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  1. I guess its fitting that I go first. New FAs QB Sage Rosenfels RB Ronnie Brown WR Braylon Edwards OG Vernon Carey OLB Kamerion Wimbley S LaRon Landry Re-sign NT Sione Pouha S Jim Leonard S Brodney Pool K Nick Folk CB Marquice Cole OLB Aaron Maybin
  2. Some helpful links: http://nyjetscap.com/freeagents.html http://www.footballs...freeagents.html http://nfltraderumor...fl-free-agents/ http://www.kffl.com/...eeagents/fa.php Jets' UFA Bryan Thomas Sione Pouha Jim Leonhard LaDainian Tomlinson Robert Turner Kevin O'Connell Mark Brunell Plaxico Burress Nick Folk Brodney Pool Donald Strickland Jets' RFA Marquice Cole Jamaal Westerman Aaron Maybin Matthew Mulligan
  3. GM Mike Tannenbaum said not to expect any grand gestures this year. Though he "[prides himself] on 'Every rock, every day,'... [he doesn’t] foresee that this year". Obviously, this means we will be active players in free agency, and things may or may not get "splashy". Free Agency opens at 4pm ET this Tuesday, March 13, and for a lot of us is a day akin to Christmas. Speculation, chit-chat and roster-bating is fun, but it's time to put your name on the line. Let the true football gurus rise to the occasion and win bragging rights after winning this year's: Free-Agent Pick 'em Contest. Rules are simple: 1. You get points for correctly projecting the players we land, or chase. 2. You get points for missing on a player, if the position was correct. 3. You lose points for missing on a player if the position remains neglected. 4. The point structure is a little more relaxed for guessing re-signed FAs. (players on the final Jets roster last year) 5. No edits are allowed after FA starts, so review your picks carefully. 6. In the event of a tie-score, the first poster to place picks, wins. 7. Game is locked once the free agency floodgates rip open. Points: +7 points: Correctly guessing a FA that gets signed to the Jets roster. +3 points: Correctly guessing a FA that the Jets "show interest" in, but eventually signs elsewhere (i.e. Manning, Asomugha), for these points there must be a verified source/link. +1 point: Incorrect player guess, but correct position. -4 points: Incorrect guess; with no link to the team; and same position doesn't get filled by another player. Points for re-signed Jets' UFA and RFA: +3 points: Correct guess for each FA that was on the FINAL roster 2011, that we re-sign. -1 point: Incorrect guess. **Note, the "Interest" and "Position" compensation does not apply to re-signed players. Good luck Gentlemen
  4. You mean, Doug Martin in the 2nd round? I couldn't agree more.
  5. That being said, If we were to take Upshaw I could see him playing Bart's position, and adding a dynamic splashy OLB in FA... would dramatically improve our pass-rush defense.
  6. I think Tanny is up to something because: 1. He said he WASN'T up to something 2. He restructured with Brick to make more cap room 3. The "Shopping" of Bart Scott 4. The Hunter restructure, and subsequent trade leak 5. The Sanchez extension We need to "get faster" on defense and add a bonified pass-rusher, and this just happens to be the year when Mario Williams is set to hit FA, and Kamerion Wimbley (with his already paid $6.5M) is probably going to hit the open market.
  7. We drafted the kid in the first round, knowing he had very little college experience. Is it really that far-fetched to commit to him for five years? He has playoff experience, and can efficiently run a Ground & Pound offense. We save money this year, and have commited only $8.25M to his salary next year before he can be cut without consequence. Isn't $8M a middle-of-the-road salary for a starting QB? If you don't like Sanchez, that's fine...we get it. But these financials don't prohibit drafting anyone next year, and letting him sit on the bench for a season.
  8. Sounds like you've had lunch with my ex-wife. I'm sorry.
  9. My favorite is #6 6. Uh, I don't think this is going to quash the perception that he's coddled. Aside from that, Sanchez has increased his stat-line every year that he's been in the league. He started out crappy, but now he's a better-crappy.
  10. Please let Cardinals get Manning, and the Browns, Matt Flynn. Please, Please, Please....
  11. This sucks. We just missed out on the obligatory, contract-year All-Pro performance. Good for Mark.
  12. We have our Dallas Clark already on roster. As for Bullitt, I think we should kick the tires on EVERY available safety, or CB that can play safety, and make some dramatic upgrades this off-season.
  13. Well, is he a beast? Cause, we should, uh...you know.
  14. The more I think about it, if what was said above is true, then that means he's not only getting traded, but that another team initiated the inquiry. That doesn't make sense to me given the number of quality OTs coming out this year, and the fact that every one of the OTs in FA (EVERY one of them) is better than Wayne Hunter. Unless someone has a hard on for Tongans, or has familiarity with Hunter (read: Shotty, Callahan) then he isn't going anywhere.
  15. hmmm. He can't be traded until Tuesday anyway, right?
  16. I hope Manning signs with Denver, and Tebow moves back to Florida to take the Dolphins to the promised land...that being Heaven.
  17. You think the Cards are pulling the plug on Kolb? I thought they were pretty high on Skelton, so it doesn't make much sense to get another 2nd or tier QB in Tannehill. I think they go for Manning or bust...but I could be wrong.
  18. Martin might not make it to our pick in the 2nd. I think he's special.
  19. Thanks for the input. I look at so many different sites, I rarely remember where I saw what. I just remembered seeing Hunter on a list and he was 31/32. [sidenote: I actually used the bleacher report for their pictures, to help me create my "All-Whiteys Roster 2012" ...it bombed.] I wish I had access to the premium-stats on PFF. Without it, one is left with their stat that measures OL success from 2008-2010. Which as you pointed out, was a time period of great success for McKenizie. But aside from that, I don't really have much exposure to the guy. I live in California. I just saw that he was available, and plopped him down on a list of people that are available (in order of their appearance on rotoworld) and called it a day. If anything, call me lazy for that, (but I've seen far less effort put into making a thread). As for Damien Woody's affect on Mark Sanchez, are we really going to go there? I'm lazy for saying I saw a regression in Mark when his RT was downgraded? I know how this plays out. -I'll say: I saw a jittery QB due to protection issues -you'll say: statistically all of his numbers went up...and other QBs with worse protection did better -I'll point out that he had unfamiliarity with a WR2 that didn't seperate, was struggling with a newer playbook, and had double-coverage on his best reciever. -You'll point out some QB who did well despite having sh*ttier WRs, and say playbook struggles are a sign of his being a bad QB -I'll then say Schotty's playbook has ruined many a QB, even Favre couldn't understand it -You'll say Favre was a rented gun, didn't have motivation to be here anyway -I'll say: Brett is a HOF QB, who by the way, had an excellent OL in his year here. -You'll retort with, really, in 2008 Brandon Moore was weak, and Faneca was on the decline -I'll say, then explain how the following year, Mark Sanchez was able to take us to the AFC Championship game -You'll say, Because he had an incredible running game, behind an excellent OL (ranked #3), and a great defense. and I'll say, that's exactly my point, guy. Instead of calling me an idiot, you could have simply offered your PFF ranking list, and your suggestion to draft a RT. geez. You keep this sh*t up Spermie, and you're not getting a Christmas card this year.
  20. Great job bit. This probably fits into the too good to be true category. I don't see Barron getting by the Patriots...and while I don't care for Upshaw, if we take him in the first, I foresee him playing "ILB" for us, and moving all around the line...not OLB, a position we need to fill. However, Saban is on record saying Upshaw is the meanest player he's ever coached. You know Rexy liked that. Pead is great, but undersized, and while he could probably fill the LT role. I'm much much higher on Doug Martin. He can play 3-downs and spell Greene sufficiently. His catching, pass-blocking, and between the tackles running makes him 1A in my book, just behind TR.
  21. I dunno. I'm secretly hoping Richardson slides to #16 so we can trade our pick to the Browns and recoup some extras.
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