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  1. Can you imagine that idiot with 10 mil? Jail in a year if he still alive. No way do I trust giving him huge $$
  2. I would say the cap will be much higher in 2021 so let the 8 mil hit then.
  3. FYI, 5.11 is very fast. He is very quick and athletic.
  4. These are going to be so much better when he gets a boat load if cash from some stupid team.
  5. It can happen, but it’s the one position (Except QB) where having a 10m back up can not be done. It’s two much money for a player that can’t get on the field.
  6. He is good enough with talent next to him. Can’t resign him and draft a LT at 11 though.
  7. What a huge advantage for the #1 seed. they are going to move the Super Bowl to the sun before Presidents’ Day.
  8. So I just have to ask, so in your mind a #6 DT that has done nothing in his career is the jets fault, but a #6 pick that has been an all pro you think sucks and should be gotten rid of? please explain
  9. I would guess he has seen the giants offer and his agent has told him what his market value is. No where near what he thought. Now he is panicking.
  10. Ok, we all get it. We really do. You don’t like Adams and don’t want him to get a deal. can you now please stop bringing it up in every single topic please?
  11. I just can not understand why posters always want to get rid of good players. Also why posters think any good players suck as soon as they put in a jets jersey. avery and cj are both great players. personally I would love to see this D with both healthy, Adams, Q with a better CB and a edge rusher., but hey, why have a top defense.
  12. What the heck does this say? Can someone translate please?
  13. So you just make stuff up. Cool, now we all know.
  14. Lol. Some of you are just freaking nuts. did you not watch the bills game when he was healthy? you all deserve to have crap players cause you don’t know what good ones look like.
  15. And I thought it was bad when someone quoted the original and only had one small comment.
  16. So KC has not been to a super bowl since the ‘69 season. Does that mean they are like us?
  17. So someone should start a thread letting everyone guess how many of these, “word is” where the poster is just making crap up like they are Mehta, topics we will have between now and the draft.
  18. How do you think it’s ok to post stuff that’s just not true?
  19. I would bet he is looking for huge money, he has someone else running his Twitter. Using good English and all.
  20. You live everyday thinking like this? I feel very sorry for you.
  21. Holy, some people will just never be happy. Ever, always something to bitch about
  22. Beachum has been bigger then anyone has stated.
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