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  1. Absolutely. It’s really a great set up for a bar. Mine is small so it’s not that expensive.
  2. Direct tv on rest of TVs. it’s as fast but delayed
  3. So I own a sports bar and knew streaming was coming so I just upgraded to fiber optic internet. 1g. it’s fast enough to run 7 tvs without a problem. Have had ticket four years now. Does Apple TV have an app, or is it only on a Apple TV?
  4. So of course no one made an argument, just asked why I thought he wasn’t. I do not believe he is a top 5 WR i do not want to pay him like a top 3 WR i can be convinced if a good argument is raised.
  5. I would love for posters that want to trade for him to explain why he is worth 30 mil a year? The only reason he wants to be traded is because SF does not believe he is worth it. He is a nice weapon but not a top 5 wr and not a player worth a huge contract. He is going to get someone fired that will pay him that kind of money.
  6. He has not been the same since getting his Mellon squashed. that’s why he keeps getting traded. He one hit from no knowing who he is. I really hope this does not happen unless for next to nothing.
  7. Dude, take a breath and stop starting topics for a bit.
  8. Tampa cap sucks, going to be very hard to resign the C. Line is going to suck.
  9. Please list who wrote this? Where did it come from.
  10. Once you said draft a G in the second round I stopped reading. Jets did not draft a G in the second round.
  11. He sucked something terrible. He did nothing well, hired crap coaches, tossed them when he needed a scape goat. he sucked in game adjustments. He sucked at game planning. He sucked at disciplining the players. So exactly what do you think he did well??
  12. Beckon is going to end up being the same as Mims, both showed flashes their rookie years. Then both turn out to be too lazy to put in the work that playing in the nfl demands. new coaching staff recognizes this and won’t play them just because of draft status. This is a good thing
  13. If anyone could not see the difference in play calling early in the game I don’t know what to tell ya. no way Wilson could not have done as good a job throwing to wr’s who were wed open because of play call and design. I assume everyone is as shocked as I am how well the game was designed and called.
  14. I can’t wait to see you in the gallows!
  15. Keep in mind that Salah can not fire Lafleur. He is best friends with his brother, childhood friends. So we are stuck for many years.
  16. They started two OL who both sucked in camp and preseason. Guess they knew the playbook… as for developing the rookie QB, does anyone think it’s better for the WR to run the exact route and drop the pass or the WR improvise and catch the ball? I would think it better for the QB to catch the ball
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