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  1. I agree, which is weird considering he won the Jim Thorpe award for nation’s best cornerback. But, just because the mock engines have him falling to late rounds doesn’t mean the league is unaware of his talent. (6’1, 198) 11 PDs, 3 INT, 1 TD in 2021 as teams threw away from Sauce Gardner.
  2. Meh. In 2013, McVay was TE coach getting his first pubic hair; he actually stayed on with WAS to be their OC for three years before getting his HC shot with the Rams. In 2014, LaFleur went to Notre Dame and then ATL in ‘15 to be QB coach. He would then act as OC for two more years before getting his shot in Green Bay. Shanahan went on to be the OC for the Browns (‘14) and then Falcons (‘15-‘16). It’s not like they left to become HCs elsewhere right away; they all needed more experience. Cool graphic, though
  3. Only really special mock drafts (like mine) should get their own thread. These mocks with multiple crazy trades are too far-fetched to garner front page attention. Sorry, not sorry.
  4. 1. Get players and hope they’re good. 2. Trade good players for picks. 3. Use picks to draft players and hope they’re good.
  5. “Would you rather pick offense or defense at pick #4, and who?” *lists 1 offense player out of 8 options*
  6. Well this is an interesting consideration. What if Saleh brings in a new DC who pushes for a new scheme on the back end, thus making CBs with sticky man skills more of a priority?
  7. Happy Birthday, AFJF! Keep that content coming!
  8. Not me, maybe me; but definitely not judging others who are!
  9. In this highly hypothetical model, timeouts would not be tied to challenges. But a team that loses all 10 challenges, would be exposed to intentional fouls without penalty, so any coach that loses 10+ challenges in a game wouldn’t last long in the league. And instead of throwing a flag, the mic’d up coach yells “Objection! (Roughing the passer)”.
  10. [1] Increase challenges to 10 per team per game. [2] Successful challenges don’t count toward balance. [3] Call your own fouls. [4] Called fouls get reviewed by a panel of refs in New York.
  11. Ebiketie is a name to watch. If we double-dip at the position, I could see us pairing him with a power Edge like Cam Thomas or Jermaine Johnson.
  12. The “pull out all stops to land a ‘prolific’ WR1 in free agency” draft. In this dream scenario we lure Davante Adams, but I suppose Godwin or Robinson would serve the same purpose. We trade #4 to PHI, to pick up #15 and a 2nd, they get Kyle Hamilton to be their next Brian Dawkins. Ekwonu is best case, but Kenyon Green would serve the same capacity of RG year one with OT flexibility. This is how my PFF board dropped.
  13. You ruined your own joke by doubling down with this comment.
  14. Size doesn’t matter. It’s the (pre-snap) motion in the ocean.
  15. Just because we don’t need a highly touted CB or Safety to run our defense doesn’t mean other teams don’t value this positions. I say, keep mocking Darryl Stingley or Kevin Hamilton to us at #4, so they maintain this perception of top-5 value. I would love to trade down with the Saints. If they trade Lattimore (to get $25M in cap relief) they could replace him with Stingley; or if they want to trade Jenkins (to get 8.25M) they could replace him with Hamilton. And if they want to use Michael Thomas as a trade chip to move up from #18 to #4, they could get another $15M in relief.
  16. No trades, and with the assumption we sign a prolific WR1, a TE and a CB in free agency.
  17. Diggs was traded for a: 2020 1st (#22), 5th, 6th, and 2021 4th. The point value of them moving from #7 to #4, and one of our high 2nd rounders, is equivalent to a mid-1st round pick, and is actually higher value than the Bills four picks for Diggs. That’s a lot of comp for a guy who just left his team!
  18. I mean, flip through the last decade, and tell me you’d rather have 3 picks in this years’ top-10.
  19. Question for the class: Would you trade a 2nd round pick, and swap #4 for #7 (ATL) for Calvin Ridley? Does your opinion, or compensation change if Kayvon Thibadeaux somehow slips to #4?
  20. Houston could have THREE picks in the top-10 of a crap draft, lol.
  21. Becton is like a lion, playing video games, while all you Jackels & Hyaenas nip at his overweight tail.
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