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  1. The league is laughing at the Jets. Laughing
  2. Someone with the name spoot-face thinks something is creepy and gross, interesting...
  3. This thread is the easiest way to see who are children.
  4. Wish I could see the article.
  5. so Talk about excited, get to watch my NYJ at the bar that I bought in August.
  6. Joe Jets fan

    Darnold Officially Named Starter

    This, I will never believe Bowles wanted to start a rookie QB. This just smells like he was told.
  7. Joe Jets fan

    Herndon Still Sidelined in Jets Loss

    There is quite a bit of injuries. Enunwa may never play and be the player he was. This kid might be always hurt. Mouldin should just be cut as he is never healthy. Some poeple just don’t have the body to nve an nfl player.
  8. Thanks. It’s such bullsh*t
  9. I wonder if guys have been open but the QBs could not find them.
  10. I can’t find where it was weed?
  11. Joe Jets fan

    Whose career would you rather have?

    Well young is a dumb as a stump so...
  12. Is there any single thing about the Jets that you like? Anything?
  13. Joe Jets fan

    Jets Training Camp- 8/2

    When are the joint practices? Next week?
  14. When did anyone say anything about race?

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