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  1. I guess Manish did not admit he lies about having any sources and just makes everything up. Pitty.
  2. You do realize that there are areas in the country that are not a major city? The county that I live in has 26000 people. There are 7 current cases and there has been 1 death. I understand all football stadiums are in major cities so it will be harder, but most of the country has not been hit hard. If you don’t understand that we are at home to flatten the curve for the reason of keeping the hospitals from being over run. We have reached that point. That’s why places are starting to open up. It’s only May. We will be very open by September and there will be an NFL se
  3. So the most hated hack writer most of us have ever heard of writes yet another made up hit piece and you sided with him. That’s pretty shocking to all the posters here.
  4. Most of NFL money is from tv. They could not give two sh*ts about fans. as for the players not wanting to play without fans too bad. Now virus is different testing is a must to play.
  5. Sounds like a great leak for Washington to put out. Makes the LT that they are selling more valuable.
  6. I guess most of you are too young to remember when a QB had a drug issue before the draft and the jets passed on him..
  7. I think your so hung up on a tackle that you have put them on a pedestal they can not reach. I was very clear, yes it an assumption that the 4th tackle taken will be the fourth best and the first WR taken will be the best. Other wise there are too many variables. If you are a tackle that’s better then a 10 year solid player then you are a all pro- hall of fame player. What is there in between? so to answer your question if I have watched the players, why yes I have. And I think all the tackles are not even solid 10 year pros. That does not matter thou
  8. You think all four tackles are more then solid 10 year pros? That would make them all pro hall of fame players. Now I would say your dreaming. I have not seen one place say they are that good. Not one
  9. Well I guess in two years we will know the answer. I think he is much better then you do.
  10. What I said and ment was the 4th tackle ceiling was brick, a solid 10 year pro. The choice is going to be 4th tackle vs the 1st WR. I used Julio because I wanted to signify a top notch WR, a all pro type. Jeudy is the top rated WR in this class. And I think he will be a top notch WR, all pro type. so the question is, what’s better to have on your team.
  11. No one thought Julio was going to be that good when he was drafted ether.
  12. So you would take a middle of the road tackle over a all pro WR? Or are you saying there are 4 all pro tackles in this draft?
  13. I think you are incorrect. Jeudy is going to be an all pro difference maker because he does the one thing a WR needs to be able to do, get open. Also there is not a brick in this draft so??
  14. So I was going to start a topic but I will just put it here. would you rather have D'Brickashaw Ferguson or Julio Jones in this draft? what I mean is the 4th best OT in this draft is not going to be better then Brick. A ten year solid starter. The first WR taken is going to be a Julio type WR, top 5 in the league, all pro type. so which one do you want? I take the all pro WR.
  15. I had to open the tread to remember who Chris Johnson was.
  16. Do you really believe Joe D paid his first free agent signing 8.5 mil to be depth?
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