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  1. F^ck that, Tebow also got the s^it kicked out of him by NE. God damm Bill must be in his office laughing his A$$ off right now.
  2. No but it is the end of me spending money and effort on this team
  3. Just canceled my season tickets. I am so done, never going to spend another dime on Jets stuff.
  4. I am done, 30 years of following this team, final straw.
  5. I am not sure how hobbled he is, but he has only been in the league for six years, that is not even close to old for a LB.
  6. Crap, his contract is better then I thought, base of $1.942 million in 2012, $2.266 million in 2013 and $2.590 million in 2014. Now will will trade for him. God help us.
  7. So we could have had DeMeco Ryans for a 3rd round pick. Yea he's coming off a injury but should be ready for the start of the season. Instead we are going to give up that pick for this sh*t bag??? It also uses the rest of our cap room. Remember Tebow signed a first round contract before there was a schedule for first rounders. Tanny is a retard.
  8. We already know the Jets are gonna trade up and take a CB in the first round........
  9. Smith sucks, and I mean a lot. He might hit hard but he can not cover anyone. He needs to be replaced.
  10. It's not crying. We have four positions that need to be filled, WR, S, OLB, RT. I was just thinking how it would have been nice to fill one of them through free agency. The rest we could draft. We have the money to sign one.
  11. I guess everyone does not want to play for Rex. No one wants to play here. I have not even heard of a scheduled visit.
  12. Best thing that could happen. Starting QB my a$$ Henne sucks pretty bad
  13. I see that now but since the tittle only said "sign this beast" which is sometimes real and sometimes crap I did not open it, this one everyone knows what it is about.
  14. Top 5 RT in the NFL, I would be OK paying him.
  15. back to having a great line. Everything sets up if this is our first priority, running the ball and giving Mark a little time.
  16. Profootball weekly did a great break down, I don't have the link as I am on my phone. They say it's 6.4 mil this year savings in cap. They also say a good deal for Jets.
  17. Rich Cimini is completely full of crap. This sucks almost as much as the Henne artical. If Tanny pulls this sh*t I hope he does get his a$$ fired.
  18. Lots of good banter, and I still think JN picked the right guy
  19. I have been thinking trading down. Picking up more pics and taking him around 23, 24. Changes our offense.
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