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  1. If nether starts a game this season then both better be cut. I will believe the “I have seen enough” crap, but if that’s the case then get starting over, don’t screw around.
  2. Ahh, no. He has had two completely different offenses to learn in two years. Plus the OC his first year did nothing to coach him. He may may suck so bad he never gets in a game but that does not mean posting this crap makes it true.
  3. Question For The Tank Crowd

    That was my point, you don’t need to tank to get the best QB in the draft and you also don’t destroy your team if you trade a bunch of picks for said QB.
  4. Question For The Tank Crowd

    I bet Philly is thrilled they tanked so they could get the best young QB in the game...
  5. I used to love that all articals were posted here and not just links. Too bad it’s not like that any more.
  6. Wow, your so wrong it’s kinda scary. Watch a little tape, Mo is not getting doubled at all. Williams is in every play but not Mo, he is giving zero effort. He should and will get cut. Worst contract since Sanchez. Oh, and we all know about the offenses problems, does that mean their can no topics on the defense?
  7. Gilmore out tomorrow. Didn't see it posted.

    What happened to having to post the artical and not just a link!
  8. is it time to talk extension

    First of all macc can’t fire anyone. Macc signed McCown as a mentor, not as the starter.
  9. is it time to talk extension

    And that is exactly it does not work having a coach not answer to the GM. They don’t share the same goals.
  10. is it time to talk extension

    Simple, he has no idea how to see what young qbs can do in a real game. He would rather win five games this year.
  11. Very curious to see where he signs.
  12. Don't worry guys, I got this. I am in met life first time in two years and I bet the Jets. 😎
  13. Where in the Washington post artical does it say what round Hack should have been drafted? You really used an artical from a no one at the Washington post that never says anything about what round the writer was predicting Hack would be drafted. Look, Hack most likely will suck balls. I just hate when posters just make crap up. Like you are doing. I am not defending Hack I am defending Macc.
  14. Just stop making stuff up Hack may suck but no one had him as a late round pick or a UDFA. Don't just regurgitate the one article come up with a draft prediction that he should not have been drafted Please post articals where someone that is at least a little known says what you just claimed.
  15. Jets Might Lose Their Official Website

    I thought JetNation.com was the jets official web site...
  16. One postive thought from OAK

    When winters went down it looked worse. With that said I think the unit played pretty good considering.
  17. Biggest challenge for young Jets players is the coach who only likes to play vets.
  18. Mayfield & Jackson QB Article

    This might be one of the dumbest things I have seen in here, and that's saying a lot. The top two qbs are going to be absolute studs and you are hoping we don't get one of them? Just stop
  19. How can anyone still defend Macagnan?

    So you would rather we blew a bunch of cap room and traded away some draft picks so we could be good enough to win 7-8 games and look "respectable". Then once again miss out on good qb's in next years draft? You are the problem bro, you and all fans like you.
  20. Holy, really changing the pass catchers.
  21. Macc trades Hack for a 4th this place would be a standing ovation.
  22. Well that's the question. I believe Chris came in and said enough of the old guy crap. Play the kids and see what there is. If nothing draft a web next year.