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  1. First of all we dnt hve enough ammo to move to the top 3 pick in the draft to get Suh. Trade up: Earl thomas or graham Trade down: Linval joseph
  2. Hughes would be the last person I would call a "beast". Graham is a beast. Linval is literally a beast.
  3. Thank you. Someone needs to put some sense into senorgato. But I would much rather have joseph in the first even though im a big fan of alualu too. I just think Joseph could dominate at the line of scrimmage in terms of strength and power jus lik suh will....he has the size advantage over Alualu and could draw more double teams than Alualu could. I give praise for Alualu's lateral speed though which he clearly has at 295.
  4. Unless, your in the mold of ed reed. I mean basically were talking about picking the next richard seymour (Suh) or the next ed reed (Berry). Both evenly matched here, but completely wrong when you say a guy like berry couldnt impact the game to be chosen for the first.
  5. Eric Berry. Alot of ppl would say Suh but considering if supposedly I could chose whoever I want in this draft and still have my second round pick...its a no brainer from that point on. There is tons of dline talent in the second but there is a huge dropoff of talent after berry, thomas, mays, and allen. IF, I couldnt have a second, it would be tough to chose, but still berry just because the fact that the nfl has become a heavy passing league.
  6. Nope, completely disagree. Kindle actually has a lot of experience at both linebacker and de. So the transition wont be as hard for him. Also, im projecting Hughes rather to be the next Gholston. Hughes has bust written all over him if a 3-4 team takes him. If he goes to a 4-3 team, I see no problem though.
  7. Translation: Not sure I care who they draft anymore, but I do really hope we can get someone who is 350 pounds of pure fat and can play 6 snaps per game.
  8. Ive seen mocks where Kindle dropped but never Graham. If he drops to 29 he will be the biggest steal of the draft.
  9. Why dont you want no part of the next Ngata? Thats pretty foolish
  10. I dont understand though, this guy weighs 280 by alot of sources, mine as well gain another 5-10 pounds and play 3-4 de. Id take Dunlap(most mock drafts hve him in taken in the second), Linval Joseph (beast, next ngata), Kindle (if he drops).
  11. well i suppose we could if we first address d line and safety in the first and second.
  12. Lmfao, like seriously what if Wilfork's wife is reading this? You guys are hilarious I must say though
  13. Even though good workout numbers and the couple of articles stating potential is what is rising him up on the draft board...I COULD CARE LESS. If someone showed me this highlight video I would say I want him and I want him now. He is the size of a full grown bear and the thing that I LOVE is his tackling. I love his quickness of the snap and again his size is perfect. 6-5, 328 pounds, you really cant get any better than that. Linval Joseph will be the next Ngata if he comes to a formidable well coached team like the Jets, Steelers. Joseph>Cody easily. So far you only said Cody can get double teams. Linval Joseph cant get double teams?
  14. Ahem, Linval Joseph....closest thing to Ngata in this draft....well worth the pick at 29
  15. Man, you have to be Cody's cousin or something. You still haven't made a legit point why we should pick Cody.....over Linval Joseph for that matter. Why risk drafting a 350 pound bad conditioned lineman? Your not defending his case at all. YOU said he is has been covered by a slow 40 time. How in the WORLD could he play de then? He would not hold the edge. Teams wouldn't have to double team him if he was a de in the 3-4 and if the opposing team were running a sweep or an outside run play. There are many busts in every draft, Terrence Cody will be one of them.
  16. Linval Joseph. If we trade down please pick this guy with one of our 2nd round picks. When you call a football player a beast...this is the guy. Hes the size of a full grown bear. He has better conditioning then terrence cody and can also give us versatility along the line.
  17. If we can trade down that would be great. We should get Linval Joseph, (the black Haloti Ngata)...look at his highlight videos....he could play nose or end in a 3-4...simply he is a beast and deserves to be picked in the 2nd round.
  18. Who will be starting on the opposite of edwards and who will be the slot? I think Holmes is way too good to only be used as a slot. So does this mean Cotchery slides to the slot?
  19. wait a second, does he have his own facebook account or is it the fan page?
  20. What I dont understand is how the helll we would be able to trade down. How is that even possible? Were 29th on the freakin board. All the 1st round talent has been eaten up and were gonna be left with leftovers, why would any team make a deal with us to trade down? And are you joking? April Fools has passed. Suh would be the most dominant 3-4 end of all time! I think he could pass Seymour in that regard. How in the heck your gonna say Suh wouldnt fit into a 3-4, his strength is off the charts and handles double teams like its nothing. Your a mad man.
  21. What? Are you kidding me? You people are saying no to hanesworth? Him and Kris Jenkis will become the dominant line in football of all time. Hanyesworth would slide out to d end and jenkins will play the nose. Unstoppable to say the least. I would jizz in my freakin pants if hanywesworth were to sign.
  22. I think this would be a great trade. If we do win a superbowl with Suh, we would be 31st to pick, so it wouldnt be much value in that 2011 1st pick anyways. I think trading up is a must for the jets. I would love if we could get graham, kindle, or earl thomas. If we stay where were at then we would have to go by BAP rule, and that player will most likely be golden tate.
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