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  1. Nice job Hess, I prefer Doug Martin over Lamar Miller...and we could probably land a reciever like AJ Jenkins, or McNutt in the 5th over a no-name safety prospect. But even as is, this haul would be incredible. Something to consider, Mannings landing is going to affect where Matt Flynn winds up, and that could put a spin on who moves up to #2. The Browns seem pretty adamant about keeping both 1st round picks, so I see them going hard after Flynn. That could put Miami, Washington, and the un-named, mystery team scrambling to get up to the 2 spot. It could potentially shake up the entire draft.
  2. Arkansas alum and Patriots 2011 third-round draft pick Ryan Mallett threw to the receivers during the workouts, and looked very good doing so.
  3. Networking. Though "illegal" I'd say a lot of trade-talk happens at these functions where representatives of all 32 teams are present.
  4. In case you didn't catch it in it's own thread. Mike T and Rex attended the pro day for Clemson thursday afternoon. Speculation for who they were there to see ranges from their DT (Thompson) TE (ugh, Allen) and other lesser known LB prospects that put up some great numbers. Also of note, Rex Ryan was running the LB drills for Andre Branch, (6'4, 260) Mayocks #3 rated OLB. (here's Rex throwing the football, right around :42) http://prod.www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-path-to-the-draft/09000d5d82778ecb/Clemson-pro-day-report
  5. It's right around :42 http://prod.www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-path-to-the-draft/09000d5d82778ecb/Clemson-pro-day-report
  6. Just saw a clip on NFLN. Friggin Rex Ryan is throwing Branch passes in a drop&comeback drill.
  7. I thought the disharmony came from the guy Manning is replacing.
  8. Lets just cut Sanchez and sign Mario Williams. QBs are overrated.
  9. Someone had suggested that the Giants ditch Osi, and make a run for Mario Williams. Mario and JPP = hot damn.
  10. Here y' go http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1074106-br-nfl-1000-top-32-right-tackles#/articles/1074106-br-nfl-1000-top-32-right-tackles/page/3 They have McKenzie ranked #26, and I don't know the metrics they used to rank these players, nor do I want to enter a debate about who is worse than Wayne Hunter because I'm hoping to see improvement from the position. Point the finger at Mark if you want, he didn't have those problems with Damien Woody playing RT...and being as he's still a young QB, he needs to be coddled with better protection. The question is WHO??? Sounds like you're def not pulling for McKenzie... check. (and) you also admit that Hunter isn't good...but you haven't actually offered any insight on how you'd address or fix this "problem". You're just being a crotchety old man.
  11. Collins is the way to go. He has starting experience, youth, and is a mauler. 4 years at $3.5M/per.
  12. I don't know, Gato. I think first round picks should play right away, without major work. Maybe, MAYBE as a second round project with upside. But I think he'd be better served going to a legit 4-3 team. He has had time to do flexibility thingies before his pro day to perform better at those LB drills (The more attractive you are to more teams, the better chance of getting drafted higher--right?) The fact of the matter is, he is more comfortable moving forward than dancing around in space; and you know what, he looks incredible moving forward. I just don't think he's our guy. Not at 16. Not in our current scheme.
  13. Found it for ya...He starts off the segment, and actually doesn't do as bad as I remembered. His accent is pretty thick though. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/09000d5d82773c79/Most-likely-landing-spot-for-Manning
  14. Don't just take my word for it. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-path-to-the-draft/09000d5d82773776/USC-pro-day-report
  15. You shoulda seen him on the NFLN reporting this "news". He was shakey, and it looked like he was reading this off a cue card. He definitely doesn't have a place in reporting once he retires, maybe...or, probably has a lot of work to do before he does.
  16. yeah I know (I was secretly running an experiment to see how long it would take). Besides, we didn't have a pro day thread yet and thought the board could use one. 3/8...Today we have Alabama State, Buffalo, Clemson, Colorado, Miami (Fla.), Mississippi State, Nebraska, North Alabama, Northwestern, Ohio, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Utah State, Washington, West Texas, Western Kentucky, Wofford, Wyoming, Youngstown State Miami...sorry, "THE U" has a lot of team speed. It will be interesting to see if Rex heads down to Miami to see some players.
  17. This sounds like a perfect role for Vernon Carey. As for a starter, I guess we have to defer to the coaches, it seems like our line is sooo close to being dominant, that it would be ridiculous to pass on a startable stud if we can get one on the cheap. I think McKinnie at RT would have a lot of success, and we would have a backup plan should D'Brick go down. If anything, we learned how valuable our studs (Brick and Nick) are to the success of our season. Depth is paramount and Turner is a FA.
  18. Yes. But it was a 10-game stretch.
  19. It's a playful exchange between two buddies in a fairly recent movie. I thought calling each other gay and stupid was commonplace around here. I'll take it down (or someone else can) if it offends anyone or detracts from the respectibility of this site.
  20. He should be cheap. I've seen speculation that the Dolphins should go after him, 4 years $14M contract. I think we should beat them to it.
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