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  1. I just don't see Martin being the answer for us. He's not an upgrade over anybody on roster...besides, he hurt himself stretching at the Combine. hahahaa Red flag? how so? The weight doesn't concern me, he can add 5-10 lbs easy with a professional workout regiment. and aside from Antonio Allen, I just don't see much talent in this year's crop. please don't say Iloka, he's worse than Martin.
  2. -Eagles have all that $$$ tied up into their non-tackling secondary, and might not be as eager to make a college convert. Besides they need so much help in the LBers dept. They'll probably go with the second-coming of Keuchly. -Cowboys figure to be heavy-hitters in FA; they're currently "tied to" (well everyone, but also) Finnegan and Carr. Depending on how that shakes out, they could easily go OL in the 1st, and get their DB in the 2nd. -Cardinals are the wildcard; I have no clue what they're looking at doing. They did draft CB last year at #5....That worked out pretty well for them, and they have Richard Marshall opposite him (he's no slouch). I just figured they were going LT because Buster Brown needs to move to the right-side. Who knows... with all of this: Pass Rusher/Richardson/DeCastro/Glenn.. yada yada yada I wanted to add a new idea to the mix. If Dre is there. Rex might pull the trigger.
  3. In a weak safety class, on a team with incredible need for a safety...you take whoever the heck can play the position. CBs converting to safety happens ALL of the time, and Kirkpatrick just happens to be incredibly talented. Watch him play, and tell me he couldn't make the "transition" Besides, I thought it...Mayock said it... so clearly it's a good idea.
  4. Gather all of the beasts. Sign them all.
  5. yeah, he actually wants Santonio money, hahahaa and his agent is the famous Drew RosenGoldenSteinBerg but for this year he is willing to play for the tag at $9.4MM; I'm sure Tanny can give him the extension he was bitching about in Philadelphia, something in the neighborhood of $7-8MM/per for five years. The kid wants security & Tanny can give him the false-hope of that. The difference is paying: Bart $4.2MM (to not play) + (Modestly splashy) FA $3MM = the same amount of dough. But the added benefit of not wasting a roster spot. I'm not a numbers guy...but we need a WR, and Braylon scares the sh*t outta me. Who would you be more afraid of facing us with: Holmes and Jackson, or Holmes and Edwards?
  6. I know it sounds ridiculous. Player-for-Player trades rarely happen anymore in the NFL. But like it's been discussed, ad naseum, who is going to trade a pick for a declining player who costs $4.2MM? I was brainstorming LB-needy teams that have a "headache" player, or an "aging/expensive vet" they're on the hook for...at a position of need. And thought the teams could swap eachother's problems. Perhaps a misfit safety who would be an expensive cap cut? or an oft-injured RT? If you're going to pay the salary, you should at least get a player who would benefit your team.
  7. No. I've been here a while though, as Greenseed3; then forgot my password, had Max reset my account, then I forgot it again... It's a legitimate post. 1. We need a talented reciever 2. Tanny like to be splashy 3. Desean brings some playmaking speed to our offense. As well as an upgrade to our specials. It's not the most conservative suggestion, but we are "shopping" Bart. Who the **** else needs an aging/declining linebacker with a hefty pricetag? I'm all ears, guys.
  8. hahahaa They have a talented D-line, and a star-studded secondary (albiet, one that doesn't like to tackle), but they have a very young core of linebackers who are horrible; they all have either 1 or 2 years of experience in the league, except for Fokou (with 3), and Akeem Jordan-Who? (with 5)...and yet they are still linked to drafting a MLB in the first round. These guys are known for having at least one plodding dinosaur on roster (Jeremiah Trotter, Dhani Jones) and could probably benefit from a little veteran presence at the position Tell me who strikes fear in you the most: -M. Fokou, (and his 22 tackles) -C Matthews (the slow untalented one) -Akeem Jordan (who?) -Keenan Clayton (who?) -Jamar Chaney (By far their most valuable LBer) -Brian Rolle (the least talented of the Rolle cousins) -Bart Scott (Madbacker) .
  9. There's no way they would BOTH throw a hissy fit at the same time. When one is on the rag, we go to the other.
  10. So was the WildCat at first....2 RBs? Zero QBs? MAdness! Would you prefer Matt Mulligan and the wonders his 5 rec for 58 yards did for us? If you're going to put a blocker out there, put a blocker out there.
  11. Oh yeah, worst case scenario: we have this year's 2nd best CB to create a log-jam at our nickle positon.
  12. And what happens if he sucks (sorry, has growing pains) here in his first year? We already fired Shotty...we can't fire him anymore.
  13. If those Pauline rumors are true, and the team really isn't interested in drafting an OL early in the draft, and we don't have the opportunity to land Melvin Ingram, or Courtney Upshaw (meh), or Trent Richardson, and Luke Keuchly is gone and so are the other 10-12 players that we've been linked to....and we're unable to trade down. I say we draft a safety. From Alabama. But his name is Dre Kirkpatrick. Rex Ryan drafting a CB in the first round?! I know, it sounds crazy. But this kid can ball. He is (6'2, 186) and has the frame to add some bulk; Runs a 4.51; he's a rangy cover guy who is extremely physical and aggressive. I think he could cover a TE, or play centerfield...EASY
  14. While we're at it: Everyone is afraid of our RT position..."Who's going to play, Hunter or Ducasse? they both suck"... "We need to draft"..."We need to sign"... That requires new money, or precious draft picks. Here's an idea, have BOTH Hunter AND Ducasse play RT... at the same time. Ducasse plays the left-half of RT; Hunter plays the right-half of RT or sometimes plays fullback. They can't both suck at blocking one guy. So basically we have a six-man line and run the sh*t outta the ball. We would have Desean Jackson & Santonio Holmes playing outside, with Kerley and Keller subbing in/out of the slot, maybe sometimes put Conner in the slot just to freak D's out. We pretty much run the ball 70% of the time and get 4 yards a pop because Wayne Hunter is running up the middle like a mad Tongan. Then we take our shots downfield when they start to cheat up or bring in bigger tacklers. Both, Jackson & Holmes might only get 3 catches a game...but they would be chunk plays cause both can outrun any safety in our division. Did I mention Desean Jackson plays specials? He could have a Darren Sproles like effect on our team.
  15. We can trade Bart Scott for this guy, maybe throw in one of those escalator picks. The Eagles need LBs like there's no tommorrow, and would actually save money by taking on Scott's contract as opposed to paying the franchise tag of $9.4M for their disgruntled reciever. We would have to overpay for another diva. But this guy would push Holmes, scare the **** outta deep safeties and open up our entire running game. Who in their right mind would drop a safety in the box when we have Jackson and Holmes? That means we could play Ground & Pound defense against 7-man fronts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NiIvNkieLs
  16. Nobody has considered a player-for-player trade. If we took on another team's $4.2M problem and they took on ours, we could upgrade both of our rosters while not "losing" any cap. Bart Scott would be an upgrade at any of the Eagles' LB positions, though he's probably best suited to SAM. They have fielded Jeremiah Trotter and Dhani Jones...so it's not like they're object to veteran linebackers. Tagging DeSean Jackson would cost them $9M; trading for Scott actually saves them $5M and upgrades their roster. We would be gaining another expensive, whiny-quitter... but one with talent, at a position we need to fill anyway. If not DeSean Jackson, lets say we pay $3M/per for a FA WR, plus the $4.2M for a LB who doesn't play. That's $7.2M for two roster spots but only one REAL player. Might as well just pay one super talented guy the $7.2M Isn't that about what Jackson wants anyway? Jackson wants money, Scott wants playing time on a contender. I see it as a win-win
  17. He's a classic thumper, and might even play better if he slowed down a little coming down hill. It should be noted, also, that in this game McNeil (the wiggly USC RB) showed off some great jukes. Burfict isn't the first to whiff on tackling McNeil.
  18. hahahaa I thought the exact same thing. I wonder how he fares with my favorite Sanchez pass, I call it: "The Facemask-Fastball" (used only when a wide-open TE is less than five yards away, and especially if he's JUUUSST about to make his break).
  19. God, I hope not. I want to get him as cheaply as possible. fwiw, Brandon Spikes was a 2nd round pick, he ran a 5.0 forty and had a slower 10-yard split (1.70 to 1.75). Burfict isn't a world beater, he's a thumper...and I have him rated higher than Anthony Schlegel, who I believe was the last ILB this team has drafted.
  20. Alright Joe, Just for fun, I guess I'll ride his jock for a while. Should make the Monday go by faster. 1. That offsides penalty was bull-sh*t...and you know it. 2. I respect your analysis, but it's a lil suspect that you stop analyzing him one play before he intercepts the ball (has a 35-yard return)...and then helps Matt Barkely to his feet with a head pat/hug. (Prolly talking smack on his mother at the same time; but it was a visually nice gesture nonetheless). 3. His stat total for that game was 5 tackles, 1 Int. Nothing to write home about, and perhaps the jury is out (he's not a first-round talent), but he's made enough eye-popping plays for you to take notice, and for guys like you and I to be judging his worth. Call it for what he is, he's a 2nd-4th round prospect who "plummeted" out of a round he had no business being in, anyway.
  21. I really don't feel like debating the merits of a player I'm not completely sold on--especially not one who does have so much bad tape. but it is a slow Monday. So here goes. Dumb penalties will piss anyone off. Coaches, players, fans...and Burfict was flagged for a record-setting number of them. But it's because he is, (for lack of a better word) "thuggish". It's not just sh*t-talking; he makes physical threats to intimidate his opponent, and then fulfills them. He's a dirty, dirty player...and when you play like that the refs are going to take notice and be sensitive to everything you do. I'm not saying his penalities weren't justified, but some were just ticky-tacky bullsh*t flags because of his reputation; and It doesn't help when you constantly talk sh*t to the refs. I read about one play where he noticed the defense wasn't lined up correctly so he literally knocked over a ref to cause a timeout. He's not going to score well on the Wonderlic, and It wouldn't surprise me if he's illiterate or dsylexic. But the kid would run head-first through a brick wall...and when he's on the field, he commands attention. He needs to be on a defense that will be easy to understand, and someone who will line him up on EVERY play.
  22. Dom, half of the quotes are by "NFL scouts and assistants" ... Not that Mayock doesn't have credibility I actually like his know-it-all rhetoric, but he's been wrong before, and he's just reporting what he saw from finally watching some tape of some games.
  23. Or this could all be negative smoke-screening to ensure he falls to a team in the 2nd round.
  24. In comparison, check out Calvin Johnson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d8oDYNurqM&feature=related
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