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  1. Josh McDaniel was already a failed head coach.
  2. No matter how good of a coach you are, if you don’t find a QB you are toast
  3. Like I said, people will just blame Zach, I don’t think it’s all him. Something else is going on. I don’t know what it is, I think at some point it will become public.
  4. Lots of questions about things this season. Why start Flacco the first few games if White is going to move past him by half way through the season? why promote Stev and then deactivate him the same week? why is two WR asking for a trade? why has a 2nd round WR, who showed promise last year not getting any targets? Some lazy posters will answer all by saying Wilson sucks, and I am not saying he doesn’t. Something is going on with this team and the coaching staff.
  5. You really think that? No one could have ever guessed…
  6. Of course I just ordered his jersey on Friday to wear to NE game.
  7. His coach threw him out of the game, scum bag.
  8. The jets used to get blown out. How many times have we seen this set up? Young qb looks pretty good, team seems to be turning the corner. Playing at home against a Division opponent that is reeling. Hoping this time we finally get over the hump and break through.
  9. This team is an embarrassment. This is why no other team has wanted Flacco to start for years now. Tomlinson was a absolute terrible pick up.
  10. What’s his record since that Super Bowl that he won? 44-52 and he is 10 years older then when he won that Super Bowl.
  11. Isn’t wed the day vets get a day of rest? could it just be that?
  12. Of course they got rid of it before some man saying he feels like a woman sued to be on the team. better to just get rid of it.
  13. You really don’t think the #4 pick in the draft is going to start?
  14. Showing your intelligence. no one cares about a millionaire spending 50k on anything.
  15. Stupid thread, spend your money how you want. think of the restaurant and wait staff that just had there best night.
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