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  1. This, and I mean this a lot Trade with Denver at 36, will cost a 5th and 6th I think. Well worth it to get a 6' 4" 220 lbs with 4.3 speed. Give Sanchez a chance this year. We can upgrade RT and a blocking TE in 3rd and all the picks in 6 and 7
  2. Sounds like more of a promotion to me. They were collage friends and he is waiting until after the draft. I have no problem with it
  3. Well we have the same amount of games at home as away. Just don't have to travel very far to our away games.
  4. So, @tenn then @ Jax four days later? bet they dont come home between. Go right to Jax then a nice long break before going to Buff. This is the first thing since sh*tty got canned that I dont hate. Its a pretty good schedule.
  5. all Comp picks can not be traded. So Tanny will have to make those picks.
  6. and tebow got down on one knee and prayed, "dear lord, please help the Broncos get to the superbowl" And god being a good god did just that. and because he hates the NYJ we got screwed
  7. So this all tells me that we have to have three different offenses, one for each QB. God I wish we had not done this. Then Stanton and Sanchez learn the same system and we develop McElroy. I hate the trade more every day.
  8. Tebow gonna be a RB. And u a little nutty
  9. Yea, Holmes running open and Tebow bouncing the pass five feet short of him. I bet he is gonna love that.
  10. Barron going to the Cowboys at 14 We are drafting Upshaw at 16 we are drafting Andre Branch 2nd round Wrote this so I can pull it back up after draft. lol
  11. I agree completely, Rex said we might run it a couple or we might run it 20. No one ever said they were gonna run it 20 times, but that makes it less of a story so lets not say the truth. a$$ hole reporters.
  12. Yea that's what u ment. Way to change your story after u got caught.
  13. "Sanchez was 29th out of 33 quarterbacks with a 33.6 QBR. Tebow was 31st with a 27.2 QBR with the Denver Broncos" http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/40261/qbr-mark-sanchez-vs-tim-tebow So do you just make sh*t up to prove your point? Just lost any crediblity with me.
  14. So I noticed there are a lot of new posters here in the last couple days. Not a bad thing, unless they are nuts. I have noticed a few have got banned pretty quick. Max, I am hoping we can keep track, how many so far have joined and how many have been banned. and before someone says it I know I have posted some nutty things in the last week, there is a diffrence.
  15. That might just end all the talk the first time Tebow drops back in preseason. lol My biggest problem is that this stupid move takes snaps way from Sanchez in practice. New OC, entire new system that mark needs to learn and he will be losing lots of first team snaps in practice. Can we ever give a QB a real chance to develop? Scotty was an idiot and I don’t know if Tony S. is any better but I would like to just see if Mark improves with new system. I also don't know if Mark sucks. If he was to fail in a second system then make plans start over at QB. This is why the extension does not make any sense except it created cap room. Which we have not used to address any real position of need. Bringing in Tebow does nothing but screw with everything. When this all comes crumbling down Tanny and Rex should pay with there jobs.
  16. Well the good news is after the ******* joke this season is going to be Tanny will get his a$$ fired. I hope
  17. NFL Network just said there is a secure web site where all contracts are listed. Not hard to look at one
  18. Now that's a great idea. Angry post Two things I have never done here, posted drunk last week and posted mad today. Jets are driving me nuts
  19. So a 4 a 6 and 5 mil cash??? Tanny might be dumber then Herm.
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