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  1. I see the Browns as being an ideal trading partner given their team needs, trading history with us, and number of picks in the middle rounds. That being said, it is highly expected that they take Trent Richardson with the #4 overall pick, but they desperately need a pass-rusher opposite last years Jabaal Sheard selection in the second round. Here's how I hope things pan out: Quentin Coples falls to #16. Hoping to grab him in front of the Bengals, Chargers, Bears, and Titans, the Browns move up from #22; trading away a 4th round pick, and swap their 2nd with ours (37 for 47), resulting in the following: Jets Draft: #22: FS Mark Barron. We opt to pass on him at 16, hoping he slides to our pick at 22, and we get lucky. #37: OLB Ronnell Lewis. We've met with him, he's a fire-cracker with excellent pass rushing skills, and provides an instant boost to our special teams unit. While he'll only see defensive time on 3rd downs supplanting his run-stopping superior in Bryan Thomas; pairing him with Aaron Maybin gives us TWO excellent pass-rushers to get our 3-and-outs. #77: OG/OT Brandon Brooks. The 6'5, 350 lber can play OG or OT, and gives us a standout performer (at a great value spot) to step in for Brandon Moore after his contract expires next year...all while providing additional competition at the RT position in this year's camps. #118. RB Robert Turbin. His inside-the-tackles running ability compliments what we want to do with our Ground and Pound offense. Having a second "bowling ball" runner affords us the ability to keep Shonn Greene healthy, late into the season. He also provides excellent pass-catching, and pass-blocking. #154 ILB Vontaze Burfict. I know, I know... he's a trouble-maker, lacking intelligence who likes to run head-first into brick walls. His attitude is perfect for this team, and he brings a nastiness with his play that will enable us to part ways with Bart Scott, should his play continue to decline. Who else can fill the role of the ILB who enjoys taking-on lead blockers? Rounds 6-7: We have six picks, and use them to upgrade the depth on our team. I'd like to see several WRs (one will stick), a kicker, some line depth, and a late round flier on another RB
  2. great post. I think another consideration to our Safety spot is the fact that next year's crop is going to be incredibly loaded with talent: the Honey Badger, TJ Macdonald, Robert Lester, Ray Ray Armstrong...and I'm sure others who haven't made a name for themselves will pop up. We can get a second round safety next year, that will be as-good/better than a first round safety this year.
  3. Pouha is a GREAT player!!!! He was ranked #1 NT for 3-4 teams in 2011, and #3 in 2010. He doesn't get a lot of pressure, but that's not his assignment; he consistently anchors against 2 players, and makes teams take their runs outside the A-gaps. As for DeVito, he has similar strengths to his game; super strong dude, anchors the run, limited in his pass-rush-pressure. I wouldn't be surprised to see DeVito backing up Pouha at nose, (similar to the way they played Kelly Gregg in Baltimore), and put Ellis at DE (similar to the Haloti Ngata role).
  4. -NO to Courtney Upshaw, he's a stiff who should play inside in a 3-4, and frankly I would prefer Scott, or a thumper with better range. -Mercilus might be the best of the bunch two years down the road. That means he's an ideal 2nd round pick in my mind. -Ingram is intriguing. Two weeks ago, I would have sworn he wouldn't be on the board at 16, but now that Buffalo has filled their need (Mario Williams and Mark Anderson), and the Titans signed Kamerion Wimbley... who knows? It certainly doesn't hurt that Tannehill is climbing his way into top-10 talks. But if you look at film of Jonathon Massaquoi, you get the same size player (6'2, 265) with the same (if not better) motor, still with an assortment of pass rush moves..but he has longer arms (34") compared to Ingram's 31 1/2". Is the upside of Ingram (or any other first round pass rusher) that much better than Massaquoi (at the expense of missing out on the draft's best safety)?
  5. I can dig it. But at some point our "all-world" defense is going to want a breather. Having a 3-and-out offense isn't going to provide that. I think we can make our current defense better by just adding a couple pieces, and then keeping them off the field.
  6. That means we are coming out of this draft with at least 5 players.
  7. If we drafted Cordy Glenn, I wouldn't be upset at all. I just don't see where we're going to fill the FS position...and if we do it through the draft, I'd like to get the best that's out there.
  8. I don't know...Barron has some ball-skills.
  9. We signed Landry to a one year "prove it" deal. He's clearly a OLB in a super charged SS body; and we still have a big-tackling Smith, and some rookie-types on roster. But we let Brodney Pool go to the Cowboys, and still have little depth on roster at the safety position, particularly the ball-hawking FS spot. While we can debate the merits of going in other directions (Upshaw, Keuchly, Glenn, DeCastro, Floyd, Ingram, Wright, Hightower, etc.) I think it's obvious that we have a clear shot at Barron, and will pull the trigger on creating the best secondary in the league. Revis-Landry-Barron-Cromartie with Wilson in the nickle...would be awesome. discuss..... BTW...We can get a pass-rusher later in the draft (Jonathon Massaqoui has the same measureables as Ingram or Upshaw, cept he has longer, ape-like arms; and other available options, like: Bruce Irvin, Cam Johnson, Vinny Curry, or Ronell Lewis will be available later in the draft). We could even land a blue-chip offensive weapon in the 2nd (Doug Martin, Alshon Jeffries, Mahammed Sanu), and get our OLB in the 3rd. point is...this draft can go so many different directions and still be fruitful on so many different levels. But there is only one way we can truly make our safety position, superior; signing Barron. Besides, if we don't, NE will.
  10. So the 49ers have picked up: Randy Moss Mario Manningham Rock Cartwright Brandon Jacobs Josh Johnson in addition to re-signing: Alex Smith Tavares Gooden Ted Ginn hmmm....
  11. ...and the word of the day winner goes to...
  12. Seriously. With our 4th round pick (because the 6th was returned after trading away the man he replaced), we: 1. Got a former 1st-rounder, with playoff starting experience. 2. A player who adds legitimate competition to the position, lighting a fire under Sanchez (moreso than Stanton anyway) without really threatening his leadership of the team. 3. Adds a dynamic dimension to our running offense. 4. Improves our short-yardage and red-zone game. 5. Makes us more difficult to gameplan for. and 6. Is not going to be a locker room turd. I say, good move...for a 4th rounder. Better than Anthony Schlegel in the 3rd!
  13. Him, or Teo (ILB, Notre Dame) or the Honey Badger, or that WR from Clemson. The safety class next year should be epic. We could prolly get great value in the second.
  14. Fine. Montee Ball in the 1st. next year
  15. Welcome all. I have been recruiting new Jets fans for over a decade now; I'm always glad to have more company round these parts.
  16. Anyone who knocks Tebow for his faith should check themselves.
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