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  1. Tyrann Mathieu in the first...retain Revis, Wilson, Cromartie and Landry. Best secondary ever.
  2. If for some freak reason both DID get canned, I could totally see a swap of coaches. Rex to Philly, and Reid to New York. Just sayin
  3. Didn't Sparano compare Baker's skills to those of Cooley? ...and now Baker is hurt, and Cooley is available? ...am I missing something, why isn't he signed already?
  4. We need to add SOME talent at the position, why not an elite, rested talent? We're a G&P team with no Ground game and if we're going to be successful we need to get something before the trade deadline. I'm not saying trade Tebow, that would make the FO look silly...but SOME move has to be made. We're considered one of the worst offenses in the league, imo we can't afford to turn our backs on MJD.
  5. This list is almost laughable: Kellen Clemens Robert Turner Wayne Hunter Mathew Mulligan Vernon Gholston Schotty is being to St Louis what Mangini was to Cleveland; a crap magnet. His vouching for these players alone tells you about his eye for talent. Maybe he's collecting scapegoats to defer his poor play calling? Discuss.
  6. We need this beastly beast of a beast
  7. How's his run blocking? I thought we were goina G&P.
  8. I love this pick. I wanted Allen in the 4th round, before we got whats-his-name. I was surprised to see him fall considering he was one of "Mel Kiper's Best Available" for pretty much the entire day.
  9. I think Devon Still would make a better DE, if that was the route we decided to go. Two months ago if you told me we got Quentin Coples I would have sh*t my pants (out of excitement)... But since then, I've watched his tape. I'm not excited about this pick.
  10. So, we got an elite pass-blocker...but he plays on the defense.
  11. no no no.... you're suggesting a 3-down linebacker. We're not getting "him" in the third round. Irvin would simply be a blitzing backer. Him and Maybin come in on third down. The other team knows whats coming...ideally it's third and long...and we simply challenge opposing teams to complete passes with a blitzing duo of Maybin and Irvin. Good luck completing a slant or screen in under 3 seconds, with Harris/Scott/Landry manning the middle.
  12. Didn't the Pats also have it "hard" for Gholston? How many times are we going to fall for this crap?
  13. http://nyj.scout.com/2/728861.html Mayock had Gholston ranked #5 just sayin
  14. I would love a trade down with one of the Ohio teams. Both Cleveland and Cincinatti have multiple first round picks, and mid-round trade-bait. In this mock I would work the phones (heavy) to convince Cleveland that drafting both Justin Blackmon AND Michael Floyd would be brilliant. Sliding down to 22, we can still get our guy. And we would swap #2's (47 for 37) and scoop up (one of their 2) 4th round picks. 1.Doug Martin 2.Mohamed Sanu 3. Bruce Irvin 4. Best OL
  15. I like the Bruce Irvin pick. The kid has a lightening-fast get off. A really impressive one at that. At first I disliked the fact that he only has one move, the out-side rush. But...he's so good at it, that he either 1: beats his man, or 2: gets his OT to follow him out of the pocket. I think having Thomas back (with Pace) means that we can stop the run on the first two downs....Then put in our 3rd-down blitz package featuring Maybin and this kid...and really be on to something. Worst Case: Maybin and Irvin blitzing takes both OTs out of the pocket. That leaves 3OL to block our 3DL all of whom would command a double team anyway. Toss in a blitzing safety, and BOOM...3 & out recipe for days.
  16. If TR is within reach. Take him. If not, trade down in the first, and select Doug Martin. The fans will go bonkers, but after the season the FO will look like geniuses. Martin Sanu Irvin Best OL with extra trade-down pick Vontaze Burfict = great draft.
  17. Helllloooooo 5th round pick for the Jets. Seriously, if we leave this kid on the board entering the 6th round, we fail as an organization.
  18. You'd think they have a phone in the Green Room.
  19. Nick Collins runs neck-first into Landry's achilles tendon in the first game of the season...Both die instantly. Eric Smith giggles to himself.
  20. He ran a 4.49, Matt. If we're going to round down to make a point might as well say he ran it in 4 seconds. My comment was on his hitting the hole slow, so I looked up his 10-yard split. At Indy he ran his 10-yard split in 1.52 seconds, better than LaMichael James. Maybe he is extremely patient and just looks slow...but 4 ypc in college against Wyoming...albeit in a bowl game without a passing attack. I remain unimpressed. Would much rather see the talents of Doug Martin or Robert Turbin.
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