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  1. The fact that his mock suggests moving Moore to the slot proves how lazy this is. Stopped reading at 4.
  2. I’m looking to move up in the 7th. If anyone is interested in trading their pick (valued at 1pt) for TWO picks (valued at 1pt each) hit me up. #256, and #257
  3. With the 215th pick, the Arizona Cardinals select… RB, D’Vonte Price, UAB …to replace Chase Edmonds and compliment James Conner. @JTJet @kdels62
  4. Texans are having a solid draft, but I’ll take this opportunity to point out that the JN Mock Draft is scored by value. (JN draft position - actual draft position), in which case the Cardinals are having a sneaky good draft.
  5. The Arizona Cardinals have been patiently waiting since round 3 (114 picks ago), to run their pick to the podium. With the 201st pick, they select: LB/EDGE, Jesse Luketa - Penn State @section314 on the clock @Paradis on the deck
  6. Where we at with the 2 hour clock?
  7. With the 87th pick, the Cardinals select AJ Green's replacement. A 6'3, 211 lb WR with 4.41 wheels. WR, Alec Pierce - Cincinnati @heymangold is on the clock @Paradis on deck
  8. I was going to take him if he fell to me in the 3rd.
  9. #43 was mod-picked to be Leal, but they allowed Falcons GM to swap him out for George Pickens, who he wanted. The selection thread should probably be updated
  10. After several failed attempts to trade up, the Arizona Cardinals are ecstatic to see their prized pick fall into their laps due to a drafting faux pas. With the 55th pick, the Cards select…. DeMarvin Leal, DE/Edge/JJ Watt heir apparent. @heymangold OTC @Paradis on deck. @UntouchableCrew in the hole.
  11. With the 23rd pick, the Arizona Cardinals select, CB Andrew Booth Jr, Clemson @heymangold is on the clock. @New York Mick is on deck.
  12. It looks like he’s training to carry more groceries.
  13. We can get a WR/TE in the second and/or third rounds.
  14. Would anybody be seriously upset if we drafted Linderbaum at #10? Cause that’s my prediction. Edge at #4, elite “generational” Center at 10. I’d like to think we could trade back (PHI?) and get him later while recouping another pick, but I don’t see him getting past BAL who just lost Bozeman.
  15. Hey guys, I need to step out of this game to participate in real life. I'm sorry. Also, I'm going to rehab to get better.
  16. The house we are renting is owned by her sister. They came into some fortunes and said they would sell it to us at the cost of their remaining mortgage, basically a $200K gift. nice gesture. After a recent fight between my wife and I, they reneged on the offer saying I cannot be on the deed, and she said we need to divorce. She picked the house over our marriage. The value of my marriage is literally quantifiable. Which sucks because I’ve been spreading rumors of my million dollar cock, and it turns out it’s less than $250K. So I’ve been drinking. And yes, I forgot about this game.
  17. You cunts. I forgot about this game. My wife is leaving me, because of my new “diet” which is basically Atkins (but replace the food parts with vodka and call in sick to work for a week straight.) I too, will be buying a new home soon. And the planning parts are causing me anxiety. vote Barry
  18. Bucs probably motivated to retain Cappa now.
  19. Fair enough. Let’s call Metchie a 4.4 guy. Where do you see him getting drafted (which round) based on his tape? …and if drafted by the Jets do you believe he has inside/outside ability to benefit our offense from the Z or Y?
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