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  1. How is it we don't throw the ball to our past pro ball receiver???
  2. What kind of Jets fan is happy that a pro-bowl NT is hurt??? Sounds like a tool to me
  3. I have to say that I don't give the slighest sh!t about this.
  4. I have to say I think your nuts... I believe Holmes is going to be our best WR and still have a 1,000 yard season in 12 games!!
  5. It was a passenger in the other car that had to be removed by the Jaws, and it was at 6:30 am. Was he going to work that early, or what was he doing???
  6. I was in the stadium back in July for the Bon Jovi concert and the upper deck looked very steep. They are very high and look like the seats suck. For a couple hundred for tix, and then the parking problem don"t think it is worth it. But for the NE game it just might.
  7. quick question, if I am going to a Jets/Giants pre-season game can I pay to park that day or do I need a pass? My buddy is going to Giants game this week and knows nothing about the parking problem. Thanks for any info
  8. Because you #4 WR needs to play ST, and he can't do that. I think this move sucks. Its not the money, its the roster spot.
  9. Its was said but Rich Kotite!!! and Herm coaching like a girl (you play to tie the game)
  10. I think this is a great thing, Sanchez getting together with his receivers and bonding plus working on timing. I hope the league does not bitch about it being a official practice.
  11. Not for a Jet game obviously, but I will be there Sat night for a concert, (Kid Rock and Bon Jovi) looking forward to seeing the place, I will let everyone know when I get back. I am looking forward to going to a game, should be real exciting
  12. In Jersey, if you can show probable cause to believe he's impaired, you can get a blood test without a court order. I've done it for heroin users and have never had a problem or been challenged in court. Perhaps NY is different. Yes if he made addmissions he can be charged, but I agree, a conviction is harder to get. I would like to know in what state is he licenced? I would love to be able to just take blood when I wanted lol, in NY you can if they are not conscious, then it is assumed consent. Does not sound like marijuana to me, more like pills.
  13. can not take blood or urine in NY without a court order, and you generally can not get that unless you have a crash with serous injury to a person that was not driving the vehicle. It would have been the same as a breath test where he could give one or its called a refusal and if he has a nys licence it is taken that night. If he has a licence from another state he would be arraigned and a judge would put bail on him. If there was no test it is a very hard charge to prove. BTW how does Phil's kid not get let go in NYC??? Must have been a Cowboys fan lol
  14. 80's because we had two shots to win it all, but I think our best chance was in '82, that was a great team and if not for the conditions (mud bowl) I think we win it all that year. Good news is I think this is the best team and coaching staff since '82.
  15. whats screwing this up is how bad the Raiders over paid. Whats the second highest paid DB getting?? I bet its not close. I would still pay Revis $16 mil a year
  16. The reason everyone yells about baseball players using is the records that were broke. Baseball is like no other sport in which it can compare generations to generations of players by there stats. The home run record is a great example; it took almost 30 years for someone to hit 62 hrs in a season. In just five years it was destroyed by so many people it ruined the game. In football no long standing records were broke.
  17. What they need to do is set a scale. make each pick a set contract, and then each round a set contract. This way you can move some of the $ to the later rounds and most of the $ to the vets. The players that get drafted later and don't get a second contract will make a little more with there first contract.
  18. I don't know, sounded more like something she was just blogging about, she usally does not just make stuff up. Her brother runs NFL.com
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