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  1. I can’t understand why people respond to this troll. shows how the posters have sunk on this site. Any troll can start a thread with a crazy statement and they will get three pages of responses. Come on folks. Do better
  2. You don’t think coaching makes a huge difference with how a QB plays then I dont know what to tell you.
  3. Let’s take a look at Baker his first year he had a coach on his way out and was fired. Baker looked good at times and shaky at others. Like a rookie QB should. Cleveland hired a crappy coach and Baker got worse. Cleveland then fired crappy coach and hired a good coach. Baker looks much better this year. Let’s take a look at Sam His first year he had a coach in his way out and was fired. Sam looked good at times and shaky at others. Like a rookie should. Keys hired a crappy coach and Sam got worse. Then the Jets kept the coach and Sam got even worse.
  4. You win, this is the dumbest post I have ever seen on JN. That’s saying a lot.
  5. Starting QB for Jax in 2021, that’s who
  6. After watching Fields yesterday I would never draft him. Build that line, more weapons, a new coach to help Sam. if Sam sucks then the team is built to help the next QB. Don’t just draft a qb because they have not sucked yet in the nfl.
  7. We listen to and called into talk radio. Plus remember we could go to games and meet other fans in person and bitch. see, people did talking in person, not to a computer/phones.
  8. And what else started right when he got mono? Sam was better his 1st year then his 3rd. this poor kid has had two of the worst head coaches a player could have had.
  9. Well, all three WR’s are playing. Becton is playing. Everyone is healthy. Hey Sam, want to keep this job, go on a run. If you win three they can’t draft your replacement.
  10. Amazing how different it looks when all the starting wr play. Also when you play a sh*tty defense.
  11. Looked like a couple wr open last play. watching all-22 with this team must suck.
  12. Lost his job to Bryan Winters. End of conversation.
  13. Unless it was GW Agent to make sure he would take the job. I am not sure
  14. So here is the deal. CJ waited too long to fire Big Mac, he does not want to make that mistake again. He is waiting till The Jets get blown out on Thursday so he has enough cover for the fire. GW will be head coach, JBC OC. See how the rest of the year goes before making any other decisions. At that point JD better have a lot of say over what happens.
  15. I remember some poster said he would never play a snap for the Jets again. , Jet fans. Lol
  16. He has a good year there is no way he signs that. $140 /4 is the best you can hope for. I also think it will be fully guaranteed. After cousins last deal I believe that is the way we are heading.
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