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  1. I think we are putting the ginx on him sayiong every week next week do not start this thread and he might get one
  2. my section was all yelling for them to give up the TD, not that that makes it right.
  3. yes we are, but I do not agree with you, I don't have a problem with the 53 yard FG try, I was sitting in that endzone and was 3rd row 2nd deck, there was a pretty good breeze at my back and the flags were not moving. I bet Rex and/or Folk did not know about the wind as it did not start until just before then. He was only short a foot or two so without the wind he makes it. I like Rex trying to get points on the board.
  4. I had a four hour drive and I stayed, not that I did not think about it. My buddy's would not let me anyway. BTW left seats right after game and got right in car to leave, cleared traffic on 3 west at 6:10 pm, got home at 10:00pm Two hours to walk to your car and get clear of the stadium is unreal, they should have figured that out better
  5. I will be there and I am driving four hours to get there. Now I do agree with the fact they have priced out real fans, and the prices inside are so bad people stay out side as long as they can.
  6. i am getting twitchy give me something to bet on!
  7. someone should come up with a all-time bust team, I just do not have the time. There would have to have two QB's, can't leave out Leif or Russel
  8. +1 also Rex talked about him in a presser where he said Chicago had Gilbert playing around 260 and that the Jets were getting him back up to 290. Said they were going to draft him but when they moved up to draft S. Green that Gilbert was gone before they could draft again. I think he said if Green was gone they were taking Gilbert.
  9. Why would we have to give out a e-mail address?? thats how you get spam in the Ol in box
  10. Nope, Not there, under those three is other info Other Information AIM MSN Website URL ICQ Yahoo Jabber Skype Gender Not Telling Male Female Location Interests
  11. that option does not appear in my profile when I attempt to edit it.
  12. One word TOOL!!! btw anyone know how I change my "new kid on the block" I can not figure it out, Thanks
  13. Now the mush is on, he will probably get hurt now, $hity a$$ thread
  14. So whats with the friggin sun glasses all the time????? Sooo stupid
  15. Well I said I never would again but... 12 guys + free ticket + not having to drive = I am leaving in 10 min. for the game. 2 hour drive and lots of tailgating. I will let everyone know if i get in a fight. lol Gotta win today 3-1 and 3-0 in the division
  16. I always root for who ever is playing the Pats god I hate them.
  17. 2-1 with my new LaDainian Tomlinson, but a funny story, x-mas 2008 my wife gets me a authentic personal that she spent big bucks for, I know, I know, so I wear it last year and it was 0 - 6 I threw it in the back of the closet, she does not understand why I don't wear it anymore.
  18. Jim Leonhard calls and sets up the DB's and he has been in Rex's system for years. So why is there confusion on the back side of the D? I do understand they have all not played together that long, but they have had OTA's, training camp and now three games. Seems to me that it should be enough time for the new players to know the playbook and Leonhard to make the right calls to get people in the right places. Am I missing something here????
  19. So garb, why can't you answer the question, was he hurt? or was he faking?? if he was faking then Rex was right, if he was hurt then BB cheated and put him in harms way which is it?????
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