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  1. Strongest Edge class in a decade, drafts zero Edge. Sounds about right.
  2. Not a really small school, but this guy wouldn't be a horrible consolation prize in the mid rounds if we don't get Drake or Christian.
  3. Could explain the emphasis on getting players who LOVE football. Some people, myself included, will call in sick to work with a slightly runny nose.
  4. Coached by Saleh in JAX, and by Ulbrich in ATL. If they’re friendsies, and the price is right, we’ll sign him. He’s a hybrid genetic blend of Vinny Curry, Bryce Huff, and Shaq Lawson, what’s not to like?
  5. Probably won’t draft a nickle-back, in Trent McDuffie.
  6. Sign: David Njoku, Marcus Williams, Dante Fowler, and a CB (JC Jackson, James Bradbury, or Akhello Witherspoon) (Then, per Football Guy’s suggestion in his thread…) Trade: #10 to DEN, for Jerry Jeudy and #40…
  7. Leal was a projected top-10 player a couple months ago. If he were to drop I could see us being intrigued by his inside/out versatility. Another player I could see us targeting at the top of two would be Perrion Winfrey. If nothing else, because the Jets always take a player that leaves you scratching your head.
  8. He lead the Falcons in sacks last year. (4.5)
  9. 1. We should draft Jermaine Johnson at #4. (70 tackles, 18 TFL, 12 sacks... ACC defensive player of the year?!) 2. At #10 we need to trade back with a team that will give us a 2nd rounder, because we should send #38 to ATL for Calvin Ridley (with a conditional pick from next year's draft), and hope to land in the range of our IOL (Tyler Linderbaum, Trevor Penning, Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson). 3. At #35 getting DeMarvin Leal would be crazy fantastic and make most posters on this board lose their minds, until he becomes the next big thing. 4. The second 2nd rounder should be a TE that pairs well with Njoku, like Jeremy Ruckert. *ducks* oh yeah, thanks for posting this @Morrissey !!
  10. If Tyler Linderbaum is in fact the “best” IOL to enter the draft in the last two decades, you gotta imagine JD is aware, and salivating at the possibility of drafting him. Perhaps a trade back from #10 gunning for him with Penning and Zion Johnson as 2a and 2b fallback options.
  11. Njoku would be the athletic seam stretcher. Him and McBride would be redundant, which is why I think you’re onto something here. I think there’s a reason they didn’t play Ruckert very much (if at all) in the Senior Bowl. According to the TDN guy on his interview McBride and Ruckert had their reps back-to-back, and it was clear Ruckert was the better player. I think there’s some gamesmanship here, and JR is the real target to pair with Njoku.
  12. I’m starting to see DeMarvin Leal drop into the second round. Between him and Perrion Winfrey… I could see going Edge in round 1 (I really think it will be Jermaine Johnson at #4 when it is all said and done, post-combine), and then DT at the top of the 2nd, and that’s a wrap on D-Line. Maybe grab Mafe with a later 2nd if we can trade back from #10 and get an extra pick.
  13. I could see Mims being a toss-in if we trade with ATL for Calvin Ridley. Let's say we move from #4 to #8 (that's roughly 400 pts value) Offer Mims who has a second round pedigree and may fit their offense better Then offer a 2023 conditional draft pick that can go as high as a 2nd round pick That's kinda sorta the equivalent to three 2nd round picks for Calvin Ridley. Depending on the player available at #4, the Falcons may see huge value in this trade offer -- for a player that wants out.
  14. This was funny, but I love watching the draft. Probably for the same reason unboxing videos are popular. It’s the suspense of the moment that’s unlike anything else.
  15. This shows what kind of depth is needed at your skill positions. They lost Woods and had to sign OBJ, and still had to rely on one starter and TE3.
  16. I think when it's all said and done, after combine testing, drafting Jermaine Johnson at #4 is not going to be an absurd idea. Then depending on how the board falls, we can trade back with PHI, NO, PIT, BAL and get our IOL (whether that is Kenyon Green, Tyler Linderbaum, Trevor Penning, Zion Johnson), or WR (pick your flavor).
  17. It’s funny you say this. I’ve been an Ekwonu table banger until Thibodeaux started dropping in mocks. Supposing no trade downs are possible, and if JD truly decides to “build through the trenches” I started wondering what would be the better 1-2. Kayvon Thibodeaux & Kenyon Green? or, Ikem Ekwonu & Jermaine Johnson? (Keep in mind KG has played on the right and IE hasn’t… it becomes a good question… and then JJ started going to the Giants, meaning Icky and a reach, or Icky and a 2nd rounder like Mafe)
  18. It is super weird that half of the mock draft sites have him as a top-10 player, and the other half have him in the mid-20's.s I could see that normalizing after the combine.
  19. I just love the idea that we could have a player that can play LT, LG, RG, and RT. AVT can play LG, LT Fant can play LT, RT McGovern can play C, RG Becton can play RT or ride a bike. The idea of finally having season-long stability at 4/5's of the OL is exciting.
  20. Yes, but the last name seems perfect for our team.
  21. Why is this guy not getting love on JN? He's a unanimous first-round player on all of the mock draft sites I've seen: The Draft Network (#10), Pro Football Network (#7), Mock Draft Database (#24), PFF (#24)... and he has experience playing four different positions on the OL (everything but Center). He's (6'4, 325) 21 years old, with no injury history, and was a major reason Isaiah Spiller had the rushing stats he got this last year. Kenyon Green is a former 5-star recruit out of the state of Texas. Green became an immediate starter for the Aggies and has notched more than 35 starts in his three-year career. Green is an experienced starter that has played multiple positions along the offensive line—every position but center. Green has natural functional strength that he uses to become a true road grader in the run game. Offensive coordinators will find it beneficial to call run plays that follow behind Green's path. As a pass protector, Green possesses quickness that he uses to mirror defenders and become a dominant interior pass protector. Green is a versatile offensive lineman that has amassed a ton of experience throughout his career. Green has the athleticism and physical temperament to become an instant starter and a future All-Pro offensive lineman. Ideal Role: Green can play both guard positions and RT ...and he nasty.
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