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  1. Mort was on nfl Sirius and said Mayfield is the pick and he is not at the draft. Gonna be funny to watch. He also said Cleveland was not impressed with Darnold on the white board. Please draft Rosin, need a qb with brains
  2. At the nys soft tip dart tourney. With 700 of my closest friends.
  3. Which one of the possible draft picks can you see giving the crowd the finger?
  4. Lol. Love this time of year.
  5. Might be the smartest thing I have read on here in weeks. Potw!
  6. Man, the nut jobs really come out of the woodwork this time of year.
  7. I would say getting so trashed you pass out cold in your car in the middle of the road would, maybe, be a mistake. When you are woken by the police and you fight them then you are a criminal. When you have a gun and do this you need to go to prison. When you do all this while having a multimillion dollar contract you just tossed away you don’t deserve anything
  8. Dude, everyone knows you don’t like mayfield. At this point your just annoying about it.
  9. Except it was not Gil that everyone is reacting to
  10. That’s a huge indictment of Allen. No way I draft this kid at 3.
  11. Back on topic. There must be a reason that all the great minds have been rumored to love this kid.
  12. Ever notice that every thread someone quotes the original in the 5th or 6th comment? Never the 1st or 2nd. Never the same poster just seems to always happen.
  13. 65 catches for 1082 yards. Seems pretty good to me. BB has never been good at drafting. I would rather he has picks then good players.
  14. Better then blowing smoke. Once again another offensive position that has zero first round picks in a very long time.
  15. So let’s see, one broke his neck and did not play in 2017 one has been arrested numerous times and is looking to be suspended. One had a terrible 2017 with a good QB the forth was having a good season in 2017 until Petty started playing This ladies and gentilman is you Wr core for 2018 for the highly drafted QB prospect
  16. Great, Green Bay gets 18 years of great QB play and we get 18 years of center play.
  17. Or is it because one is black and one is white?
  18. So you don’t want to sign him because he ran from the cops, but you don’t want to cut Anderson? Makes sense.
  19. So stupid ass drives a car with no plates and no license gets pulled over and you jump right to this crap. Come in, you should do better
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