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  1. (Jonathon Massaquoi) I just got turned on to this kid. He measures out the same as Upshaw or Ingram 6'2, 270-ish. Except he has much longer arms (fifth longest of the DL & LB combined), which enables him to break away from defenders. If you notice how he flips his hips (at :45) it's easy to believe he can make the transition to OLB pretty effortlessly. Also, he blew up the linebacker drills at the combine with his footwork and hand-play; this clip illistrates that in motion. I think we can easily draft him in the 2nd round...and he wouldn't be a horrible consolation prize to missing out on Ingram. [Notice the scoreboard, this is 'Troy' playing against a ranked 'U.SC' team; so you know he isn't playing agains a slouch]
  2. (Nick Perry) I don't like him. He looks good until he starts playing. Against Washington he went up against Senio Kelemete a LT that might move to OG because of his athleticism; he measured well at the Combine but got beatenup pretty bad at the Senior Bowl.
  3. I'm in the same boat, someone had compared him to a young Clinton Portis, but somehow that just doesn't sound right. Steven Jackson from his freshman year?
  4. oh, blow it...everyone wants to talk about my gravy...nobody cares about the meat & potatoes.
  5. gosh. Glad I didn't mention Thomas Jones. The point I so aptly failed to make is that the culture of the lockerroom has shifted...and it seems to have stemmed from trading our loyal players for rent-for-hire types.
  6. That's a good question. That's a lot of dough for a back-up. But I think Henne would definitely be considered just that, a "back-up". You bring in an Orton or a Campbell and there will be swirls of a QB controversy looming after Mark has one bad game. I think the ultimate goal is to make Mark better... by providing just enough competition to make him work harder, without providing so much that it becomes a mental distraction if he fails, and let's face it, he's going to drop a couple games. If we're going to ditch Mark for a starter, we'll do that with Manning, or do it next year with a blue chipper...and hopefully not look to Henne, or Campbell, or Orton to save the franchise...we know what they look like. They're good for a win here or there, but nothing to hang your hat on. McElroy might surprise, and that's the fun of late-round QBs, right? But I wouldn't hang my hat on him just yet either.
  7. It bummed me out to see the Jets release some "good" guys in the past years (Leon Washington, Brad Smith, Jericho Cotchery) replacing them with McKnight, Plaxico and Mason. Talent notwithstanding and despite injury concerns, I understand the McKnight for Leon. But letting go of Smith and Cotch when they've been here for so long...swing and a miss. I'm not going to debate Ellis because his play fell off pretty significantly, but he was one of my favorite Jets. I can do my best, though I'm not really a numbers guy so perhaps I have my facts wrong...and my memory isn't what it used to be. The way I see it they sign a guy for a long-term contract. To make room for some new blood, they will encourage a restructured salary which includes a bonus of some sort ("signing" or easy to reach incentives like "workout" or "weight"). That's fine. But Tanny has been doing this new thing where the player takes a lower salary this year...for more guaranteed money next year. But then when the next year comes, they say, we're going to cut you unless you take less money...or, you can orchestrate your own trade. see: Laverneaus Coles, Bart Scott, and some lineman (who's name I'm forgetting). What happens is the player can either quit football and take the Gauranteed money...or restructure their salary again, thereby making less then the money they were gauanteed. I'm sure it's the business side of football. But to me it's not right.
  8. Don't get me started...that's not where I was going. I meant in terms of attracting FAs/new recruits. The Jets seem to: 1. Constantly ask for restructures. 2. Dishonor their long-term contracts. 3. Try to wiggle out of gauranteed monies. 4. Release the vets, sign up turds 5. Have a dishevled lockerroom. 5. Have a big-mouth coach who puts added pressure on the team. Can you imagine if we were caught up in a scandal, and started losing draft picks.
  9. I agree with McElroy having talent, but this team needs someone with starting experience to challenge Sanchez. McElroy might look good in training camp but it's a totally different beast once those red-jerseys come off. And it's even scarier once the games have actual meaning. Greg looking good in preseason, doesn't mean beans; ask Blaine 'sh*t-my-pants' Gabbert. I'd rather not risk the melt-down, and have someone who's taken some hits on roster. [in addition to]
  10. I like Campbell more than Henne, but less than Sanchez.
  11. Bounties for legal hits...say knocking the wind out of a player. Or, getting a sack/interception...that's cool. Or anything illegal done to Tom Brady is okay. But otherwise, bounties for dirty plays that purposely violate the safety sanctions of the NFL are immoral and I'm glad our team isn't caught up in that. Can you imagine the sh*t-storm that would surround Rex, if his big-mouth started losing us draft picks. We would be the Penn State of the NFL.
  12. The Jets are sending winks at Chad Henne, and Jason Campbell... Henne has been in the league for 4 years and is a verified "loser" (never got his team to .500). But, he is a big-armed mouth breather that has starting experience in the league, and a connection to the new Boss man in town. His stats aren't horrible either. He throws around a 60.7% comp. pct. and hangs around the 75 QBR. But clearly doesn't have the mental grasp of the game: 31 TDs to 37 INTs, and his picks usually come at the worst possible moments. Campbell is only 30, and would be the first 6-foot-5 QB we've had since Vinny Testaverde. With his big shoe size comes a big arm, and a fairly decent grasp of the pro game. He has longer tenure in the sport and better stats than either Henne or Sanchez, with a 60.8% comp pct. and has an 82 QBR average... But there is just something about him that doesn't scream, "I'm a leader, I'll take you to the big-dance, Sally". Simply put, Campbell just doesn't have the "it" factor and wouldn't last a new york minute in this media frenzy...or would he? Or...is this flirting with the flag-team to score with a cheerleader? Are we playing games with the mediocres to maintain leverage with the Manning-camp?
  13. The trade I would sign-off on would involve the Browns because they have two 1st round picks, and two 4th round picks. Projection: They get: We get #16...#22 (we slide back 8 spots in the first: Mark Barron) #47...#37 (we swap 2nd rounders and move up 10 spots in the second round: Doug Martin) ...#100 (we get one of their two 4th round picks: OL depth/WR) In this projection we would be able to get the BPA at a position of need in Barron, and be able to get a very talented RB (my favorite of the draft actually) in Martin...AND get a depth player or WR in the fourth ( Brandon Brooks, Levy Adcock, Marvin McNutt, AJ Jenkins, Nick Toon, etc) But... we would possibly miss out on the second-tier pass rushers (Massaquoi, Lewis, etc)
  14. If Richardson (coming off minor knee surgery) is available at the 16th pick...Do we jump on him, let him continue to slide, or try to trade the pick? scenario 1.) We draft him and have a battering-ram running attack. Greene gets spelled by Richardson (or vice versa) and defenses literally get grounded & pounded. This opens up our passing game, and keeps the defense fresh. But...it literally neglects more pressing needs. scenario 2.) We let him fall. Drafting a RB in the first-round is a luxury for teams with less needs; and we decide to address one of our many holes by going another direction. But...we miss out on a top-ten talent, who is probably the best RB to come out...since last year. scenario 3.) We auction him off for draft picks, and gamble with the reward of getting "our guy" later in the round. We would get an extra selection. But... with the adjusted trade-value chart; it would likely be a mid-round pick.
  15. Well, since you started it.... my All-Whiteys Roster 2012 Offense LT Joe Thomas LG Logan Mankins C Nick Mangold RG Chris Snee RT David Stewart The O-Line is solid and has ample depth with Jake Long, Eric Winston, Eric Steinbach, Tyson Clabo, and the entire Patriot roster. WR1 Wes Welker WR2 Jordy Nelson On the bench there is Austin Collie and Kevin Walter...I think the four of them concludes the depth of whiteys in the nfl TE Jason Witten Rob Gronkowski, Dallas Clark, and John Carlson isn't bad...Jimmy Graham was a last-minute cut for postive testing (creole). RB Peyton Hillis The depth includes Danny Woodhead and Tim Tebow...This is obviouslly not a running team. QB Tom Brady Alas, we have found the sweet spot of this team: On the bench we have Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Phil Rivers, Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Bradford, Matt Stafford, Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, Matt Moore, Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, Alex Smith, and half of Mark Sanchez. Overall analysis of Offense: We have ample protection, for ample passers, to throw to one of four guys. This team leans heavily on Wes Welker and it's TEs...sounds eerily familiar for some reason. Defense LDE Jason Babin NT Kelly Gregg DT Justin Smith RDE Jared Allen Depth: JJ Watt, Adam Carriker, Aaron Kampman, Brian Robison, Chris Long. I cheated with Justin Smith, moving him to DT, because he is that much better than Adam Carriker. I mean sh*t, this team can't stop the pass, you want them to let teams run up the middle on them too? LOLB Claw Mathews ILB Brian Urlacher ILB Brian Cushing ROLB Chad Greenway Depth at LB is pretty sufficient... It is a position that leans more on strength than quick-twich: Brooks Reed, Jarrett Johnson, Conner Barwin, Ryan Kerrigan, AJ Hawk, Sean Lee, Dan Conner, Paul Posluszny, James Laurinaitis CB1... CB2 ... I looked. I'm not saying one is not out there. I'm saying I couldn't find him. SS: Eric Weddle Not to worry, backing up this slow, heavy-hitting white boy is Tim Zibkowski, Eric Smith, Jim Leonard Overall analysis of Defense: Listed above is not the "best of" the Caucasians, it is the EXTENT of them. As you can see there are plenty of middle linebackers and some talented pass rushers, which is good because with the exception of VERY few starting defensive tackles (and that's if moving Justin Smith to DT counts), and some slow "high character" heavy-hitters in the secondary. This defense would not stop anybody. The lack of CBs will have to be compensated for with some fancy scheming...but seriously, even with some regrettably offensive bounties...this defense would not stop anyone. Including the Jets. OVERALL: It would seem that only corn-fed whiteboys from the midwest, steroid popping linebackers, and QBs are able to step into this sport with any degree of success. If that's not a compelling reason to not draft Harrison Smith, I don't know what is.
  16. Throwing to a check-down... but only on the run. (did I get it?)
  17. That's cool that Clark, Collie, and Stokely all showed up to work out with him. They've got to know that he won't be back in Indy, but they showed up anyway. Wish we had recievers that would attend passing practice with their QB. sigh.
  18. I've seen plays where he does make that throw, quick & early, usually under a little duress... the ball bounces off Keller's facemask. I call those his "facemask fastballs". & I've seen plays where he tries to soften the throw by adding some 'touch' before his slanting slot-guy turns around... those are picked off by linemen. I call those "pick sixes". So what's the deal? Is it Sanchez and his ball-placement/umph or is it the recievers/blocking?
  19. I like Thomas, especially in a "make-it" or "break-it" year. The season before his 5-year contract extension he had 77 tackles, 8.5 sacks. Clearly he's good for, at least double that now.
  20. please read post #50 in this thread; I thought I was being all-genius and sh*t. Turns out other guys have thought of this. In fact ALL teams have thought of this. Usually the 6OL is employed in just goalline-type formations; but Atlanta used it almost exclusively (okay, not exclusively, but a lot) in Matty's first year...in order to give him time to settle down and see the game. I know this will be year #4 for Mark, but Woody's absence and the movement toward a more complicated passing attack really rattled Sanchez. Perhaps he needs to be coddled with a 6 man line for a couple games.
  21. You liked me before, you just don't remember. I was Greenseed3 for about three years until I took a little "vacation" and forgot my password, hence Greenseed4 and the low post count. Lotsa newbies hanging around these days. But I love the new format.
  22. Carl, you're crazy. But you're right on this--if our goal is to draft Mark Barron in the first round (an idea I am warming to); It needs to be somewhere in the 20's. Unless some tertiary QB sneaks into the top-15 and pushes some other picks down, it's looking like the elite pass rushers are going to be gone by 16. I secretly hope Richardson or Rieff falls to 16 just so we can auction the pick and move down to get our first guy. on edit: And Courtney Upshaw does NOT constitute an "elite" pass rusher. He'll probably get drafted by US, to play Bart's role. *shudder*
  23. Pardon me gentlemen, I would like to direction your attention to the post above ^ and thank you for not face-palming my brilliance creativity. It is obviously minds like ours that power this site.
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