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  1. Would anybody be seriously upset if we drafted Linderbaum at #10? Cause that’s my prediction. Edge at #4, elite “generational” Center at 10. I’d like to think we could trade back (PHI?) and get him later while recouping another pick, but I don’t see him getting past BAL who just lost Bozeman.
  2. Hey guys, I need to step out of this game to participate in real life. I'm sorry. Also, I'm going to rehab to get better.
  3. The house we are renting is owned by her sister. They came into some fortunes and said they would sell it to us at the cost of their remaining mortgage, basically a $200K gift. nice gesture. After a recent fight between my wife and I, they reneged on the offer saying I cannot be on the deed, and she said we need to divorce. She picked the house over our marriage. The value of my marriage is literally quantifiable. Which sucks because I’ve been spreading rumors of my million dollar cock, and it turns out it’s less than $250K. So I’ve been drinking. And yes, I forgot about this game.
  4. You cunts. I forgot about this game. My wife is leaving me, because of my new “diet” which is basically Atkins (but replace the food parts with vodka and call in sick to work for a week straight.) I too, will be buying a new home soon. And the planning parts are causing me anxiety. vote Barry
  5. Bucs probably motivated to retain Cappa now.
  6. Fair enough. Let’s call Metchie a 4.4 guy. Where do you see him getting drafted (which round) based on his tape? …and if drafted by the Jets do you believe he has inside/outside ability to benefit our offense from the Z or Y?
  7. Derp, You inserted yourself in my response to Paradis who made the 7th round/ ST comments. In my response to him I said “sub 4.3 (or close to it),” so yes I assumed you were read up on the argument. Is what I said hyperbolic? Yes, absolutely. Is “close to it” subjective? Yes, absolutely. Why ignore the subjective qualifier to my hyperbole? If I said “he’s a 4.3 guy” that implies a range of 4.30-4.39 and I think he’s closer to the bottom of that range. Do my eyes have the ability to make accurately timed measurements of a guy running in pads in a live gave to a hundredth of a second? No, dude. Why would you invest so much time to debate something that can only be answered with a stop watch? p.s., My avatar is a cartoon ******* pickle! Do I give off the vibe that I’m serious about hundredths of seconds? Or that I’m interested in debating stupid sh*t I say across multiple posts?
  8. I like our Senior Bowl guys: Jerome Ford Rachaad White Hasaan Haskins
  9. There’s this: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/john-metchie-iii-alabama-wr-nfl-draft-scouting-report-2022/ There’s this: https://tdalabamamag.com/2021/05/06/john-metchie-devonta-smith-jaylen-waddle-nfl-draft-scout/ This site: https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/John-Metchie-WR-Alabama Perhaps you think he’s slow because he’s on the field with Jameson Williams? Doesn’t matter, they’re both very fast, and both excellent receivers who, despite injury, are not “7th round/developmental ST types.” Time will tell, right?
  10. They should have a combine event that measures love of football.
  11. From what I’ve read it was a clean tear, his rehab is going well, and while he won’t be sprinting next week, some scouts are on record saying he’s faster than Waddle. I thought Waddle was a fast 4.3 guy so when I said JMIII was a sub 4.3 (or close to it), I might be a tad bit off but I wouldn’t say he’s not “remotely” close to it. Even a tenth of a second is “remotely” close to it.
  12. You picked one of his two lowest production games, when he faced a potential first round CB. Why not watch one of the double-digit rec. games, thriple-digit yardage games, or multiple TD games against ranked teams? I think he shows at the combine some legit wheels, sub 4.3 or close to it. Which will blow Ardarius Stewart (4.49) outta the water. 7th round pick?! It’s a shock he might slide to the 2nd.
  13. Why you no like Metchie?
  14. “A” for effort. But I’m not a fan of this roster. Notes: -Mostert is a light-bodied speed back. We need a bruiser to pair with MC1. -Penning and/or Icky would play IOL why dedicate two more picks to IOL? -We need more talent in the secondary. Reed and Brisker would be uninspiring. -Drafting another punter, in the 5th, seems like a wasted resource. -I like the Metchie play in the second, and pairing him with a big-bodied late round pick. -I like your “building trenches” approach on Day1, but that Day3 is horr-i-ble! Take my upvote and never do this again
  15. I agree. The point value was equivalent to another 3rd rounder, so I opted for Bradley Roby (helps their cap situation, helps our CB situation.. plus he's young and decent)
  16. For a fun game to watch, this is a cut-up of just Florida State (DL) vs. North Carolina (OL). Some really great reps of Jermaine Johnson (#11) vs. Icky Ekwonu (#79)
  17. TDN Mock Draft, 2.25.22 Trade #10 to the Saints Receive: 1(18), 3(100), 4(118), and a player toss-in, Bradley Roby 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux. (This could easily be Jermaine II if the FO doesn't like the me-first-brand of Kayvon... but that first step tho!) 18. Tyler Linderbaum. (If you're going to "build from the trenches" and you run a wide-zone, this is our target, not Icky) 35. Perrion Winfrey. (There is going to be a pick that everyone bitches about on draft night, then celebrates mid-season) 38. John Metchie III. (Remember in 2020 when he was the "next big Alabama WR," since then all he did was 96 rec., 1140, 8TDs, runs 4.3) 69. Jeremy Ruckert. (Just missed McBride by four picks in this mock, but I think Ruckert will pair nicely with David Njoku) 100. Sterling Weatherford (Have you seen him hit? This kid is 6'4, 215, played on our SB team, and will compliment Marcus Williams in that quasi-SS/LB role that Saleh seems to love) 109. Troy Anderson. (Played QB, RB, and LB... will star on Special Teams. Probably wins the award for "player who loves football") 115. Alec Pierce. (6'3, 213 WR who looks like Zach Wilson and went 52, 884, 8TDs with an insane 17.6 yd average) 118. Jesse Luketa. (LB with designated PR ability; coached him at SB and he did not disappoint) 145. Jerome Ford. (Power Back, is the '2' in our 1-2 punch. Elite one-cut runner who, stop me if you've read this before: we coached at the SB) 162. Jelani Woods. (Charlie Kolar was available in this Mock, but realistically I don't think he's there at the bottom of 5, so I went with the high upside developmental TE who challenges Yeboah for that last TE seat...kinda reminds me of Antonio Gates).
  18. Let's say we went Edge at #4... Then traded back to the middle of the round and drafted Tyler Linderbaum, recouping a mid-round pick. Fant - AVT - Linberbaum - McGovern/LDT - Becton That is a wide zone wet dream, my friend.
  19. Pros: Big AF, Fast AF, #4 in TD rec. (better than Davante Adams), played with Elijah Moore in college. Cons: Expensive AF (draft comp. and salary), Immaturity on social media, #28 in rec. yards (right behind Christian Kirk, FA), questionable fit with our offense, #28 in rec. (right behind Mike Williams, FA), stupid hair cut and dangly earring.
  20. Anybody else read this from JiF and assume it was a typo?
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