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  1. He's legit. The best player in the draft. If he plays WR1, and pushes Hall to WR2 (because of his size), and we play Reed as our roaming Nickle, that moves MC2 to our dime package. We instantly have one of the best secondaries in the league.
  2. So according to my mock draft... if Hutchinson is available at #3 the Texans will trade back with the Giants. HOU has been rumored to want to trade back into the top-10 to grab a WR (and getting in front of ATL seems paramount to having their pick of the litter). When they drop from #3 to #5 they can still land their target, Derek Stingley Jr. This scenario would explain the last minute tweets from Jets about NYJ having Stingley rated as their highest CB despite the weeks of tweets indicating otherwise. But this is too little (of a bluff) too late. Houston gets their guy at #5, they get their preferred WR at #7, and get one of the Giants two 3rd round picks to boot. The Giants get their OL and Edge and get to one-up little brother. NYG get (#3): Aidan Hutchison HOU gets (#5): Derek Stingley Jr. Hou gets (#7): Garrett Wilson NYG get (#13): Trevor Penning HOU gets (#81): They get a TE?
  3. I would like to share that 8 teams have more than one pick in the first round this year.
  4. What are we up to now, SIX guys who are the "best player(s) in the draft?!" Hamilton is the best player in the draft, KT is the best player in the draft, Hutch is the best player in the draft, Ekwonu is the best player in the draft, Gardner is the best player in the draft... now, Cross is also the best player in the daft. We could draft two of them and still have half the board complain.
  5. If this comes to fruition, Linderbaum and Nakobe Dean are slipping to the 2nd. If we could draft both, that would be a HUGE success. Hutch, London, Lindy, and Dean.
  6. If this is true we could have a legit opportunity to draft Hutchinson and Ojabo…. and let the latter heal for the opening half of the year.
  7. If we wait till the 2nd to draft a WR, I hope Jahan Dotson is available.
  8. Almost all of my mocks have Sauce at #4 now, such that the Mocks now have him going to Houston. If that happens, I was able to trade with New Orleans, #4 for #16, #19, a 3rd, and 2023 2nd. Even without next year’s pick, I like it.
  9. Not discounting @football guy’s source. But if I really wanted a player at #4, I’d make sure it wouldn’t end up in someone’s ear who could tell someone that could potentially tell someone who might potentially post it on the World Wide Web. You know, unless that’s what I wanted to get posted
  10. What if… Becton wearing the “Big Bust” hoodie isn’t really a facetious motivational ploy, but a white-flag admission?
  11. Most wide-zone RTs should. The projections are always “this guy would be a good RT but an ALL-PRO at guard”! Nobody says a prospect would be an all-pro RT, unless he’s a big fatty who doesn’t have the movement skills to fit the wide-zone offense.
  12. This. Tyler Smith, Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson, Sean Rhyan, maybe even Trevor Penning (with a slight trade up) could all be good options, and at least one will drop into the 2nd.
  13. Sounds like you haven’t seen Wilson’s mullet.
  14. As GM of a fantasy football team that rostered Deebo, I feel uniquely qualified to address this... What was the question again?
  15. Maybe Trey Lance would prefer to throw to his former teammate, Christian Watson.
  16. 1A. Edge (Walker/Thibs) 1B. WR (Wilson/Williams/London) 2A. DL (Winfrey, Jones) 2B. OL (Smith, Green, Rhyan) or RB (Hall) 3. TE/LB 4A. LB/TE 4B. RB (Ford, White, Pierce) or OL (Volson)
  17. He girls are shockingly selective with their romantic partners.
  18. 1. Drake London, playing Big Slot, or in possession WR role (X), aka Michael Thomas. 2. Garrett Wilson, inside/outside/gadget. 3. Christian Watson, plays X, moves Corey Davis into Big Slot. 4. Treylon Burks, inside/outside/gadget. 5. Jameson Williams, plays Z. This would likely move Moore inside where he is less effective.
  19. Weeks 14-18, we were hurting for a WR to step up in the absence of Davis and Moore. By that time, Mims had 14 weeks of regular season, 3 weeks of preseason, and a bye week to put himself in position to help the team. Stat-line for that 5 game stretch: 4 games played, 0 rec., 8 targets.
  20. Notable 24 yo rookies: Aaron Donald, TJ Watt…
  21. Sterling Weatherford, 6’4, 224 SS (that we would play at LB), was on our Senior Bowl team, and hits like a Mack Truck.
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