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  1. I get not wanting to watch the ncaa's but if I ever get to the point I sit longingly all weekend waiting for Mon, so I can find out who we play on thanksgiving night, I am going to hang myself.
  2. The only thing that lit a fire under his butt was a chance for a new contract.
  3. I don"t know what I think of a late second, a high second I let him go in a min, I like Leon but we did get to champ game without him
  4. I would take a top 5 pick in the second round for leon in a sec. I like leon a lot but that is a pick you should get a good everyday starter.
  5. I think it makes all the sense in the world to keep him. With his load cut in half he will be fresher longer, he does not fumble, he will also keep Greene fresher and his pay means nothing because there is no hit after 2010 and who cares what they spend for 2010. Makes way too much sense to keep him. What is one valid reason to cut him? Paying 5M for a backup for 2010 is fine, he is a good backup.
  6. POTW I just spit coffee on my keyboard
  7. Don't worry I have think skin, also got sick of on poster having to post 40+ times a day.
  8. I did not catch it anyone have a link??
  9. and this is why I can not wait for next season....
  10. btw Max, love the site Just switched over from a diffrent site, could not handle the racist crap, I am loving it here.
  11. college B-ball time, plus the combine, march 1st and then the draft
  12. Is that I hit a pool for $2000 lmao anyone else win anything??
  13. I could not root for him no matter where he was playing (hoping he never plays for the Jets)
  14. LMAO, Can they get a half time show where the performers don't have grandchildren???
  15. How can you put Stafford before Sanchez???? He did NOTHING this year...
  16. No, we need a quick Wes Walker type to play the slot. Just think of our offence with our two Wr's, TE and RB's with a Walker type in the slot??
  17. Like what has been stated, we need a 3-4 DE who can put pressure on by himself, not another 3-4 outside LB
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