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  1. Dam I do see chris johnson doin sum damage...hes jus too fast...speed kills....but as for the passing attack i think the secondary would hve them locked down for the gme with the pressure tht ware would apply being that he would literally go unblocked on alot of plays because of the fact tht all three d linemen attracts double teams.
  2. I just cant picture in my mind fitzgerald having a good day catching with revis lockin him down with over the top help with reed
  3. Um....You would rather have Hughes than Wilson??? UM....YOU WOULD RATHER HVE HUGHES THAN KINDLE??!!! Thank the Lord o thank the lord your not the gm for the jets. I liked your video actually, until in the end when you said what you said about taking hughes over wilson. I think I woulda went to the nearest gun shop and bought a shotgun and blasted my tv if we picked hughes.
  4. imo, i think that the defense would be able to stop them. Id put my money on this defense over any offense u can name. Any other qb besides Brees and Manning would absolutely fail agaisnt this defense. If it is Manning or Brees throwing it, it still would be a very difficult accomplishment.
  5. man i was jus gonna comment on the fact that u had mario as a 3-4 de but i looked it up and he is 295. I never knew that, I mean seriously I always considered him to be one of the strictly finesse and speed players lik Freeney but him being 295, he could deff strive in a 3-4. I think this roster would be perfect and is non debatable...
  6. True but who cares about the OTHER half of the field. You take away someones primary receiver and thats a big chunk of their offense. With Revis playing his man with no help with a safety, we hve a extra safety to help cover the "OTHER" side of the field your tlkn bout.
  7. you'd be incredibly foolish not to chose super mario over mullet.
  8. Wait a second now, the Vikes should hve drafted a qb EVEN if Favre is coming back. That way, the qb could sit for a year and be tutored by Favre. I think the Vikes are retarded for not drafting Clausen, just dosent make sense to me.
  9. HES ONLY 26 FRIGGEN YEARS OLD. If we get him, he will be the best under 30 years old d line player on the team. Of course excluding Gholston............(sarcasm.)
  10. What i dont understand is how a professional athlete is not properly hydrated. Like come on now, you gotta be on top of your game. Why wasnt he hydrated? Its not like its micheal irvins/ jerry jones hardcore camp tryout reality show ....for those who saw it.
  11. I see a lot of bashing on Gholston from not the Jets fans here, but Jets fans EVERYWHERE. We practically have called him every bad word that exists but I most hear fans call him unintelligent. With that being said, I don't think we are truly analyzing what the problem is. How was he able to do all that stuff back in Ohio State if he wasnt smart? Being athletic helps, but I just find it hard to believe that was the only thing that made him that successful in college. Gholston will be making the switch to a different position (De) next season. I think he will suprise all of you guys. Gholston isnt a linebacker, hes a linemen. Hands on the ground type of guy. If he can get up to at least 280 combined with his superior athleticsm, hes will be a force to be reckoned with.
  12. I say Cam Thomas. Next Casey Hampton. Both have big bellies that can move and push and push.
  13. Donovan Warren is our starting free safety next season.....put my wife and two cases of Coronas on it
  14. His natural brute strength will make up for his "undersized" body for a 3-4 de. If he can get up to 275 that would be more than great.
  15. Warren's upside is off the charts. With proper mentoring he could make an immediate impact for this team next season. In my mind he looks like the next ronnie lott. With proper mentoring you never know, he could go down in the books and become one the greats. Pro bowl caliber type safety, because cb is not his natural position. Mark it in your books. Its gonna be one helll of a ride!
  16. For a person with a 1000 plus posts your lack of common knowledge befuddles me. Have a nice night Gholston.
  17. Hmmm so instead of judging his talent and doing your homework on what he excels at and dosent excel at, you tell me because he is a rookie ufda he cant beat out are current players at safety. Come on now....really?
  18. I can't imagine wasting warrens talent as a dime corner. Yes, this guy has talent and should have been picked by the 5th round at least. I think he gets a starting spot at free safety for next season. How beast would that be?
  20. Seriously, am I the only person who thought an edge rusher was the least of the steelers worries???
  21. Am I the only one that heard ray lewis say "baltimore raiders"?
  22. HOLY FUK DUDE HOW THE FUK DO U HVE 28,000 PLUS POSTS!!!???? COME ON MAN THATS JUS NOT HEALTHY!!! JOINED IN 2007? IM NOT GONNA SAY U HVE NO LIFE BECAUSE THATS ALREADY CLEARLY EVIDENT!!! im sorry but i couldnt let tht one go, 28,000 posts.....joined in 2007? I couldnt let tht go man....
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