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  1. haha "until Smith becomes intolerable"! Am I the only fan who feels we are long past that point. Season hasnt started and I hate him
  2. Scotty's gameplans were so complex his own players and head coach were baffled by them. In fact they were so perfect that the master himself normally needed 3 1/2 quarters to make any possible adjustments. By then most games were done.
  3. more OL people Mr. T. Lets get moving. At least 1 or 2 smaller vet free agents wouldnt hurt.
  4. Really I would prefer Ingram, but if he's gone I like Upshaw.
  5. FYI I just read Cimini's and he is just terrible. If the draft in the below link happens I woulds be thrilled http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1136900-2012-mock-draft-new-york-jets-7-round-predictions
  6. with what 10 mill in space why cant we snag another 2-3 FAs to help with areas of need? B edwards, Atogwe, and a OL wouldnt cost much or be bad in any way.
  7. The NYJ salary cap site says we have close to 9 mill remaining in space. Still would like a FS, another WR, one or 2 O linemen and maybe another linebacker on the cheap. Some peeps left that may not cost much who could fit: FS OJ Atogwe (terrible in DC last year but a stud in St Louis before that.) OLB Manny Lawson (young and quick and could come cheap) WR Braylon Edwards (knows our QB and was really our best WR. should be cheap) OL Robert Turner (might as well bring him back for depth on the interior) Any cheaper veteran OT should be brought in as insurance for vlad and hun
  8. OLB, RT, 1 new guard, 2nd TE, 2 new safeties and a new WR. #1 on the list is a new OC I think Keller is fine just never gets used which is on Schotty for not designing plays for him. Cumberland seemed ok and a 2 TE set with him and Keller could be good for the future though it wouldve been good to see it this year instead he got hurt. We need to replace both Leonard AND Smith. Eric Smith all around just blows and Leonard missing that tackle for a safety was the game. I like Pool as one starting safety but a high draft pick should be used on the other. Have no issue going with Le
  9. 2 1st rounders for Manning face should get it done. He can be the OC as well Tannenbaum, we are the 100% so make it happen
  10. Love that this post features his whole 6 years (including this year) and examines how he has been a failure. I've been wondering why no one argues how Pennington and Favre failed in this offense and went on to have great seasons with their new teams. Year in year out the offense has been unprepared and fails early in games. Plus they never seem to figure it out and make proper adjustments. New players have come and gone all over the offense yet it still fails. the only constant in the past 6 years is Schotty. If they resign him after this year that shows how clueless this team may be.
  11. is listed as the 3rd string RDE for the Colts. We should start a list of failed players that we harped about the Jets passing on to be our 3-4 OLB so far.
  12. My past few jersey choices turned out terrible for their respective players. 1st came Pennington and within 2 seasons of wearing his jersey came the shoulder issues and then Brett favre. Next was Kerry Rhodes which I got rex ryans first year here. ummm yeah... then came good old reliable Cotchery last season. Yup I've killed a bunch of careers. Was able to have a Chrebet jersey custom made so I think Im good though I should point out I was going for an Ellis jersey and that week he signed with the Pats. Excited about the Chrebet jersey because I did not think Id find one but found a pla
  13. Per the NY Daily news. Its not the season so thats not bad and assuming he will have surgery soon maybe he can come back by Oct? Still should sign O'Hara in the meantime. And another backup tackle cause Vlad scares me. http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/2011/08/source-offensive-lineman-rob-turner-breaks-leg-will-miss-8-10-weeks
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