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    I'm a teenager who has a die-hard Jet fan as a father. I follow in his footsteps, also being one.
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    Morristown, New Jersey
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    Madden NFL 10, Jets Fan, Football Fanatic, Golfer, Swimmer
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    Mark Sanchez being drafted,
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    No :(
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    Jets losing the 2009 AFC Championship Game
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. Oh noes! The first bad decision by the Jets in the offseason. Please, stick with Feely, he's in my opinion one of the best in the leaque.
  2. if he signs with the Jets it'll have to be called something else....
  3. That would be epicness. We should trade Jones to the Chargers for Cromartie. And then we sign LT. Them we'll have three awesome backs. Shonn Greene as the starter, he'll do great next year, as he has shown in the playoffs. LT as second string. Like you said he won't cost lot's of money and a 1 or 2 year deal will be perfect, LT can catch and has the experience. Leon as third string. We need to save Leon so he can return to become the special teams beast he once was. Brad Smith was okay at kick return but Leon is so much better. And it's about time we revive the old Leon wildcat.
  4. Thas could be tough. I doubt that the Cardinals will just go with Rolle and trade him for Kerry. Kerry is not worth as much. We will need to include, perhaps a 3rd or 4th round pick with him. If we do get Rolle that will not just screw up the Dolphins, but many teams in the league.
  5. He'll be signed, theres a handful of teams that will need a guy like him. (Ala the Redskins, Patriots, Texans etc.)
  6. Now that would be a smart move, but should they pick dez, or a DT? The Rams just have too many issues.
  7. I doubt he'll be cut, but if since his becoming a free agent I bet us Jets can show the money. And it'll be nice to have another Pro Bowl CB.
  8. Good cause' it got a little creepy
  9. lol, DLJ may still be in shock he still hasn't responded.

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