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  1. UH NOT REALLY. While I am all in favor of drafting the BAP at #29 which will probably be a receiver, a pass rushing olb still remains our biggest need. How do you think Peyton Manning beat us? Also, if we acquire a formidable olb we could stop sending the whole dang front 7 to rush the QB! I will trust whatever tannenbaum does, whether its trading up to get brandon graham (beast) or stay at #29 and get tate(beast too). or even trading down, (though unlikely.)
  2. de is even a bigger need than a pass rushing linebacker? heres my order of need. 1. pass rushing olb 2. wide receiver 3. run stuffing d end 4. safety
  3. I really dont understand what the eagles are trying to do. I mean you talk about teams rebuilding but Eagles are doing the exact opposite. They lose Sheldon Brown and now Mcnabb? Wtfffff
  4. My thoughts exactly, we ranked 8th in run defense. we ranked DEAD LAST in the passing game. An upgrade to the receiving core would be nice.
  5. Hmm. I love Tate but Dez Bryant is phenomenal. Tate is going to be the most explosive and best playmaking receiver in the draft (desean jackson type player) But, Bryant is the more reliable wideout (brandon marshall type).
  6. a pass rushing linebacker and a run clogging d end
  7. There is nothing special about Odrick!!!! Yes, he's quick for a 300 pounder, but other than that he aint worth a first! Carlos Dunlap PLEASE!!!
  8. Make no mistake Mike Iupati will be an outstanding beast in the nfl with proper o line coaching. But with so many needs, we cant afford to use our first rounder on a guard even though 1-2 years we will need a replacement for Woody/Faneca. Next year a guard/right tackle will be on the top of our list, but for now it still remains pass rushing linebacker and a receiver.
  9. Mr.Revis

    Hamlin Cut

    So your saying ed reed and tro p are the only balanced hard hitting and coverage safties in the league? Anyways, If it was up to me Id say forget the hard hitting stuff, Id rather have someone who can tackle the ballcarrier properly and can excel in coverage.
  10. Good post, but no I dont think williams would be a reach considering the fact that we could use another wide receiver to help Sanchez. And yes, the chemistry is an important thing there which makes it a bonus if we draft him. Id rather get someone who can be a wideout then a slot guy. It provides more value. But, what I dont understand is why Golden Tate cant be a wideout in the nfl. He is taller and weighs more than both steve smith (panthers) and desean jackson (eagles).
  11. I think Golden Tate could contribute on Day 1 in the nfl. That guy is so explosive and fast...he is already on the level of most nfl slot receivers.
  12. Mr.Revis

    Hamlin Cut

    Pool can hit, how do you think he has gotten all those concussions from? Hamlin is a one dimensional hard hitter. We dont need to invest money into that. He is not even good agaisnt the run.
  13. Mr.Revis

    Hamlin Cut

    And which aspect of his game is so "beast"? I seem to recall him getting burned more than toast in a blind man's toaster.
  14. Not eric berry, we would hve to pay top 7 pick money in order to get him. Rather get someone like brandon graham thats not going to break the bank and also fills a more essential need.
  15. so i understand you said something offensive but i got bleeped lol
  16. Never before have I heard so much buzz about a punter. The jets need a punter, BADLY. What round should we sacrifice to get this guy? I say 6th. I dont even know if that will be too late. The punter is more of an importance than most think. We need this guy.
  17. It would be rather much easier and healthier for him to lose 10 pounds to get some speed and quickness to play 3-4 outside linebacker.
  18. Not really man. Not really. Dude, we still lack a consistent pass rushing linebacker. Id rather get a top 15 linebacker who can get to the QB rather than a top 5 CB. Cromartie is an athletic beast at 25 years old. Let revis and rex ryan groom him up and he will again be one of the cb's in the league.
  19. Nt- terrance "fat ass" cody no thanks, CB- this is where it becomes hard because it is a chance that kyle wilson or another top tier cb will be there but with the aquistion of cromartie we shouldnt be picking one in the first. wr- tate, thomas, williams yeah ill be more than happy, OL-not an immediate need for a first round pick. I just thank god were not the steelers. They need major help in every single category except for QB.
  20. I think a 4-3 team would make taylor mays have a less of a chance bust because if he dosent work out at safety to the team's liking, they can make him gain another 10 or 15 pounds and move him to outside linebacker. He wouldnt be able play outside linebacker in the 3-4 unfortunately. The bottom line is nfl teams should know by now what they are getting. Mays is basically a more athletic roy williams. If everyone knows that this guy cant cover in college than he shouldnt be labeled as a bust if he fails to bring in interceptions in the nfl.
  21. holy crap i jus looked up da stats, pryce is a freakin beast.
  22. Yeah, but pace isnt a superior pass rushing linebacker in the mold of what the average 3-4 team has nowadays, (harrison, steelers) (ware, cowboys.) And bryan thomas? Come on, if a 3-4 de (shaun ellis) gets more sacks in a season then a 3-4 outside linebacker, then thats when you know something is extremely wrong. And please stop with the terrance cody stuff. Are you related to him or something?
  23. Why is there like 100 members in this forum and 3 members in the draft forum....(the three are guests )
  24. this is a good pickup, get as many bodies in camp and were bound to find one who will pan out and contribute to this team.
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