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  1. Joe Jets fan

    Jamal Adams back to recruiting!

    Don’t need to recruit Bell, he will go to the highest bidder. He wants 100m. Jets are out of there minds if the pay anything close to what he wants.
  2. Joe Jets fan

    Forget about Hunt

    That’s what I figured you would say.
  3. Joe Jets fan

    Jets Players Run in Miami

    Williams and Anderson out ran a bears DB by 15 min.? Really?
  4. Joe Jets fan

    Forget about Hunt

    Ok, I am going to bite, so you think driving drunk and beating a woman are equal? Both should be treated the same?
  5. Way to show your racist side.
  6. Joe Jets fan

    Gregg Williams being considered

    Thanks @Maxman
  7. For Jets DC, per Schefter tweet. *note, I don’t know how to post tweets
  8. Joe Jets fan

    Jets Interview Jim Caldwell

    Dear god no, just no
  9. How can he not get tossed? Lol
  10. Joe Jets fan

    McCarthy interested in Jets

    And I thought it was a well written sentence for being a 2.0.... missed by this much
  11. Joe Jets fan

    McCarthy interested in Jets

    I guess I would be ok with McCarthy but dear god, can’t we ever find the next great coach first. Like McKay,
  12. That’s not true. They already interviewed a minority candidate. They can hire whom ever they would like now.
  13. Guy had a crap QB situation and still won games. Made some pretty bad QBs look pretty good. Make him hire a known DC.
  14. Joe Jets fan

    Enunwa Extended

    Or it means Maccagnan did not have a choice. Ownership could have told them Bowles was going to have a lot of say.
  15. Joe Jets fan

    Enunwa Extended

    You keep this up, prove to me all these moves you speak of were not all Bowles. Prove it. Bowkes has so much power I think a ton of the picks and signings were all Bowles.

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