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  1. At my sports bar, mojo’s tavern with all my buddy’s. We have contests seeing who can predict pics the best.
  2. Well this is a NY team forum and I don’t think someone should be saying it’s 10 weeks before you can have immunity from a shot. In NY it’s just not true.
  3. I will type slower so you understand. I listed what NY is. you can get one this week if you want it in NY.
  4. I get that you don’t want to say what state you live in but here in NY everyone 16 and older can get it. There is no luck, everyone here can get it if they want.
  5. Alex Smith wants to start. He will not be will to just come in a help teach a rookie. I understand people want the rookie to earn playing time but there is a huge need for a older back up/teacher in the room.
  6. Can a mod send the children to there rooms please?
  7. Always shows a lot about posters when answering a question like this. guy has had one of the best lines in the league with good weapons abd ain’t won sh*t. Now he coming off a terrible injury and wants too two QB money. Lol good luck
  8. In before a poster tells us how much Sam sucks and should be tossed away.
  9. If they are going to trade down you can’t do that till you are on the clock. it would be very jetsy so trade the pick and then have TL fall to #2.
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