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  1. and this is why I can not wait for next season....
  2. btw Max, love the site Just switched over from a diffrent site, could not handle the racist crap, I am loving it here.
  3. college B-ball time, plus the combine, march 1st and then the draft
  4. Is that I hit a pool for $2000 lmao anyone else win anything??
  5. I could not root for him no matter where he was playing (hoping he never plays for the Jets)
  6. LMAO, Can they get a half time show where the performers don't have grandchildren???
  7. How can you put Stafford before Sanchez???? He did NOTHING this year...
  8. No, we need a quick Wes Walker type to play the slot. Just think of our offence with our two Wr's, TE and RB's with a Walker type in the slot??
  9. Like what has been stated, we need a 3-4 DE who can put pressure on by himself, not another 3-4 outside LB
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