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  1. True, plus if a team had it's choice it probably wouldn't want it's two best run-defenders in street clothes when they play the league leading running team.
  2. Thanks neck, I just googled nambla. Right before throwing up in my mouth (just a little bit).
  3. looks good to me. I think "shifty" is his strong-point. He doesn't over power defenders, and doesn't really out-run them either. But he can change direction on a dime.
  4. Don't get me wrong slats, I have a Revis-boner myself. I'm talking about the elite-3 safeties (Reed, Poluamlu, and Sanders) A QB can choose to throw away from Revis... An elite safety in the right scheme can disguise his coverage and literally cover the OTHER half of the field. But whatever, I still voted for Patrick Willis.
  5. The ONE time I don't read through a thread!
  6. The sack artists are cool, but they rise and fall from season to season. The shut-down corners are great at isolating one player. My vote would have to go toward a play-making safety or a rangy MLB; they cover more than one player, have blitzing, zone, and man responsibilities. That being said, my vote is for Patrick Willis. He's been in the league for three years, and has lead the league in tackles for two of them, and came in second place for the other. Oh yeah, and he's a beast.
  7. great vid bro, your hours are well spent and much appreciated!
  8. You're probably right, Dom, knee-jerk reactionists. Still, I'm high on Westermann, and think he might have his little coming out party this year. Last year, Jammall was this year's Cory Reamer; a player who understands what's going on and can use whatever athleticism he has to his advantage because he knows what's going on. His proday measurements were actually 6'4, 234. So he's tall and light. But apparently he understands his role, and that includes adding weight. He sounds like a guy who will do everything he can to make this team.
  9. ...and if not, we have our 46 (in the box) safety. anybody have a clue how fast he is?
  10. ...and never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.
  11. I saw "bust" ON him when he took his shirt off at his mini-camp.
  12. I forgot about Ezra Butler and Josh Mauga. Both are linebackers who could turn a couple heads in this league.
  13. I don't get nearly enough crap around here; so I'll call dibs on Folk. Though, between Braylon, Santonio and Keller I'd bet one of them is going to have an incredible season.
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