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  1. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    Look I would rather we get mayfield but there are more then a few people that think Allen should be the number one player in the draft and some people think Jackson should change positions. Some of you you people are out of your minds
  2. Jon Brown is worth a shot. If he stays healthy can be a stud.
  3. Then you should not start the topic but like the selfish kid you are, you have to be first, even if you break the rules. You are what’s wrong today, you think rules don’t apply to you.
  4. Ahh, so taking Hack in the 2nd round was not a risk? Can’t have it both ways. Just cause it was not a 1st round pick it was still taking a huge risk.
  5. Jeremy Bates?

    I say the poor guy has no shot. Idiot HC won’t let the jets have a good offense as he wants to run the ball non stop.
  6. Wish I could read the article here instead of having to leave this site. @Maxman
  7. Jets announce OC and Staff

    All jokes aside, we are really not going to have a QB coach this year? We are possibly drafting a guy to be the face of the franchize and we can’t have a coach that’s only job it is to coach and help said player? Only this team...
  8. Will Bengals cut Dalton?

    Aj is much better. Teams will fight over getting him.
  9. Hope he plays for another team
  10. Boy do I wish I could see the article!!!
  11. Contact renewal updates

    Gotta love that no matter what the jets do it gets $hit on by posters here. No matter what.
  12. The thought is can one of the drafting qbs be better then cousins. The Jets are going to have to use ether draft capital or cap space to get a QB. One or the other is going to be used but also one is going to be left because we have both. Without seeing scouting reports my choice would be to draft which of the four falls to 6. Resign McCown and start him till the rookie is ready. After the bye week if it’s early.
  13. OFFSEASON.. GM Mike Maccagnan ~ ~ ~

    @Maxman, so if the rules have changed and no one needs to post articles can you let us know.