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  1. I am not saying this is a great defense, but, can I just once see what they do with a 14 point lead in the first half. Just once can we score three TDs in the first half? Let this D play with a cushion, then let's see what they do.
  2. Really? You think this is a good play to run in this down and distance?? Well now it is confirmed, sh*tty does post here. Sweet, now I can tell him, sh*tty you suck.
  3. So what??? man I really hate him but come on, Really???????
  4. This is showing up more and more. Four 3 and outs to start the game?? Just sucks
  5. So you say he has been getting good time to throw? Just shows you are a idiot who knows nothing about the Jets and should go bAck to your own site
  6. Now they might win four game, had no shot with Henne.
  7. I was just going to say this, just go 4-3, Pouha, Devito in the middle and Wilk, Pito on the outside replaced by Maybin and Westeman on passing downs. Oh and sign Gholston, we need some size lol
  8. "Once we got up on them, they started playing a lot of zone. We had hit kind of a stale spot. There were clearly some things that I wish we probably would’ve recognized as a staff quicker." Yea, Brian, we all would like you to recognized that a little quicker. Man has to learn to adjust faster.
  9. I agree 100% he did nothing, our D line can not get off blocks at all. The shinny new 1st round pick can not get off a block and go after a QB for sh*t also.
  10. Every teams starts the game with like 10 to 15 scripted plays, Rex should take Shotty's script away just before the game starts and make him call plays on the fly. We have not scored a TD from that script in almost 12 months. I just want a early lead then pound the hell out of the ball setting up the play action. Is this too hard of a concept for sh*tty to understand???
  11. How about we run just one sweep? Every run last night was inside the tackles. How about we get our big back outside with a pulling guard and Conner in front?
  12. So I don't post a lot and I think your topic and post is stupid
  13. I have two bets with friends this year, I am giving 10 to 1 odds Miami does not win more then four games this year. lol easy money
  14. Well I don't care. And Jimmy crack corn. I still don't care
  15. Man, if every topic I posted got ripped to shredds I would stop posting new topics, get it
  16. Well they are doing a hell of a job if thats what they are trying to do. lol
  17. Of course I ment a blow out by the 1s. And a 10 lead when the 1s sit is a blow out
  18. I want to see a blow out tonight. NE has done it twice and Pitt has dine it to Philly. We r playing one of the worst teams in the league tonight. If we ate one if the best teams let's see it. U know it's preseason but we should be able to kick the crap out of the bungles any where anytime. Show me something.
  19. and they changed back to white because Vinny is color blind and could not see the Green helmets.
  20. All I can say is this will not end well. First dropped ball fans will be all over him. If they don't win a superbowl with Holmes then he will be hated for years
  21. So the question is, when does a team have to be at the cap? Can we sign players when the league year starts then re-do other contracts to get uder the cap in a couple of weeks? It would be taking a big risk but if Tanny is confident he can get other contracts re-done then it would be worth the risk.
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