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  1. Why no talk of Jameson Williams? His production blows everyone else out of the water. Jameson Williams, (15 games) 79 rec., 1572 yards, 15 TDs Garrett Wilson, (11 games) 70 rec., 1058 yards, 13 TDs Drake London, (8 games) 88 rec., 1084 yards, 7 TDs Chris Olave, (11 games) 65 rec., 936 yards, 13 TDs Treylon Burks, (12 games) 66 rec., 1104 yards, 12 TDs on edit: just noticed that Jameson played in 15 games. If we extrapolate the stats for everyone, it's pretty clear why JD is goo-goo for Drake. (Normalized for 15 games a piece) Jameson Williams, 79 rec., 1572 yards, 15 TDs Garrett Wilson, 95 rec., 1,442 yards, 17 TDs Drake London, 165 rec., 2,032.5 yards, 13 TDs Chris Olave, 88 rec., 1,276 yards, 17 TDs Treylon Burks, 82 rec., 1,380 yards, 15 TDs
  2. My team. You're not a Jets fan? Anyway, doesn't matter... The value in your proposal is out of whack. You'd be giving up 725 pts which is the equivalent of a 1st round pick. Why would we do that? Also, I think you're great undervaluing where Jermaine Johnson gets drafted.
  3. Throw the bank at Chris Godwin, then draft the best WR that’s falls to the second. Metchie III, anyone? That gives us three injury prone WRs and a draftee who can rotate in as needed, or come in on special packages.
  4. JD is on record that he wants to build from the trenches, and next year looks to be a blue chip WR class. This idea would be a weird way to spend the marbles if you ask me.
  5. If Jameson Williams goes to the Chiefs that would be gross neglect by the 29 teams drafting in front of them. If you can get past his presser, he's exactly the type of talent we need on the outside to make our TEs and run game even better. Plus, his stats are stupid good. This is coming from a Burks table-pounder.
  6. Not a dummy either. 3.4 GPA, Deans List. Received offers from Harvard and Yale. Well spoken kid who loves football. Was a wrestler in high school, and ran the anchor leg on his prep rally squad. Father was a college basketball player, now a doctor; mother ran track in high school.
  7. Fantastic draft. The changes I would make: 1. At #10 we can probably get any WR we want. If that's Garrett Wilson, cool. I think Burks would be even cooler, and if we went with Drake, I could totally understand it. Jameson Williams is probably the best fit. 2. I would nab McBride at #35 3. At #38 Myjai is cool, but I'm coming to like Boye Mafe a little more for his upside.
  8. (6’4, 265) with 81.5 inch wingspan. Developmental guy who played primarily from a 2-pt stance and had modest college production. 2021: 6 sacks, 9TFL, 30 tackles. Goes to Mobile and gets coached into putting a hand on the ground… gets 2 sacks, 1 TFL, and a FF in one game with limited playing time. I think his arrow is pointing straight up.
  9. Sweet, that means HOU should be all over him. Or, he’s worth trading up for.
  10. You think if we move Becton to RT, and then draft Ikem Ekwonu, that Mekhi would have to pull AVT to the side and tell him, “Hey, about that ‘bash bros’ nickname…” ”Now that we split up, maybe you and George can get your own nickname?”
  11. No trades, rumor-mill inspired, and a LOT of players from their Senior Bowl roster… and with the idea that we sign Dante Fowler in FA
  12. I have a sneaking suspicion that we sign our starting DE in free agency (Dante Fowler?), and then focus on a later round development/ role player for EDGE. Nik Bonitto falls into the hybrid LB/ DPR category, and I think he’d be a great fit here in that capacity.
  13. Nik Bonitto is my new boo. Relentless, violent, TFL machine. 15 TFL, with 7 sacks as a JR 11.5 TFL, with 9 sacks as a SO
  14. I'm sick of being hurt. Who cares how they look, what about how we look? A really great defense, and you get you to cheer for 3 plays. A really great offense and you get to cheer for minutes... through the commercial break even. More cheers = not being mocked at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  15. Yet we got to 0-13 before the league caught on and said, "ahem, nice try guys".
  16. I too, tend to not speak poorly about people who could easily kick my ass.
  17. In my Mocks I've been trading PHI #4 for #15, #52, and 2023 2nd.
  18. The answer is $1M $100K for every game he actually lost (including preseason) and **** it, count games they won by less than a FG.
  19. good thing he lives a short, 5-minute walk away.
  20. If I quit my job every time I broke my back!
  21. That Daniel Faalele has been knocked on his butt multiple times. Not a good look for such a monstrous player.
  22. Remember when we blew that 4th QTR lead against the Raiders on the final play. We had a genius in Gase.
  23. I just comparatored these two posts and didn't see any differences.
  24. Kenny Pickett’s hand measurement is mysteriously excluded. Sucks because that could be the deciding factor in him being a top-5, or a top-15 pick!
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