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  1. So if I understand this correctly, GM is scouting and working to find players and posters bitch cause he is doing that? Right, got ya
  2. Well Dallas has the best OL in the league, how many playoff games have they won?
  3. I stopped reading at “Darnold could use a red shirt year or two “. Bat sh*t crazy that one is..
  4. He was showing that the statement Macc gets his draft picks a chance to play was false. Nothing was said that he should have played or anything else. Just that the article had a false statement.
  5. I disagree, they signed McCown to be the bridge and they signed Teddy in case the draft did not go there way and as trade bait if he looked good. With that said, none of us know the reason they did what they did, we all just speculating.
  6. We just used #3 and three 2nd rounders to get Donald. If he is not a top of the line franchise QB everyone is getting fired anyway. They already have put all there eggs in that basket. Now you get him as much help as possible to succeed. A high draft pick will help that. Teddy winning a couple games helps no one keep their jobs.
  7. Well no we are not. Not anymore. Anyone arguing that Teddy is better then Darnold needs their head examined. If Teddy looks healthy in preseason and we can get a 3rd round or better pick in 2019 then you do it in a heartbeat. As for keeping him and franchizing him, he will run to sign it then we will be on the hook for around 25 mil next year for a back up. No one will trade for Teddy when they have to pay him that kind of $$. That’s just being crazy. Hope he looks healthy and good in preseason so the pick is better.
  8. This is the most untrue thing I have read on this site. Look, Bowles never wanted him. The CS never wanted him. They never worked with to make him better. Maybe he sucks so bad it would not matter but they never tried. Please don’t let them do the same with Sam.
  9. Tells me exactly the opposite. Tell me they are going to want him to see how Josh prepares for a game. Plus the first four games are hard. After the Cleveland game I would think.
  10. There is almost zero % chance Darnold is day one starter and it has nothing to do with Bridgewater.
  11. Couple of things, 1 @kelly still can’t figure out how to post more then links, but wth, who needs rules. 2. I know that I had a great time watching the Jets beat Jax at home last year. And if that joy cost a couple 2nd rounders I am ok with it.
  12. This is idiotic. Macc did not choose Bowles. Macc has zero control over Bowles except that he gives him the players.
  13. Been hoping they would do this for years.
  14. Why do jets fans always do this. Giants don’t want him, no one wanted to trade anything for him. But boy the Jets should trade for him cause he only suck for the rest of the league.
  15. Well you are very wrong. God if all the nuts are starting to come out.
  16. Well 500k is not true at all. Only costs that if he cut before season. If Teddy not healthy h has to be cut. They IR him it costs millions and next year he can sign with another team.
  17. Kid seems to keep himself level. Lol hey Bates, put a tie on.
  18. If the Jets don’t take him, how far would Darnold have fallen?
  19. Well Cleveland taking Mayfield so who jumps to 2 to have there choice of the rest? So glad we moved up when we did.
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