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  1. Always shows a lot about posters when answering a question like this. guy has had one of the best lines in the league with good weapons abd ain’t won sh*t. Now he coming off a terrible injury and wants too two QB money. Lol good luck
  2. In before a poster tells us how much Sam sucks and should be tossed away.
  3. If they are going to trade down you can’t do that till you are on the clock. it would be very jetsy so trade the pick and then have TL fall to #2.
  4. It’s certain there is a new qb next year? That’s good info. Please give your source. Then we can stop talking about Darnold and start talking about best way to fill the position. Thanks for providing the answer everyone has been looking for.
  5. Wentz was never the same after the injury and he got his brain scrambled by a hit. Guys like him are never the same.
  6. Couldn’t possibly be two guys named David Clowney now could there.
  7. Why don’t you just say it now and put your name on it. You think this is a bad hire and you don’t think he will succeed. Don’t just make little snide remarks, put it right out there!!
  8. Well I did get my dream job after one interview. then I started a company and hired many people. When I knew I had the right person I made sure I hired them right there and then. So yes it works like that
  9. JD picked his guy, the one every team wanted. Got him to come in and spend the night. One quick meeting with CJ to finalize and settle on compensation. CJ screwed it up if I was JD I would quit. Just walk away
  10. Welp, now we will again be the laughing stock. Won’t be able to hire anyone worth a sh*t
  11. Now we see if our owner screws this up. if we lose our first choice because of being cheap or stupid we will never get another good candidate again.
  12. So one of the best offensive minds in the game says he loves Sam and you don’t want to hire a coach associated with him because of it? maybe you should just listen to the guy that knows more then any of us ever will
  13. You do realize that Wentz got his head smashed and was never the same player? He has not been able to process info the same? it’s not coaching
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