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  1. Yeah, wishing for a 2nd round RB is pretty pretentious given our glaring needs. But the fact is we need to bring in another hoss; Greene cant handle the starter's load with his running style, and I'd like to bring another bruiser to the mix. McKnight is a dancer, and Powell seems to prefer a foot race than lower a shoulder. I just want to see another wrecking ball come to town, which is why I'm pulling for Doug Martin. Unlike Matt, I think there's a SIGNIFICANT drop off in RB talent this year. If we are going to draft a rb, we need to do it early. Someone had suggested the possiblity of bringing in Ronnie Brown given his connections with our new staff. I'd love to see that happen... If we were to bring in a vet (Brown, Hillis, Lynch, etc) to revamp the running game, that would open the door to add to another position in the early rounds. We could get a KILLER wide-out in the second round.
  2. Wilson's balance is what stands out to me, and I've never really used that term when describing a running back. But this kid is UNREAL. It's like he defies the laws of physics on some of his runs; I've seen plays where he should be knocked on his a$$ and he pulls some Matrix sh*t to stay in bounds, or on his feet. But when it comes to foot speed, quickness, and moving like a bunny, I think McKnight is up there. I hope Joe blossoms this year and turns into something really special (or at the very least, start to replace what we lost in Leon Washington).
  3. True, but McKnight is fast as ****, cuts on a dime, and has the same listed size as Wilson. What I like about Martin is his durability. At 220, he's going to offer more "Pound" than the lighter framed Wilson, and if you see his start-up speed, it is second to none. He might top off at 4.5, but he gets there before he hits the line of scrimmage.
  4. If Decastro is as good as he's billed... we would have not only a dominant left-side, but with Moore in the mix, a dominant connect-4. At that point who gives a sh*t who's playing RT? Except for Sanchez, of course. The problem is we have a bunch of OGs who can play OG. We need versatile players who can play multiple roles, which is why Cordy Glenn would be a nice addition. He can play RT, or OG, maybe LT. I also like the idea of getting Peter Konz if we trade back. He's a starting caliber center being compared to Mangold, who can play guard.
  5. Boom I was going to say the exact same thing. I've been split on Martin and Wilson as both are so different in their running styles, I think both will be extremely successful in the NFL. It's like comparing Ray Rice to a young LT. Both will get the job done. But, for our team, and what we want to do with the "Smashmouth" I'm leaning toward Martin, we need to add more bulk to our RB stable. Doug Martin has terrific leg drive and is a little bowling ball at (5'9 220). He's a 3-down back who can block, catch, and lower his shoulder. David Wilson (5'10, 205) has amazing balance, some wiggle and hands. But as it stands, McKnight and Powell are both listed at 5'10, 205. We don't need a stable of clones. Let Powell backup Greene, who backs up Doug Martin. And put McKnight out there in the slot/cutesy playmaker role where his hands and speed can upset defenses and keep the backers off the line.
  6. Considering the number of holes on our team, I'm glad we are picking in the top-half of the round. I don't think we can pigeon-hole any particular position but can let the draft come to us, and take a premium player at a number of positions...or, can finally trade down, and stay in the first round. Depending on who slides, I would be completely thrilled if we stayed put, and drafted: RB Trent Richardson WR Justin Blackmon OLB Melvin Ingram OT Riley Rieff Or, if we traded back a little and still picked up: OG David DeCastro T/G Cordy Glenn WR Kendall Wright CB/S Dre Kirkpatrick Just NO back-up QBs in the first. Unless Jaws gives it the go-ahead.
  7. Smith is pretty good in the red zone with the aid of a shortened field. He's like the Plaxico Burress of the D.
  8. I thought Eric Smith played lights-out. It seemed like he was around the ball on every play, and brings the lumber with him. kudos to the poster who labelled him the hitman.
  9. Solution: Woody at LG, Hunter at RT. Vlad becomes this year's third OT (ala Hunter's Jumbo package position). Slauson is our swing insider (OG/OT).
  10. So, week-1 the Pats will have to cover OchoCinco and Owens with 2 rookie CBs? I smell a shoot-out.
  11. Re-watch this video but key in on Tony Richardson. He's in every highlight but 5, and he is a beast.
  12. So, Holmes got blasted by Revis. Leonard got blown up by Ducasse. Mangold is down from friendly fire. OTA's are suppossed to be non-contact, I hope they learn to quiet the media a bit better than this if they're going to be blatantly ignoring the league rules.
  13. This just in: Favre reportedly returned to Southern Miss, and re-visited the Baseball team to retract his previous offer. When asked about his decision to retract his offer, Favre said he wasn't sure.
  14. I chose LT, but I think both will play in about 12 games, due to injury.
  15. Yeah, don't forget about Jason Taylor: 6-130
  16. Yeah Bowens...Doesn't I-95 connect Florida to New York. Is this a snarky stick it to someone number?
  17. +1... I thought this list was about rookies and free agents.
  18. True, plus if a team had it's choice it probably wouldn't want it's two best run-defenders in street clothes when they play the league leading running team.
  19. Thanks neck, I just googled nambla. Right before throwing up in my mouth (just a little bit).
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