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  1. I remember some poster said he would never play a snap for the Jets again. , Jet fans. Lol
  2. He has a good year there is no way he signs that. $140 /4 is the best you can hope for. I also think it will be fully guaranteed. After cousins last deal I believe that is the way we are heading.
  3. I guess Manish did not admit he lies about having any sources and just makes everything up. Pitty.
  4. You do realize that there are areas in the country that are not a major city? The county that I live in has 26000 people. There are 7 current cases and there has been 1 death. I understand all football stadiums are in major cities so it will be harder, but most of the country has not been hit hard. If you don’t understand that we are at home to flatten the curve for the reason of keeping the hospitals from being over run. We have reached that point. That’s why places are starting to open up. It’s only May. We will be very open by September and there will be an NFL season. There will be spikes but as long as the health care system can handle it we will keep chugging along. Stop listening to the media
  5. So the most hated hack writer most of us have ever heard of writes yet another made up hit piece and you sided with him. That’s pretty shocking to all the posters here.
  6. Most of NFL money is from tv. They could not give two sh*ts about fans. as for the players not wanting to play without fans too bad. Now virus is different testing is a must to play.
  7. Sounds like a great leak for Washington to put out. Makes the LT that they are selling more valuable.

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