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  1. I can’t remember the last time the Jets out coached another team. Seems like a dream.
  2. That would be a very Jets like move, not hiring the right guy cause you want to interview more guys.
  3. This should be the guy. 41, high energy guy, CEO type coach. he is an up and coming coach and is interviewing with every team with an opening. He could bring Mike LaFleur as his OC. LaFleur has been learning offense from Shanahan for years.
  4. There is only one coach who Lewis would be the DC for. Cowher
  5. Need to know who OC and DC are to judge. keep hue away from the Jets
  6. We talk on here all the time about coach’s picks, I was wondering if Morgan could have been a Gase pick.
  7. Too young to remember how freaking terrible he was last time he was here. He was talked about as a HC candidate then, but did such a bad job no one would hire him.
  8. Do you have to comment on every topic what a sh*t show the Jets are? It’s pretty freaking boring.
  9. How much of an ass hole do you have to be to get released one week from the end of the year.
  10. I can’t understand why people respond to this troll. shows how the posters have sunk on this site. Any troll can start a thread with a crazy statement and they will get three pages of responses. Come on folks. Do better
  11. You don’t think coaching makes a huge difference with how a QB plays then I dont know what to tell you.
  12. Let’s take a look at Baker his first year he had a coach on his way out and was fired. Baker looked good at times and shaky at others. Like a rookie QB should. Cleveland hired a crappy coach and Baker got worse. Cleveland then fired crappy coach and hired a good coach. Baker looks much better this year. Let’s take a look at Sam His first year he had a coach in his way out and was fired. Sam looked good at times and shaky at others. Like a rookie should. Keys hired a crappy coach and Sam got worse. Then the Jets kept the coach and Sam got even worse. anyone that can’t see how much a coach means to a QB are just hateful and there is no help for them.
  13. You win, this is the dumbest post I have ever seen on JN. That’s saying a lot.
  14. Starting QB for Jax in 2021, that’s who
  15. After watching Fields yesterday I would never draft him. Build that line, more weapons, a new coach to help Sam. if Sam sucks then the team is built to help the next QB. Don’t just draft a qb because they have not sucked yet in the nfl.
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