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  1. Ok I understand what you guys are saying, because of the pass heavy teams, this pick was for them. I also forgot that Wilson is a kick returner which gives us a added bonus. I just thought we were being greedy on cornerbacks but Wilson is a steal at 29. If somehow we can get Linval Joseph in the second I would bow down on my knees.
  2. Kyle Wilson is a great great player. BUT, hes gonna be a friggen nickel corner. Why didnt we get kindle? He would have deff replaced BT and be our long term future pass rusher. Man I seem alone in this.
  3. I dont understand how you guys are happy with this pick. Why didnt we get our franchise pass rusher? Why did we get a nickel corner in the first? Why? Sergio Kindle is beast man.
  4. Dont understand why they had to trade to get matthews. BUT ANYWAYS THERE WILL BE REALLY GOOD PLAYERS AT 29 IF WE DONT TRADE UP!!! TOO MANY REACHES HAPPENING!
  6. Well, thats not a fair assesment at all. As a 3-4 de you must pack the size to attract double teams and not be taken out of the play. Were just having trouble on where and how Gholston will put the weight on. To me, Id much rather have a 300 plus 4-3 defensive tackle than a 3-4 olb trying to put on weight to get only up to 280.
  7. Fair enough. But I think with Brady being 100 percent next season and with the recent signing of Torry Holt....thats bound to do some type of damage. I think the Steelers are on their downfall...you think our d line is old? I wouldnt be suprised if Aaron Smith came out to the field with a cane.
  8. I dont think Im understanding but HOW IN THE HECK IS THIS A TOUGH SCHEDULE!!?? THIS IS A PIECE OF CAKE! Im calm but um yeah you guys are really underestimating how much better we got this offseason and not to mention we still have the draft to take part of. Pats and Ravens are the only teams in my opinion that pose a threat.
  9. The average 3-4 de dosent make headlines, get praise for his duties,or get outstanding stats anyways, so who cares what the average fan thinks. As long as he is contributing to the team it will be all for the better. Also, im sure jets fans here already know the duty of a 3-4 de so I think he could be more respected than you think.
  10. True, but a 3-4 de also requires much less. Gholston already has the athleticism (dont tell me he dosent) and he has the strength, all he needs now is the weight to handle the double teams and hold his edge.
  11. The scum of the Earth will develop into a top 3-4 de if he does gain another 20 pounds.
  12. Ive been wanting this to happen for a long time now. Clearly he sucks balls at linebacker, were still paying him money, why not let him gain another 20 pounds and move him to a de spot? His athleticism would allow him to develop into a top 7 3-4 de. Remember, a 3-4 de barely asks for the individual to do much. Gholston would like that.
  13. Mr.Revis

    Jets Mock 4/12

    I would cry if this was our draft. Hughes = bust in a 3-4 team and i have never heard akwasi before....
  14. I agree, thats why Im in favor of grabbing graham if we trade up instead of earl thomas. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure is the key. Just look at the steelers, they barely have a legit corner, troy p IS basically their secondary. But with woodley and harrison coming off the edge it helps the steelers corners so much.
  15. Why are you guys saying he will only be used in pass rush situations? You think he will be a liablity in the run? You dont think he could overthrow Bryan Thomas's place completely?
  16. I laughed at Aaron Rodgers with the 7th pick. Also, why did Suh drop so low? Well, hes picked by the Jets so I cant complain much.
  17. You also do realize that the jets need a runningback too. We could trade gholston and leon for osi...thats one heck of a deal
  18. If graham falls to us, it will be one of the luckiest days in jets draft history. He wont make it past the Pats though.
  19. Joseph could share snaps at NT with Jenkins, but yeah your right I dont think hes our long time solution at NT. He was built for a 3-4 de. Whoever takes Cody though,God bless.
  20. His pass rushing ablilities would be wasted as a 3-4 de. Also, I dont think he has enough strength to hold as a 3-4 anyways. Id much rather get Linval Joseph.
  21. Collegeeeee MAN its college! History has proven itself more than enough times that college is extremely different from the nfl. Cody wont be able to handle nfl. Once he gets his fat contract hes gonna go buy the nearest applebees and live there. I may be wrong, but why take the chance on him? Linval Joseph, Dan Williams seem more nfl ready in terms on conditioning and weight.
  22. Our defense relied soley on heavy blitzing and a man named darrelle revis. Are u joking? April Fools has passed. Joseph and Alualu would SURELY start over Devito. How is a nickel corner gonna be a bigger need than your starting 3-4 de? Safety and pass rusher. Well yes, I would say its a bigger need, but the question comes into play....WHO? Its a strong possibilty we do trade up, but there is also a possibilty we stay at 29 and I can guarantee you that there will be no safety nor pass rusher worth taking at 29 over Linval Joseph, (maybe the exception of Everson Griffen).
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