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  1. You live everyday thinking like this? I feel very sorry for you.
  2. Holy, some people will just never be happy. Ever, always something to bitch about
  3. Beachum has been bigger then anyone has stated.
  4. Edoga has played pretty well at RT, leave him there. The worst games of the year have been when he had to play LT. That’s not a coincidence. when you have to play your rookie RT on the left side no wonder your QB and offense look terrible.
  5. Where did you see he came back out of shape? Please link the source
  6. Holy crap, that might be the worst group of CB’s any team has ever fielded.
  7. Why the heck so so many of you hear something that we all know he just makes up and believe it? He hates Gase and has zero access to anything Jets.
  8. He did not do sh*t till garbage time. Then he showed up
  9. There we go!! when we all healthy there will be many more.
  10. Cause he sucks at everything except running fast down the field.

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