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  1. Are you suggesting Sam Darnold is not a great qb?
  2. Zach’s career-to-date summed up in two words: “Whips & Yips”
  3. This Zach has six wives and two SB rings.
  4. Meanwhile, the Joe Judge lead offense in New England is busy running laps, climbing rope and playing outdoor dodgeball on asphalt. #instenseOTAs #june #voluntaryNOTvoluntary
  5. Ummm, WR football guy doesn’t start fights, he finishes them. He clearly states this in the video.
  6. According to Good Morning America, the WR guy was using a wheelchair to transport his luggage and the airport guy didn’t like that. Maybe he got his ass kicked on purpose to make a point… like, “See, I can’t walk now and need a wheelchair, and this guy is using it to transport his luggage!”
  7. I thought he was ducking punches with skill. It was that stationery luggage that gave him trouble.
  8. Conklin might be our FB/TE/H-back Jyzcheck guy.
  9. I’m glad to see clickbait articles have gone from trolling Jets fans about their team, to trolling NFL fans about the Jets.
  10. Right, like staring at her eyes is the issue.
  11. I call shenanigans. Anyone who’s been a fan of this team for that long, would have accepted the irrationality of this fanbase long ago.
  12. Photographic evidence that Garrett Wilson has six fingers on his right hand. Probably makes it easier to catch the ball...
  13. I haven’t had a drink in over two months… I’ve lost 27 pounds, and am finally back at my college playing weight. And by college, I mean the first couple years after high school. And by playing, I mean all the drinking/slutting I did right after high school.
  14. This “scout” gets a 5th round grade for spellchecking and cherry picking. He scouted 4 games. In those, JJ accumulated 30 tackles, 9 tackles for loss, and 6 sacks.
  15. I just want to say it is easier to do squats when you're 5'3
  16. Am I the only one who thinks he should be slappin’ hard fives with his non-throwing hand?
  17. You listed 8 CBs that were drafted in the top 5. Wanna venture a guess how many of them are not “sure things”? Half. Lol And that was your example. History tells us a QB will be taken in the top-3 picks, 95% of the time. History tells us more than 1 QB will be taken in the first or second round. History tells us that it would be insane to see 5 IOL taken in the first round. That’s not normal. This was not a normal draft. We didn’t even have the cliche “generational talent” in this draft. What you’re saying isn’t wrong, but it should start out with, “In a normal draft….”
  18. You literally compared him to the greatest CBs of all time and suggested he needs to be better than them to justify being drafted (in his draft) before they were (in theirs). It’s a ridiculous statement.
  19. That would imply that the value at #4 in this draft is equivalent to that same slot in every other draft, and that’s just not the case. Look at who went 1-2-3… 1. A measurements guy without stats. 2. A high-floor/low ceiling, motor guy with one year of stats. 3. A low-floor/high ceiling, injury risk with one year of stats. This pick has NOTHING to do with any other draft.
  20. So, according to this Tweet we should breath easy: Week1 Week4 Week6 Week8 Week10 Week11 Week12 Week15 Week16 And are we really worried about an oft-injured Amari Cooper, Courtland Sutton against our tall press CB, anybody getting passes from Tua Tagovailoa, or Drew Lock throwing to DK Metcalf?
  21. It’s hard to predict W/L’s before all of the off-season legal shenanigans, finalized free agency additions, summer-camp roster cuts, and pre-season injuries take place. As Jets fans, we should know better by now!
  22. Closing the season with 3 straight snow games? Thanks, global warming!
  23. Ok, I was thinking about accentuating the Jets chant with hip thrusts, but I like the direction you took this.
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