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  1. Joe Jets fan

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Lol. Where do you get Robbie was driving drunk?
  2. Joe Jets fan

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Then why did he lie and say someone else was in the front seat?
  3. Joe Jets fan

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Here is a question, would anyone trade Darnold straight up for Winston right now? no chance whatsoever for me.
  4. Joe Jets fan

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    I did not say innocent people don’t get arrested. I said after extensive investigations I trust they don’t. Most bad arrests happen spur of the moment from people that don’t slow down and think. Yes RG has all the power but I don’t believe he looks at an investigation that has gone on for months and sees there is zero evidence and says screw it I am still suspending
  5. Joe Jets fan

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Absolutely he is taking it now so he saves millions later. I just don’t like it when posters always take the position that every investigation is made up and there is never any evidence. The NFL, just like the police don’t conduct long term though investigations that show zero evidence and still suspend/arrest the innocent.
  6. Joe Jets fan

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Well since the NFL did an extensive investigation before deciding on a suspension I will assume there is.
  7. Joe Jets fan

    Case for Teddy?

    There is zero chance Teddy is resigned by the Jets after 2018. Zero.
  8. Good, I would like to see how this team reacts to one of there getting hit in the mouth. Will they hit two redskins in the mouth??
  9. Guy gets arrested for kidnapping and rape and this is your first reaction? this is what’s wrong with the world today Don’t blame the guy arrested guy, blame the police My god
  10. Getting harder to draft OL these days because almost every college uses a spread offense that does allow much film on OL. College does not develop lineman any more. Pay for known good OL and draft pass rushers.
  11. Joe Jets fan

    Jets signed Upshaw

    He had talent once upon a time. He will be highly motivated. He is very cheap. Maybe he helps and maybe a camp body. Good signing.
  12. Joe Jets fan

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    This is completely not true unless the Jets use the franchise tag in him. There is zero change Teddy comes back next year to back up Darnold. Zero. Saying anything else is just being blind to the truth. You get the best pick you can and say good by.
  13. Another coach who can’t do crap without all great players. Why can’t the Jets ever have a coach that makes players better. Not the other way around.
  14. Joe Jets fan

    Should the Jets draft another QB in 2019?

    All draft picks need to be used for players thT will help the franchise QB succeed. Even if it is too make the D better so he does not always have to play catch up. No picks should be used “in case” he is not good.
  15. So if I understand this correctly, GM is scouting and working to find players and posters bitch cause he is doing that? Right, got ya
  16. Joe Jets fan

    "The Art of the RPO" with Doug Pederson.

    Well Dallas has the best OL in the league, how many playoff games have they won?
  17. Joe Jets fan

    Another Excellent Brooks Article

    I stopped reading at “Darnold could use a red shirt year or two “. Bat sh*t crazy that one is..
  18. He was showing that the statement Macc gets his draft picks a chance to play was false. Nothing was said that he should have played or anything else. Just that the article had a false statement.
  19. Joe Jets fan

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    I disagree, they signed McCown to be the bridge and they signed Teddy in case the draft did not go there way and as trade bait if he looked good. With that said, none of us know the reason they did what they did, we all just speculating.
  20. Joe Jets fan

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    We just used #3 and three 2nd rounders to get Donald. If he is not a top of the line franchise QB everyone is getting fired anyway. They already have put all there eggs in that basket. Now you get him as much help as possible to succeed. A high draft pick will help that. Teddy winning a couple games helps no one keep their jobs.
  21. Joe Jets fan

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    Well no we are not. Not anymore. Anyone arguing that Teddy is better then Darnold needs their head examined. If Teddy looks healthy in preseason and we can get a 3rd round or better pick in 2019 then you do it in a heartbeat. As for keeping him and franchizing him, he will run to sign it then we will be on the hook for around 25 mil next year for a back up. No one will trade for Teddy when they have to pay him that kind of $$. That’s just being crazy. Hope he looks healthy and good in preseason so the pick is better.
  22. Omg. I make this post and I am hidden in a New York min. 😃
  23. This is the most untrue thing I have read on this site. Look, Bowles never wanted him. The CS never wanted him. They never worked with to make him better. Maybe he sucks so bad it would not matter but they never tried. Please don’t let them do the same with Sam.
  24. Joe Jets fan

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Tells me exactly the opposite. Tell me they are going to want him to see how Josh prepares for a game. Plus the first four games are hard. After the Cleveland game I would think.