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  1. Shutdown Corner Yahoo Sports Blog Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:45 pm EDT Javon Walker: I offered to give the Raiders their money back By MJD Remember when Javon Walker(notes) signed that huge six-year, $55 million deal with the Raiders? And then, immediately afterward, he sort of disappeared and the Raiders got almost no return on their investment? Well, that wasn't lost on Javon Walker. In an interview with TheFootballGirl.com, Walker said he offered the Raiders a full refund on the money they gave him. Quoth Javon: "Everybody knows how Al Davis is. What people and fans don't rea
  2. Exactly... I'm a little nervous with our ST unit... Our punter is already 1/2 @$$... What is the deal with James Dearth our long snapper... We lost Wright and Murrell.... Those swirling winds in the NJ Stadiums are stuff of legend...Phil Simms always spoke about it...I would love to see how Folk, a dome kicker, cut by two teams last year(bc of missed FG's), will do there...Hopefully, Im wrong, and he's a pro bowler...
  3. Fins Just Signed Lawrence Phillips as RB coach(no better mentor than him), and brought in Maurice Clarett to compete with Ronnie Brown and Rickey Williams for time at RB... In his first drill with the team...Phillips was quoted as saying, "Fo half da time, we speak abouts Footsball...dee otha half, we speaks about drugs, hows not to git caught wit dem..."
  4. what in gods name would have you think he would be putting on the pounds?? We arent talking about Jamarcus Russell... And why not mention puerco pibil, or empanadas being that he is mexican... Ryan, Tanny, and Woody loved this kid bc of his poise, work ethic, and drive to be great...Why is this surprising to anyone(the film watching)? All we heard last camp was how Sanchez watched film, studied, and how he was further along than Clemens... The weight comment by Sofla boggles the mind, but what I would do for an In And Out Burger...WOW...Did you hear about the April Foo
  5. I seriously think of this when I see his picture...tell me they dont go hand in hand....
  6. im to buzzed to read this whole article on a blackberry...so i just say ***** them...and whoever wrote the article
  7. Get well soon, hope all is better for you... FIND ANOTHER TEAM
  8. Come on... You make a comment like that, I'm going to have hit back... And To answer your question...No...I didnt think of it on my own...I had assistance from your mother when she came up for air....
  9. Pretty funny... Just thought of this... The Fins have CP, who is made of glass.... and Ronnie Brown, who is made of Ceramic...
  10. he will be gone by then... 'Fins snatching him up in the top 10...they will trade up to get him
  11. Buy 879,066 packs of Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum
  12. A full tank of gas... or see Avatar in 3-D Imax 3,381 times... or buy 1 PSL in Dallas' New Stadium
  13. Cleats not exactly comparable... Forgetting your cleats = Forgetting your resume` on a job interview...Same thing...
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