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  1. There we go!! when we all healthy there will be many more.
  2. Cause he sucks at everything except running fast down the field.
  3. You do know that each team only has two home preseason games right? They only get ticket sales to two games.
  4. Who wrote this exactly? What voice of knowledge are you quoting?
  5. Dude, you are so useless here. Try to read what you post first. Startingto think you are really mehta
  6. WR drops a pass and he celebrating like he made the play of the year. He getting burned over and over. Your getting blown out, act like it.
  7. Stfu. Dear god just shut up
  8. Well, manish finally found someone to talk to him
  9. Most people posting don’t know he was with minny for two weeks. Lol
  10. https://es.pn/2UlDMu6 Kaare Vedkic off waivers i cant copy with iPhone.
  11. They both are getting cut and Douglas will bring in someone that got released that can help on ST. I would bet our ST unit will be very different come mon.

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