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  1. Thanks mate, According to draftek, Williams gets drafted one slot ahead of us to San Diego. I think he'd be a much safer bet to pan out, and would also prefer him to Cody. Though, as seen in the youtube posted above, drafting Cody would free up our 7th round selection for another position, as he is quite adept at playing FB (also, we don't have a 5th round pick... we traded it with our 3rd for Mr. Edwards, though if the aforementioned trade was to occur, it would be like we got him for just a 5th),
  2. As much as I'd like to see a guy like Odrick, or Wooten and hope they develop into the next Richard Seymour, 3-4 NTs are much much harder to find. If Cody or Dan Williams falls into our laps, we kinda have to pull the trigger. Don't get me wrong. Brandon Graham, Jerry Hughes and co. would all be nice additions... but in our defense they would be third down pass-rushing specialists. the first round is just too high to draft a player like that. (See Vernon Gholston). As for our depth. With a healthy Jenkins in the fold, I anticipate Pouha seeing some time at DE along with Devito, Ellis, Potty (who has the Wooten/Odrick build) and Douglas. Especially if we draft a true NT to replace Big Jinx.
  3. This sounds eerily similar to your Nate Davis propaganda from last year. Shipley is s 25 yr old slot reciever that ran horrible times at the combine. Sadly, #3 WRs don't get drafted very high for some reason. Being as this year has a really good crop of WR1 and WR2 players, I could see Shipley falling like a rock. Besides, the players I mocked were plucked straight out of drafttek's availability.
  4. I say we toss Cleveland a bone, and allow them to skip back into the first round to get Colt McCoy. The cost would be the 3rd round pick they took from us in the Edwards deal and the value would actually favor them by 10 trade-chart points. Why trade back? In the first round, the Vikes, Colts and Saints could all benefit from a rookie QB learning under their veteran studs... that is providing Favre comes back next year. If not, the Vikes and Skins look to be major potential suitors for the young gun slinger. Using draftek (a site which bases simulated mock drafts based upon team need; and barring trades) but has a relatively good feel for player drafting position. http://www.drafttek.com/round42010.asp I came up with this ideal drafting scenario: 2a. Terrance Cody (NT) 2b. Reshad Jones (S) 3. Ben Tate (RB) 4. Jordan Shipley (WR) round 6 and 7 would invlove no-name OL. But in this particular draft we would add depth to our DL, a starting quality safety, a Shonn Greene clone, and an incredible slot man. Provided the draftek simulation is somewhat accurate this is a very, very possible draft scenario. One I would be thrilled with.
  5. Bingo, the Rams have made it known that they will match any offer... I think this is known as a "professional courtesy" with a potential trading partner.
  6. 1. Sharper comes from a final-4 team.... I believe the rules (as complicated as they are) would not prevent us from signing him. 2. Players of his age will likely play the waiting game to skip out on as much training camp as possible, and I'm sure the Jets don't mind waiting, either, given they want to see what the draft yields. 3. Rolle got a pretty hefty pay day. I'm sure the Giants are out of the market for another expensive FA safety this off-season.
  7. I could see the Jets having serious interest in the following prospects, and would be completly comfortable with any of them: Dan Williams (DT) Demaryious Thomas (WR) Jerry Hughes (OLB) Brandon Graham (OLB) Terrance Cody (NT) Perrish Cox (CB) Kyle Wilson (CB) Best Player Available!!!
  8. A smash-mouth running game (without an OL) just doesn't work, does it?
  9. Sign this beast! All I want is to have two all-pro CBs and two all-pro NTs on the field at the same time. Is adding Jamal Williams and Nnamdi Asomugha really too much to ask of this off-season?
  10. On our current defense, we have CBs playing safety, Safeties playing CB, DE's playing OLB, an OLB playing ILB, and DT's playing DE.... On top of that, I coulda swore I saw #77 playing some ILB on a couple plays last season. Point is, we would have four very capable rush-end DEs playing on our team. Call them tomatos or tomahtos, we have what it takes to play a 46, and adding AT wouldn't complicate that matter.
  11. Sign him? Hell yes. Start him over BT? Hell yes. If Bryan Thomas is our guy off the bench, we are looking mighty, mighty fine on defense. In my bonered, jet dream: the Jets will sign him AND Asomugha and play a two-island, 3-5 defense with five linebackers and Leonard wandering the deep middle. Back in the day they called it the 46; invented by some guy that apparently Rex Ryan used to know. We basically send 8 guys at the QB and dare him to throw before we get to him or his passing lane.
  12. Leonard was easily our best DB behind whats-his-face. There's no way we have him ride the pine.
  13. I liked the article. While the "silly" tests and measurables are in fact, silly. I think you can spot a talented reciever by the route running and hands-catching. You can get a feel for footwork and hip fluidity in the DB drills. You can see natural knee benders in the OL drills.... and you can see QBs throwing pro-style route trees to WRs they are unfamiliar with. The Combine is a great way to sort through 300 or so players.
  14. If we could somehow tempt Asomugha to come play for Rex Ryan and his #1 ranked defense, on a team that went to the AFC championship game with a rookie QB... I'm sure he'd consider taking a substantial pay cut to play for a "winner". $10 million/year is plenty of dough to "get by" on. Additionally, being apart of a defense that could perennially challenge for SB rings is an alternative mode of motivation that cannot be dismissed. At some point, players will emphasize legacy and championships over dollar signs [see Patriots FA signings circa 2009]. Having two "island" CBs would make our pass rush much much more effective. Also, next year we get Kris Jenkins back along with a healthy Harris and Scott. Translation: our middle is covered; and lets not count out the impact that Westerman and Murrell (and that Gholston guy) could potentially have on our team... or the impact that Thomas and Pace could really have if allowed to let it loose. I would trade Clemens, Rhodes AND our 2010 first round pick to the Raiders to get Asomugha on our roster. I would move Lowery to safety where his ballhawking and tackling skills are better utilized and his poor catch-up speed is de-emphasized... and we would have a legitimate shut-down secondary... on a team that cannot be run on. Draft a very talented WR in the 2nd round, get line depth through UDFAs and in later rounds... and we have a Championship! Oh yeah, does anyone really think that Tanny WON'T make a splash this year--the year before we move to a new stadium that still needs to sell PSLs???
  15. TJ and LT are both aged backs. The difference is their preparation and health. TJ owns the Jets weight room, and will set the standard for guys like Greene who need to learn how to prepare for the rigors of a full NFL season. LT is injury prone. in 2009 he recorded a 3.3 ypc average. in 2008 he recorded a 3.8 ypc average. Jones is a wrecking ball, who has shown some fire in his game since Greene entered the picture. Thomas Jones: 2009, 4.2 ypc 2008, 4.5 ypc Jones has been a good player, he threw a tiny fit last off-season but has become a good soldier. Pay the man. Let LT rehab his injuries on another roster.
  16. I see a natural hands-catcher with tremendous size and athleticism. Can you imagine how good he would be if he had a QB that could actually lead him? Half of his receptions are jump balls, the rest are passes that require him to stop his route.
  17. Of course, I would be tickled if Tanny pulled some of his magic and moved up to nab an amazing player who has slid due to the draft Gods. Say there's an early run on QBs, and Gerald McCoy starts sliding. I say if he gets to the ten spot (Oakland) we try to move Kerry Rhodes and Kellen Clemens along with our first round pick (and possible 2011 pick if necessary) to get him. Then do whatever it takes to nab one of these three CBs... and that is all. Two starters a year in the draft. That's all we need. In free agency sign an OLB, and get some UDFA's up in here for the slot, blocking TE, and NT.
  18. This is a really deep draft in terms of quality CBs. I wouldn't be surprised if we had our pick between Perrish Cox, Kyle Wilson, Donovan Warren and Devin McCourty... and with the exception of Warren, I too could accept any of those picks. They all play a physical brand of football, carry a presence, and contribute to Special Teams. Perrish Cox: He has tremendous body control and plays cerebral football (almost psychic-like intstincts) and has a shiftiness that always makes the first defender miss on kickoffs. He's a smooth player--like Revis. He plays the QB first, and the ball second. He shadows recievers flawlessly using only his perephirals and instincts. Kyle Wilson: He is a physical presence at the line of scrimmage, and an imposing physical force in stopping the run. He plays with a savvy swagger and justifies it with his ferocious hitting. His specials' contribution can't be ignored as he is just as adept on kick-off coverages as he is in kick-off returns... Devin McCourty: McCourty is a smallish (very smallish), but fiesty CB. I think he could be had in the early to late second round. He isn't a physical shut-down, type. He is a bothersome fly-type that is just quick as hell and able to bring it to the house on kick-offs. He's the most electrifying of the three on kickoffs with his lightening-fast directional changes and quick upstart. Should Dan Williams, Jerry Hughes, and Brandon Graham be off the board at this point, I say we push hard to trade our #29 pick to one of the early pickers of the second round who might be hard for Colt McCoy and want to get him before Minnesotta is tempted. This could include the Rams, the Raiders, The Redskins, the Browns, and we could get one of the previouslly mentioned CBs and get an additional pick (say in the 3rd round).
  19. I heard from a fella on TJB who actually lives in Canada and follows the CFL, that Cameron Wake is a much better player than Foley, and that Foley wasn't the best "player" in the CFL, just the best Canadian player in the CFL. At his size we'd be looking at him for ILB depth and ST. The way I see it, we just lost out on a ST player... We'll survive.
  20. Watch his play. He plays like Revis--his eyes are on the QB, he plays his reciever with his peripheral vision, and then makes his play on the football. He also is a threat in the return game. If we could solve our OLB depth before the draft (i.e., a FA, or Gholston's miraculous off-season development) I would be fine with getting Cox in the first and Shipley in the second. That would give us two studly role players that could upgrade our specials. ma_n9K3stn8
  21. I agree. I'm going to say this here, and I'll say it again and again if I have to: Perrish Cox is the best CB prospect coming out this year... he plays the QB first, and then the ball... His play is so eerily similar to Revis that it is scary. He is also an adept returner. ma_n9K3stn8
  22. Shipley is a beast, But similar slot guys can be had around the #61 pick: Mardy Gilyard, and Jacoby Ford come to mind.
  23. Rhodes, Clemens, and a 2nd round pick? I would make this trade. So might Crazy Al.
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