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  1. Mehta: Jets Signing LB Pierre-Louis

    So stupid ass drives a car with no plates and no license gets pulled over and you jump right to this crap. Come in, you should do better
  2. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Maybe best FA need this year.
  3. I agree they are trying and succeeding at helping the D because that’s the only thing they always do. WR have been traded and signed. We are doing neither. RB, the kid that went to SF will be dynamic but we never want to pay for offense. TE, plenty are and were out there, which one did we sign ? None. Its alwYs D for this team
  4. Once again the idea that offense is important passes these guys right by. 90 mil and no upgrade to WR, TE, QB very little if any up grade to OL and RB where is the dynamic player to make other teams D coordinator have to plan around? Now Mac will cave and draft a QB and then get fired and the next GM will have no choice in his new QB Wtf
  5. Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    Even a transition tag? point is he is so great they let him go for nothing
  6. Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    So why didn’t they trade him before FA? They could have tagged and traded.
  7. Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    If he is so good why didn’t the freaking Browns want him?
  8. The harsh reality!

    No, it started yesterday. They just can’t sign paper till tomorrow
  9. Macc should write a book on how to lose your job as an NFL GM.
  10. Sign McCaron and draft a qb at 6.

    Yes yes and yes. This is the only smart move at this point. Soend $$ on the Oline
  11. Richburg to 49ers

    Cj Anderson? Clown
  12. Richburg to 49ers

    What key FA are you talking about? Cousins is doing a reality show about his free agency. He has zero reason to sign with anyone for a while and big $$ reasons to wait. So great, building threw the draft is a nice idea. You do understand that they can still draft well if the spend some $$ on OL and Playmakers right? With no Cousins where do you think they should spend the HUGE amount of cap space this year and next? It do you think ol woody should just be able to keep it? we can spend huge $$ on contracts that spend $$ this year and next as there are zero draft picks that need to be resigned. But let’s do it your way and wIt for the scraps so we don’t spend any real $&
  13. Richburg to 49ers

    Yea, no reason to spend any of the largest amount of cap room in the nfl. Better yet, no reason to do anything to improve the team. Just wait for cousins to sign for way over $100 mil guaranteed.
  14. Richburg to 49ers

    So glad we have a slow methodical gm.
  15. Mac will ether solidify his job or lose it today and April 26th. Today is huge for him
  16. Best thing that could happen if Mo beats the hell out of Manish bad enough so Maniah quits bring a reporter and then Mo goes to jail. Rid of them both...
  17. Richard Sherman ??

    Well that was easy
  18. Jets should cut Anderson right now the a hole.
  19. Richard Sherman ??

    You can stop defending because you one of the worst offenders. every sh*tty player does not need there own topic.
  20. Richard Sherman ??

    Omg it never stops. Every single sh*tty player another team gets rid of some freakin Jets fan wants us to sign.
  21. Where we at?

    Well at least we are not spending huge money on a worthless Mo.. oh wait.
  22. You think Mac has any say in who any of the coach’s are?