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  1. 1) Revis

    2) Brick

    3) Mangold

    4) Cromartie

    5) Edwards

    6) Harris

    7) Cotchery

    8) Pace

    9) Scott

    10) Keller

    Jenkins could be in the top 4 if he could stay healthy. He is worth nothing rehabbing.

    Ellis and Pouha get honorable mention

    If Sanchez reverses his stats from last year 12-20 to 20-12 he jumps right in


  2. Youre right, Im a Dolphins fan, what gave me away?

    I'll repeat, it doesnt make much sense for a power running team to have 3 good WRs and only one good RB. If Holmes gets hurt (or suspended), so what. But if Shonn Greene were to go down, you guys would be in a world of hurt. I liked the line up you had last year better, with the three good RBs who could share the load. The coaches chose to use up Jones in the regular season and save Shonn late in the season/the playoffs, which was an excellent strategy also, to thier credit. However, that wont be an option this year, L.T. simply isnt an effective runner, and he's not much for picking up a blitz either. LWash gave me nightmares, Joe McKnight doesnt worry me at all. I'll be ecstatic any time he or L.T. comes in the game.

    Back to the WRs though. The problem w/ the passing game last year wasnt the WRs, it was the QB. Having Braylon, Holmes, Cotch and Keller is nice, but it doesnt much matter how many good WRs you have, if you dont have a QB who can read defenses, go thru progressions, and make good decisions with the ball. I dont think gameplanning for NYJs offense will be do difficult: stop the run, force Sanchez to pass. Easier said than done of course, but a bit easier now that Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are gone.

    PLEASE STOP TALKING!!!! YOUR KILLIN ME!!! first of all u freakin idiot,.... u kno wat im not even gonna waste my time breaking down stuff cause clearly your a retard, holy crap!

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  3. +1

    Edwards, Keller, Cotchery, Holmes, LT.

    The Holmes pick up was a "hey we won't take a WR in the first round, but we'll get a nice name so you'll stfu about the all important slot WR hole" move. If you'll recall, slot WR was a top 3 fan "need," and right now this a team that really wants to keep their fans happy with the team. Holmes is obviously really nice depth to have, but he's a luxury and I expect he'll be treated as such within the offense. Our 3 WR sets should look really good though...

    Oh, also another Edwards advantage:

    - Braylon is a muuuuuuuuch better run blocker.

    Man, I dont even know where to start. All I am going to say is that some people are underestimating Holmes so much that they will just have to watch the games when he comes back mid season to understand. Holmes provides us with a deep threat that Cotchery cant and his hands are more consistent and clutch than Edwards is. Chemistry could be a problem, but Holmes is easily the best OVERALL receiver on the Jets right now in terms of just outright every specification you can ask for a receiver. OOOOO Braylon is big and hes a good blocker oooooo......Well thats why theres a group made of five individuals called an offensive line.

  4. Mawae hit FA at 28...The Saints starting C last year was our former backup C, Jonathan Goodwin...LeCharles Bentley hit FA, but I guess he was injured IIRC...C's aren't as valuable as you think.

    Also...Harris just isn't as valuable as people think. He's not a better player than Scott, and he's not a top 2 or 3 ILB in the league. Willis, Beason, Ryans, Dansby, and Lewis off the top of my head...I don't think any of those guys has been injured either.


  5. I disagree with your points on Mangold and Harris. We're talking about the # 1 center in the game and the # 2 or 3 ILB in the game. Neither are very replaceable.

    Well someone is going to have to go....a inside linebacker is one of the easiest positions to strike gold on draft day and many of them are found in the later rounds. In other words, they usually have a low bust risk because of the non complex transition.

    Harris is definetly not the number 2 or number 3 ilb in the game. If you think that....May God bless and I hope you dont overdose on the crack your smoking.

    (I couldnt resist lol)

  6. I think it will become mandatory that we get a d linemen in our first 2 picks in next years draft...ellis is gettin way too old, jenkins is gettin up there too, but at least we r still younger than the steelers "handicapped" d line. Steelers draft confused the living helll out of me and nobody cant justify it.

    I still think us not getting cam thomas will bite us in the asss when we see how good he'll turn out for the chargers in the future.

  7. I think Pool would be a much more dangerous as a strong safety than a free simply for the fact that he is big (way bigger than leonard) and also has better ball skills. He may not be better in coverage though but a SS shouldnt have to be that perfect in that area. I would love to see Warren perform good in training camp and win the free safety spot. I mean you can say whatever you want about his 40 time but the fact that this guy was undrafted but was supposed to go in the second round and was a top 5 cornerback leading up to the draft astonishes me.

    Yes hes a project but his potential is scary. Imo, he will suprise alot of ppl on this board come next season.

  8. From what you have seen from these three players, who would YOU want as our starting safety next season. I think its clear that its bewtween pool, lowery and warren. I don't think one of the three really has a tremendous edge in terms of talent but experience wise at the position its pool. Still, its always good to have a playmaker back there....experience shouldn't be a concern.

  9. You're letting Vernon Gholston's failures cloud your judgment about Hughes. These are two very different players. The Colts gladly snapped up Hughes when it came to their time on the clock, and I don't think anyone would say that Bill Polian doesn't know what he's doing in terms of drafting.

    I agree with OP about Hughes!

    God your an idiot. I clearly said I wanted kindle over hughes. I didn't say I didn't want an olb completely so I don't know where your getting this whole "gholston failures is clouding my mind thingy". With that being said any 3-4 team would have been making a mistake taking hughes. He fits perfects with the colts because they are a 4-3 and most importantly they know how to work with undersized de's taking mathis for example.

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