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  1. Lets see; Maybin 9 Mo Wilk 6 Coples 4 Pace 5 Scott 4 Harris 3 Thomas 2 Safety 4 Corner 3 Ellis 2 Total 42 I will be looking back after the season to see how I did but I think this will be pretty close.
  2. He can't be any good, because if he was then you would have to admitt you were wrong about his grade coming out of college.
  3. So our cheerleaders are not as hot as Dallas. ?
  4. Sounds like he is just dumb as a stump. one big basterd though, would love for him to work out.
  5. Anyone know where he was on the list last year?
  6. I would say 4. I dont think Mangold got skunked, he will still be there.
  7. Well here is the thing, we get to find out if Sanchez just sucks or was it the system and lack of WR's. kind of the chicken or the egg. but we will get a answer
  8. hotline has not been updated since yeasterday. lol typical
  9. Man, the OL was pretty banged up last year. Of course there was one player not hurt, he was on the "just sucked" list
  10. Boy, the Tebow nut jobs must be snapping that Rex keeps saying Sanchez is starting. Sorry, the only way Tebow starts a game is injury.
  11. and when was the last time a team had to game plan for DeVito???
  12. So what happens if she waits and her husband has a small package and is terrible in bed? Stuck with that for ever!
  13. How is the "Dream" only 11-5??? The Dream would be like 13-3, or 14-2, Dumb a$$
  14. Its so the chicken or the egg......
  15. he is not, this is just another hack reporter looking for a story when there is none there. So everyone is saying good things about Tebow, not one person has said he should start or is better then sanchez. When I start hearing they want him to start over Mark I will start to worry.
  16. Told ya. Love this!!!!! What did they give up???
  17. Trade up and get Hill, that is all.....
  18. My god, some of you people are so friggen hateful of this team, their admin, their coaches, and their players. I am really thinking you must be fans of other teams coming to this site to just screw with posters. No one can be a Jets fan and hate them and everything they do this much. We all have our moments when this team drives us nuts but if that is every single thing they do then you need to find a new team or something else to do. Some of us are sick of reading about how everything the Jets do, say or think is stupid.
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