We can survive on that. Faalele looks better getting off the plane than he does on the field. He was on our Senior Bowl team, and was constantly getting put on his butt by much smaller players. He doesn’t play like the monster he looks like. It’s sad. A guy who plays both tackle and center. YES.
  6. ^This. A run stopping DT is not better value than the draft’s best RB that we got in the 2nd. How anyone can poo poo this pick is beyond me. Breece Hall is in blue chip first round RB company.
  7. Point wise, we can trade all of them to move up to Rd3 (72).
  8. Andrew Booth was my selection at #23 in the JN Mock Draft. After him, there are only FOUR players remaining in our JN 1st Round that have yet to be drafted. You know who you are.
  9. Yeah! @Jetsfan80 We’re you even ON this forum in 2018?!!
  10. I see the potential in this post, but it missed the mark. That’s going to be a no for me, Dog.
  11. I think Jones is our pick if he’s there. Hopefully he gets drafted before #38 so we can go Breece Hall or McBride and we can form a really potent offense.
  12. I thought this thread was going to be about Nakobe Dean
  13. Becton keeps saying, "I'm ready, I'm ready, let's go..." and yet he never gets up off the couch. He doesn't even stand for his dad's hug. #Foreshadowing
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