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  1. Ok, we maybe improved this year’s roster to .500 and all the JN posters are getting erections. What happens when we get a winning record?
  2. I read Kyle Hamilton paid $400K for a McLaren because Marlon Humphreys asked for one. No jersey number was exchanged. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/10035246-ravens-marlon-humphrey-tells-kyle-hamilton-to-buy-him-400k-mclaren-as-gift.amp.html
  3. Joke’s on FOX. I just trademarked the phrase, “let’s go!” After royalties, I too will be making $300M over the next 10 years.
  4. Seems to be a lot of energy in JetsVille
  5. Michael Carter was a part of a committee in 2020 with Javonte Williams (at UNC), and both backs had impressive numbers: JW (5'10, 220): 1445 yards from scrimmage; 22 TDs MC1 (5'8, 201) 1512 yards from scrimmage; 11 TDs I don't think it can be stated enough that by adding Tomlinson and Becton to the OL; putting Conklin at the H-back/FB spot (the Kyle Juszczyk role), and then having a rotation of Uzomah/Ruckert, that we didn't just telegraph to the league that we are going to ram the ball down their throats. Which in turn is going to allow Moore and Wilson to FEAST. Breece Hall (5'11, 217) is just icing on the cake. He's a better Javonte Williams, and I think our coaching staff knows exactly how to use him. Hall / Williams 40: 4.39 / 4.57 vert: 40 / 36 Broad Jump: 126 / 123
  6. Still. He can say “cheese” when it’s time to smile for the camera.
  7. “I mentor first round picks….I share pointers with second rounders…Third rounders don’t even get Christmas cards”
  8. Thanks for sharing. The commentator mixes up the player names on more than one occasion, but overall a decent breakdown.
  9. Michael Clemons compares favorably to Chandler Jones. Michael Clemons / Chandler Jones Height: 6’5 / 6’5 Weight: 266 / 265 Arms: 34 7/8” / 35 1/2” 40: 4.85 / 4.87 Bench: 24 / 22 3-cone 7.20 / 7.07 20-short 4.48 / 4.38 Vert 35 / 35 The only “glaring” difference is in short area quickness. Then again, Chandler was a first round pick (21st overall), and MC was drafted in the fourth (117 overall). https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/chandler-jones https://draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=1022578&DraftYear=2022 on edit: This isn’t what JD said, when I read that he might be the “steal of the draft” I looked at Chandler’s combine numbers and wanted to post what I found.
  10. I'd like to point out that the coaching staff could be higher on some of the other developmental OTs currently on roster (not named Max Mitchell). Including Conor McDermott who has scored more receiving TDs than all of the other OL on our team combined, and Greg Senat who ironically is the player comp for Max Mitchell on CBSsports.com. I think the team is also okay with playing Isaiah Williams at RT (they brought him over from San Francisco, and he looks the part).
  11. Dude, @Lith, seriously. THANK YOU for all of the work you did in this.
  12. What’s the bonus for right player/team?
  13. Jesse Luketa Sterling Weathorford …and pretty much anyone else we coached in Mobile, we should have a leg up on attracting.
  14. He’s only 22. It would nice if he can add 10-15 pounds of muscle.
  15. Sounds like the London LOVE was smoke & mirrors. And that talk started in Mobile. That’s awesome.
  16. This was incredible… until Woody got on the phone and manufactured a second wave of excitement, like Max isn’t going to see this, lol.
  17. I respect the way we can praise “new hires” without insulting players on roster who may be losing their jobs to them. He’s really self aware with what he says, and yet comes across as transparent and honest. Love this coach.
  18. Both of my 7th round picks were drafted in the fourth… ahead of my two 6th rounders.
  19. You ninja’d me with a self burn, LOL. Mad respect!
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