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  1. No way this is true. No way Todd leaves his very well paid job at ESPN. If he leaves and the jets don’t draft well and it fails he can’t go back. Why would he risk it? Mel been doing it for years and years, Todd has an almost life time gig. He ain’t risking that.
  2. No, I want him to stay a year too long. Skills not there, causing them to loose games and then Belicheat has to bench him. I want to see the look on his face when that happens.
  3. That would be the roscoe dinner. It’s the name of the town.
  4. Holy folks, it’s not a new injury. Just the team being careful. Man, it’s crazy how posters don’t really use there heads.
  5. It’s a big shock that the past CS misplayed people. Also a shock it was a lazy atmosphere. No one held accountable.
  6. That’s how you pay for the site, bounties on posters. $50 for 24 hour ban. You don’t even have to tell other posters in case they all want to pay to ban the same person!
  7. https://nypost.com/2019/04/17/2019-jets-schedule-takeways-the-tough-stretch-that-could-decide-season/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=pasteboard_app what’s so hard?
  8. And how many of these guys have had a season of double digit sacks in the NFL. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/leaders/sacks-player-season.html
  9. No way till we seen him in a different D with someone that can play in the line with him.
  10. As I have said before, Kraft has 7 billion, he can hire a $5000 a night high class hooker. Only reason for him to go to a place like that is he is interested in something he could only get there. Ether underage or slaves I would think but it’s sometbimg he can’t get from pros or just hot chicks that will bang him because they hope for the ring.
  11. What kind of a scum bag has 7 billion and goes to a massage parlor?
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