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  1. This just in: the grandmother of Manti Te'o never existed either. Poor guy.
  2. The (far) lesser player costs less to keep, yet still contributed (heavily) towards us having the #2 ranked pass defense. What do you want?! Hahahaa.... the #1 ranked pass defense? Either way, one of our CB1s (because we have TWO) being jettisoned to another team for picks would allow us to keep Landry (the other reason for our pass defense success) yet allow us to maintain a top-ranked pass-D. Don't get me wrong, I would love to keep this group together (four probowlers in the secondary) and make a push for the best defense ever compiled. But that doesn't mean beans if our offense can't put points on the board. Right now we need to distribute our monies to help balance out the roster.
  3. What does that mean? The top-five CBs don't get passed on: The difference between Revis giving up 2 catches for 13 yards, vs. [some other top-five] giving up 3 for 40 yards is negligible. We don't need 2 top-five CBs on a team do we?
  4. FYI, "ganggreengirl" just lost her battle with cancer after a heoric battle with leukemia.
  5. Seattle has done surprisingly well getting talent. They built their entire secondary in two years...now #6 ranked pass defense...and they only have one DB that was a 1st round pick; Jets DBs = 4 of 5 selected in the 1st rd. 2010: Earl Thomas = 14th overall Kam Chancellor = 5th round pick 2011: Sherman = 5th round pick Browning = Undrafted
  6. So, does his brain go straight to the jar, or does it dance around for a while?
  7. Multiple Factors are at play here: 1. This is the doing of a fat girl with poor self-esteem (but with a great personality). I have dated online, it is typical to exchange emails/texts before engaging in a conversation, at which point sometimes weeks will pass before a face-to-face is arranged. There are too many crazy people out there to not build up a sense of trust between one another. Even still, it is my experience that there is a remarkable difference in pictures posted online and the real thing. 2. Te'o was a sloowww-moving romantic. Perhaps his football schedule, class schedule and religious obligations limited his ability to socialize. Perhaps her "medical" issues made the perfect alibi for her inability to have face-to-face get-togethers. Still, four months of a relationship (in which daily interactions existed) means that Te'o really didn't press the issue to have that first date. He must really be into romance...or celibacy. 3. Te'o became increasingly more popular, and the fat girl flaked. I don't deny that they had a faceless love. From his account, they shared spiritual motivations with one another and shared in each other's victories and pitfalls. My guess is that they grew a love, and then she chickened out. Girls with all those emotions-and-whatnot do some really stupid things. She was probably so afraid of being dumped, she took matters into her own hands...and had a friend fake her death. Like I said, Girls. Emotions. Not a good combo.
  8. Two years ago, the Cardinals sent DRC and a 2nd round pick to Philly for Kevin Kolb. Revis should fetch, at minimum: a 1st round pick, and a 2nd round pick (that can escalate into a 1st).
  9. I see a lot of RB talent coming out in this draft. So much, that if the first of the RBs doesn't get taken until Late1st/Early2nd, we should have our pick of the litter in rounds 2-5. That being said, i would be okay in addressing other positions first as the fall off between the 3rd RB taken and the last RB taken is usually a crap shoot. BPA all the way...as long as we wind up with a new RB, a new OLB, and Tyrann Mathieu.
  10. Fer sure. The idea is to get a butt-load of draft picks and some cap relief to help get the roster back on track...and the notion has only risen from the fact that while Revis is a "much better player", our pass defense didn't fall off the stat sheet during his absence. In fact, Cromartie played lights out against some of the league's elite WRs. Maybe we don't need two CB1s on our team at the expense of other glaring holes. Maybe just having a single CB1 would allow us to afford a decent SS (Landry) and maybe a "splashy" TE to help out the offense. A simple upgrade at the CB2 spot can do wonders for our team, and we can get that from the bounty we acquire in the trade.
  11. To play a FB that rarely catches the ball is to signal to the opposing defense when you're running. Like when Schotty would line up Conner out wide, and then....oh wait! he's motioning in to block!! Nobody was surprised. Might as well get a defensive lineman like Pouha to come blast a hole on 4th and 1 to serve that purpose...and not take up an entire roster spot. Now, if we could find a bigger bodied back who could serve multiple purposes like: Anthony Dixon, who can pass block, lead block, or run the ball on his own merit (short yardage). Marcell Reece, who is a dual threat, and actually started at RB when his team got banged up. James Casey, who is listed on paper as TE/FB/HB (at least in my fantasy league). No more pure FBs unless they are Mike Alstott good.
  12. ??? I was talking about the merits of trading Revis vs. Cromartie. My argument is: Revis, while injured, and not at his "peak" of value (as Bit would say) carries more trade value than does Cromartie despite Cro having a pro-bowl year as a legitimate shutdown corner. Part of the reason is physical talent, but a much larger part is his character. Revis will sell more jerseys/seats/hotdogs/foam fingers/etc. in a new stadium than would Cromartie because he is a good-character player, whereas Cromartie has been playing Johnny Apple Seed across the country.
  13. Not a bad theory. My guess is that during the interview there was some major posturing (maybe length of contract, size of contract, coaching plan, player plan, etc). Woody ultimately had to sleep on it, and evaluate his diminishing options... then he made the infamous call-backs from last week. I still think it's a Tom Gamble smokescreen.
  14. Revis has a supernatural aura about him. Injury or not, I say he fetches more than Cro on the open market. If anything just for namesake and jersey sales. Revis has a clothing line, and endorsements. Cromartie has 19 children. That has to weigh-in on the trade value.
  15. This brings up an excellent point. The big game is played in our house next year. How sweet would it be to have us in the SB in our own house? Exactly. Woody knows that. The 2013-14 season should be one of re-building and flushing out some cap issues, and It's actually perfect timing given the talent coming out in the 2014 draft if we were to have another sub .500 season. However, Woody is going to want the big dance in his house. I can see us making some ridiculously splashy signings just to make a push for the Super Bowl next year...even if it sets us back another five. btw, what is this "bottom of the barrel" business you're talking about... 16 teams in the NFL had 7 wins or less. It was just a funky year. A LOT of injuries this year also.
  16. Hilliard was a fullback. Conner was a fullback. Rather than sign a "fullback" or God-help-me, DRAFT one, I'd like to use a guy like Josh Baker who can play some FB, some TE, and help out on specials...for less money. With limited resources this year, we're going to need to stress the value of versatility at our "marginalized" positions. That might mean the end of the "FB" position, and the re-emerging of the H-back position. I would love to see more double-RB plays, especially if they are threats in the passing game. I would love to see some triple-TE sets, especially if we find a TE who can be a running threat. We don't need a no-neck battering ram taking up a roster spot unless he can run like the wind, and make one-handed catches with his fingertips.
  17. Chip interviewed once, decided to return to college...then changed his mind and took the job in Philly = No big deal. [insert new GMs name here] interviewed once, asked for his name to be taken out of consideration...then changed his mind and took the job in New York = Headline news for two weeks!!
  18. The Cardinals sent Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick to Philly for Kevin Kolb. Revis isn't a QB, but he is a "once in a generation" type player. If we could trade him for a (lesser) CB (albeit one with more talent than Kyle Wilson), yet whose contractual demands would allow us to keep Landry....and provide us with some draft picks to boot. I think we would have to consider that offer. I would say the same applies for Cromartie, as both are able to shut-down WR1s, but the rake would be less impressive with Cro.
  19. Maybe, but he's quick like the wind. He can be the Tebow we never had.
  20. 1st. OLB 2nd. OL 3rd. RB 4th. Safety 5th. OLB 6th. QB 7th. RB
  21. Gamble : "At the time of our first interview we decided to allow one another more time before we finalized our deal. They (the Jets) needed to comply with the Rooney Rule, and I was in the middle of a deep playoff run...I didn't want the FortyNiners to think I had lost focus on my present responsibilties and agreed to meet again with Woody after the season had ended." Interviewer: "So why didn't you take the job?" Gamble : "The Jets fanbase required immediate action to appease their fans, and Woody decided to go another direction.
  22. The Tom Gamble smokescreen is discovered by yet another (otherwise very interested) candidate.
  23. You can add EJ Manuel to that list.
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