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  1. Tomorrow, is always, a day away!!!!
  2. No chance any good players make it to free agency now unless they want the world or there is an issue.
  3. How about having the raiders 12-4 and a favorite in the afc till the qb got hurt. He built that team and had a young QBs playing excellent football.
  4. Did he do a good job or was it Reich? Cause he is the one that left and is doing a good job elsewhere.
  5. Another example of I want to be in the room to know how much Bowles is handcuffing the offense? How much does he insist on running the ball into the line.
  6. Joe Jets fan

    Player development

    Maybe they were Bowles picks to begin with? we just don’t know what happens in the room. Also I would think you have to develop a player in his first few years Other teams don’t look at released players and think, boy, I can develop them
  7. Joe Jets fan

    Player development

    No one will ever know the truth, but I would love to know which pics were Bowles choices and which were Maccagnan? Which players did Mac pic thinking they needed to be developed and Bowles never did a thing with. Wish we could know the real story
  8. Joe Jets fan

    Call the pick

    We did this last year and it went pretty well. Say who the Jets will pick at 6. This is NOT what you want or what you think they should do. It's what you predict the will do. I say OJ Howard
  9. Joe Jets fan

    Best Way to Watch Jets

    Drunk as F
  10. We have changed coaching staffs 6 times in 10 years? Really?
  11. Joe Jets fan

    Vegas knows big news is dropping today

    Scores and odds has the Jets game blank. Something is strange.
  12. Joe Jets fan

    Should the Jets sign Hunt?

    One scumbag allowed and we have Anderson.
  13. Joe Jets fan

    Cannizzaro said it. Bowles to be fired.

    The question that you nor I can answer is how much power did Bowles have in the draft room. It is my belief that he had a ton of say. This power structure is just terrible.
  14. Joe Jets fan

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    This should get you banned.
  15. Joe Jets fan


  16. Joe Jets fan


    I hope every single season ticket holder sold their tickets to a NE fan for double what they paid. Let ol Chris see a sea of pats jerseys in stadium.
  17. Hitting Danica ain’t so bad ether...
  18. Can not express how much I want to know how much influence Bowles has had over the draft. The entire power structure of this team is mind boggling.
  19. CTE? I have been wondering if he has it.
  20. The main reason he should have been fired now is so everyone could see how Bates would have operated the offense without him. No one knows if it is Bowles that is making the offense so terrible or is it Bates. This will never be known now. Morton got the boot for trying to run a mondern passing game.
  21. Joe Jets fan

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    I will say it again to be clear, we don’t know if what’s happening with the offense is because of Bates! We needed the last 6 games to see if it was Bowles controlling how the offense is run.
  22. Well now we know who Mehta’s source has been.
  23. Joe Jets fan

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    I can not express enough how badly I would like to be a fly on the wall in the meetings to see what the true story is. I think it’s Bowles telling Bates how to run things like it’s 1984.
  24. Joe Jets fan

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    I would have liked to see what Morton would have done with Darnold. It’s incredible how so many coaches are helping their young QBs and how we do nothing. Cleveland was smart enough to fire their head coach and now the QB is playing much better.

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