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  1. If we drafted Cordy Glenn, I wouldn't be upset at all. I just don't see where we're going to fill the FS position...and if we do it through the draft, I'd like to get the best that's out there.
  2. I don't know...Barron has some ball-skills.
  3. We signed Landry to a one year "prove it" deal. He's clearly a OLB in a super charged SS body; and we still have a big-tackling Smith, and some rookie-types on roster. But we let Brodney Pool go to the Cowboys, and still have little depth on roster at the safety position, particularly the ball-hawking FS spot. While we can debate the merits of going in other directions (Upshaw, Keuchly, Glenn, DeCastro, Floyd, Ingram, Wright, Hightower, etc.) I think it's obvious that we have a clear shot at Barron, and will pull the trigger on creating the best secondary in the league. Revis-Landry-Barron-Cromartie with Wilson in the nickle...would be awesome. discuss..... BTW...We can get a pass-rusher later in the draft (Jonathon Massaqoui has the same measureables as Ingram or Upshaw, cept he has longer, ape-like arms; and other available options, like: Bruce Irvin, Cam Johnson, Vinny Curry, or Ronell Lewis will be available later in the draft). We could even land a blue-chip offensive weapon in the 2nd (Doug Martin, Alshon Jeffries, Mahammed Sanu), and get our OLB in the 3rd. point is...this draft can go so many different directions and still be fruitful on so many different levels. But there is only one way we can truly make our safety position, superior; signing Barron. Besides, if we don't, NE will.
  4. So the 49ers have picked up: Randy Moss Mario Manningham Rock Cartwright Brandon Jacobs Josh Johnson in addition to re-signing: Alex Smith Tavares Gooden Ted Ginn hmmm....
  5. ...and the word of the day winner goes to...
  6. Seriously. With our 4th round pick (because the 6th was returned after trading away the man he replaced), we: 1. Got a former 1st-rounder, with playoff starting experience. 2. A player who adds legitimate competition to the position, lighting a fire under Sanchez (moreso than Stanton anyway) without really threatening his leadership of the team. 3. Adds a dynamic dimension to our running offense. 4. Improves our short-yardage and red-zone game. 5. Makes us more difficult to gameplan for. and 6. Is not going to be a locker room turd. I say, good move...for a 4th rounder. Better than Anthony Schlegel in the 3rd!
  7. Him, or Teo (ILB, Notre Dame) or the Honey Badger, or that WR from Clemson. The safety class next year should be epic. We could prolly get great value in the second.
  8. Fine. Montee Ball in the 1st. next year
  9. Welcome all. I have been recruiting new Jets fans for over a decade now; I'm always glad to have more company round these parts.
  10. Anyone who knocks Tebow for his faith should check themselves.
  11. This is incredibly horrible news. Westermann is a beast. He will be missed!
  12. Whoever they sign will be half beast, half bust...depending on who you ask. I can't wait.
  13. This is the...Less than 7 hours to post your picks...bump
  14. It's the moooossstt wonderrrrfulllll time of the yeeeear!!!!
  15. What's the over/under on him quitting the team after Alex throws "deep" at his feet?
  16. They have the Chuck Pagano pipeline for Baltimore players. That means, potentially, Corey redding, jarrett Johnson, jameel McLain, hakamura and tbizowski. That's 5 players right there
  17. Is he good? He seems a little light for the right side, in a power blocking scheme no less
  18. Well, Washington won't be spending money on 1st rounders for a while...that should help a little
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