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  1. I don't think there is a Rooney rule for GM, just coach.
  2. he's 90% the problem on the team. thats just funny right there. Good, no. Only 10% of the problem is with the other 52 players and coaching, just funny as hell. thanks for the laugh at work.
  3. Are you really saying Scott was a great player this year buy everyone thinks he sucked because Sanchez? Really????
  4. What they did not mention about the 82 game vs Miami is that there was pouring rain all week in miami and Shula made the ground crew uncover the field so it was a mud pit. Then miami jammed our receivers and just beat the snot out of them at the line. Todd had no chance of having a good game. Little details that get forgotten.
  5. ahhh not even close, I did the poll and most posters here wanted BE.
  6. By all we are hearing I am starting to think Rex is getting fired.
  7. for us out of towners, anyone know if it is being played live on the web?
  8. I was wrong. Pats in NE. Buff kicking them 21-0
  9. 50 mph wind in buff. Tough to come back. Btw Jets also trying to get LT past the bus all time.
  10. Best called series of the year. sh*tty coaching for his job, or the dolfags job.
  11. Jets throw it 60 times. Mark throws three picks and after the third Rex punches sh*tty in the face on the sidelines.
  12. Jan 3rd 2012 and last Sat when me and my 3 giant fan friends called 6 plays in a row half drunk in a bar.
  13. http://bit.ly/veCXe3 would love to read this artical but not paying for a membership and I am not in the area to pick up a paper. Thanks
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