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  1. wow, I could not disagree more, he is going to get 4 to 5 years at a nice rate. Too many teams looking for WR help. I am still hoping its us that gives him the deal though.
  2. Its starting to look like Holmes is the one to be signed first.
  3. I will say this, if they sign Holmes and not Edwards there is going to be one big spotlight on Holmes. The media and the fans will be on his every move, on and off the field. He better not screw up anywhere.
  4. I want both but if one then it is Edwards. Two reasons, he blocks and HE WANTS TO BE HERE!! Holmes wants to play where they will pay him the most. I hope if he does not sign with us he goes to Cinncy. BTW Edwards was thrown to 18 times the first four games. Keller was thrown to 30 The next four games Edwards 27 Keller 23 Holmes 26 also remember Holmes did not have to play the Balt. game where no one was getting any stats. I think they are very close in WR value, but I still want the guy that wants to play for the Jets.
  5. The new NFL rules are set in a way that the Jets can only sign one. Which do you prefer?
  6. Hang with a good crowd do ya?? I have never seen anyone who shut there mouth get charged with resisting.
  7. laughed so hard i almost fell out of my chair.
  8. After reading the artical I learned a lot and I now agree they won't want to become that public. I do find it strange that Ally does the financing for Chrysler. Well back to the drawing board lol
  9. Ally bank is my guess. They have the money. They are now doing all financing for GM and Chrysler. If there is not another stadium they already sponser this will be the name.
  10. I think it would be a great pick up, Sign Edwards and we then would have our two outside guys. Put Jeremy Kerley in the slot. Holmes can go hold up someother team for the kings ransome he is going to want.
  11. and what accounts are those?? do you have insite to his last job??
  12. I am less likely to bust then Gholston lol
  13. $$$$ thats all he is worried about. he will go to the highest bidder, and I hope it is Buffalo. Sign Edwards first!!
  14. This is the one to keep, the offence was better the first four games anyway
  15. Hope he stays clean, but I aslo hope if he does and he works hard he becomes a usefull back up. Might just be pretty good if sober.
  16. Plus no one wants rookies getting paid the way they have been.
  17. I think Smith is still hurt, anyone know how bad he was hurt in the Colts game?
  18. Thats a really good name for that job, I would bet it will be the other BB. lol
  19. Just spit coffee on the key board thanks!!!
  20. just make us go more to the ground and pound
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