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  1. Henne is garbage, he is dumb as a box of rocks. We could do much better. Did anyone notice how much better Miami's offense was after Henne got hurt??
  2. WOW, never saw anyone just make sh*t up to start a topic. I watch them and nothing was said about sh*tty lol
  3. Or sucker some team into giving us a 1st round pick for a guy we signed for nothing.
  4. Well wait now, if they did not throw as much back then why so many more interceptions? If they did not throw as much then completion % should be better? I understand that it is easier to complete a pass today with the rules but they also throw a lot more passes and that should mean more interceptions. Or am I missing something?
  5. Oh sorry I misspelled one word in like my last 50 posts. Article states "The answer is fairly simple. By Ochocinco’s own admission, he doesn’t know the offense well enough to play without thinking, particularly when New England goes to its hurry-up attack. Instead of simply reacting to situations, he’s going through the steps in his head and that makes him a step too slow." CrazyCarl40 states "I doubt it has anything to do with his intellectual abilities and more about what was best for his team." Yea, that does not refute what you said, keep telling your self that.
  6. No, he says himself he does not play because he does not know the playbook. Only two reasons he does not know the playbook by now, he's lazy or stupid. I would think if he was lazy Bill would have cut him. Did you read the artical?
  7. I have two words for Bradway Doug Jolly case closed
  8. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=jc-cole_chad_ochocinco_father_super_bowl_013112 Guess Bill would not dumb down the playbook for him.
  9. You know you are right, Sorry, I jumped the gun on this one. You have my most sincere apology sir.
  10. Anyone want to guess how many 2nd round picks that the Jets picked started for the Jets in 2011? This is a big reason IMHO that we have problems with personal. One, just One!!
  11. slow down, I have never said sanchez is as good as anyone, as a matter of fact I have never even said I think he is any good. I am just sick of every topic on this board being turned into a Sanchez bashing.
  12. and there it is, no topic can go with out the "Sanchez sucks" reference.
  13. So I did not start this to have a debate on if he sucks or not, just to say every topic does not have to be hijacked. Some great responses though. Lol
  14. For there to be one topic that a select few posters on here do not mention Sanchez sucks? Guys, we get it, you think Sanchez sucks. You do not have to beat the rest of the posters over the head with it. I am not saying he does not suck, ( I am waiting to see how he does with a diffrent OC) I am just saying it gets pretty old pretty quick that I can not read one topic without it turning into a Sanchez sucks topic.
  15. The biggest point of all of this is now we get to see, was it sh*tty or Taco. If Taco still sucks then we know its not all sh*tty, if Taco plays great then we know sh*tty sucked. If sh*tty new offence lights it up and Taco sucks then good bye Taco!
  16. I say keep Holmes. I want to see Sparano punch him in the face when he quits on running a route.
  17. So this topic says we need to up grade 2 safeties 1 CB 3 LBs 2 WR 1 TE 2 OL 2 QB 1 backup OL 1 backup TE Yea. This will be easy in one year. Lol at this
  18. Sounds like a smart kid, already graduated. Plus he has not played corner for long. Good size. I would not mind a taking a late round flyer.
  19. If anyone did not know JIF hates Mark Sanchez, thinks he is the worst QB in the league. One of the worst all time. There, now you can stop saying it in everyone of your posts. We all know.
  20. Whats the link he has? I am at work so I am not trying it lol
  21. Some kind of troll or spam, or a five year old!
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