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  1. Lmfao! The first play had me rolling in laughter, he was so unbalanced....I just dont understand though, stuff like taking in proper angles can be taught easily, he will get better this year...this is vernon's comeback year.
  2. Man, Brandon Marshall is a top 5 receiver. I would give braylon edwards, leon washington and a 4rd for this guy. I think thats a even and fair trade. We wouldnt need edwards becuase marshall would replace him. Also, Marshall is young. I dont understand why we didnt already make a deal with Marshall yet.
  3. So your positive that Rex Ryan wont give gholston some chances because of the signing of a 35 year old OLB. Mind you Gholston is still under a whopping contract. Rex Ryan isnt dumb. Hes gonna give the guy some opportunities for christ sakes.
  4. Yeah your right, but clearly the coaches cant light the fire up Gholstons behind....same thing with cromartie and his san diego coaches....i have no doubt in my mind revis will teach him everything he knows cause cromartie already has the athleticism. You never know what Taylor can bring to this organization. Yeah hes old, but it could be proven to be better for the jets because he can bring his knowledge and wisdom to young players like Gholston.
  5. Here's something no one has discussed yet. If we bring in Taylor, the 35 year old pass rushing veteran, who knows, maybe he could teach Gholston a trick or two. Maybe he can finally put some fresh oil in Gholston's tank, you know get him going and what not. Its just another thing to consider to look on the upside if we get Jason Taylor.
  6. What I dont understand is how a middle linebacker cant thrive in a 3-4 base but can thrive in a 4-3 base?? In a 3-4 base he is next to another middle linebacker and gets help, but in a 4-3 base he is all alone. That just dosent make any sense.
  7. in my opinion he could turn into a a decent 4-3 de. If he dosent ask for much money of course, a team could possibly take a chance with him. If we do decide to trade him we could get vernon for a fourth. anything lower would be stupid.
  8. Odrick is highly overrated. What makes him so special? I have yet to get an answer for that...if we do trade up as many of you guys are implying I hope and prays its either earl thomas or brandon graham.
  9. Lol. Wow, you have got to be kidding me right? Not saying I go strictly upon what a mock draft says but most mock drafts have tate going to us at 29. When you think about it though it really wouldnt make sense for any other team to get him. He will no doubt be the BPA in my mind. Even if odrick slips he still is the BPA. Jerry hughes will be the prototypical 3-4 olb bust in this draft. He lacks size and therefore gets pushed around on run plays. He also relies solely on speed to get to the quarterback without showing an "elite' moves. Trust me I do my homework. Yes, you are right, anything can happen on the draft day. But Im only saying that if we do just stay at #29 there are not many choices that is worth a first rounder based on your needs. Please I did my homework, now do me the favor and do your homework by looking at golden tate superior highlights. Ill start you out with one. Heres Tate making a complete joke out of Mays. We gotta be smart people. I trust Tannybum to work his magic in this upcoming draft.
  10. Ok then wat different position player would be better than tate? u want d line? odrick perhaps? well srry to break the news but hes goin to either the ravens or pats. you want a pass rusher? graham will be gone...u want hughes? a high risk bust player? This draft isnt that deep in receiver talent compared to how deep the d line talent is. At #29 there is no other option other than going by the BPA rule. Tate will be the bpa at 29.
  11. But we still have yet to have a big time playmaker on our team....golden tate can also fill big needs on kr/pr, not only slot receiver. I think in this league you need to be a good passing teaeam. Having tate on the field will also stop opposing defenses from crowing closer to the line of scrimmage. We need a desean jackson. We need him.
  12. The d line is a very important and underrated position I must say. Lets look at the steelers last season for an example. You could say it was the absence of polumalu but I never heard one espn analyst mention the absence of aaron smith. He was the key to that line and when he went out, every other team had a happy day running all over the steelers d. Aaron Smith was a fourth rounder and is regarded as a top 5 3-4 de's in the league. Brett Keisel is one of the better "serviceable" 3-4 de's in the league. He was a 7th rounder. That being said, this draft is one of the better and deepest drafts we have seen in the past couple of years. People should not get fed up or angry if we do not address a certain position in the first round.
  13. also, this draft is FILLED with d line talent that could play 3-4 de. I LOVE Tyson alualu and Lamarr Houston
  14. Pace isn't a true pass rusher though. he came from the cardinals and they run a 4-3. Pace is good, and hes servicable, but hes not the elite ROLB that other 3-4 teams have. D Brick is definitely the most underrated jet.
  15. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/373911-2010-nfl-big-board-top-90-overall-players That list is so bad.
  16. Thats why n.f.l. is slowly becoming the No Fun League. But to go back to the topic at hand, I would have liked to see what the steelers could have done against the colts since the steelers have the best 3-4 combo pass rushers in the league. Usually at times our middle linebackers get more pressure than our outside ones and thats bad because the middle of the field exposes us and gives the qb a wide area to throw.
  17. Yeah, again at #29 I dont even think there will be an olb worth taking. We would have to trade up. If we do go DE in the first I hope it is Dunlap. Say what you want but that guy reminds me of seymour. Gets double teamed and still gets pressure on the QB.
  18. Well hes not crap. Thats going to far.
  19. Your right, but a starting de will be easier to find than a starting olb. We shouldnt choose a de in the first round. Too much depth at the d line in this draft.
  20. One thing that suprises me is that carlos dunlap was mentioned in the top 10 in most mock drafts, now he is disappearing out of the first freakin round! Man, if he slips out of the top 20, he will be considered a steal down the road, mark my words.
  21. I agree, but Manning will find his target and will get his completion one way or the other whether its his first option in Reggie Wayne or his fourth option is Austin Collie. Pass rush has proven more valuable than coverage over the years and in common sense it is.
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